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Unit 13. Holidays

Where do people go on holiday? Try to think of as many places as you can.
a tropical island
Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.
Key.1 abroad   
2 foreign   
3 suntan  
4 sights   
5 travel
6 brochure   
7 guide

1    I've never been abroad / outside on holiday, but I'd like to.
2    I enjoy meeting strange / foreign people and learning other languages.
3    Let's spend some time on the beach and get a suntan / sunburn.
4    It's fun to see the visions / sights when you are on holiday.
5    We have to pick up the tickets from the holiday / travel agent.
6    The hotel looked much nicer in the encyclopedia / brochure.
7    Would you like to work as a tour guide / lead?

Помните, что вы всегда должны быть вежливы, даже когда вы расходитесь во мнениях со своим собеседником. Выражая свое несогласие, старайтесь, чтобы ваши реплики не звучали агрессивно или недоброжелательно. Лучше всего построить свою фразу так, чтобы создалось впечатление, будто вас огорчает (даже, если это и не совсем так) то, что вы вынуждены не согласиться с собеседником.

Rewrite these sentences correctly.
Key.1    I completely agree with you.
2    Yes, I couldn't agree more with you.
3    There's a lot in what you say.
4    You've got a point.
5    I don't really agree with you.
6    I have to disagree with you.
7    I'm afraid I disagree.

1. I am completely agree with you
2. Yes, I could agree more with you.
3. There's a lot in that you say.
4. You've got to a point.
5. I am not really agree with you
6. I have to disagree to you.
7. I'm scared I disagree.

Look at what these people say and match each person to a statement they are agreeing or disagreeing with.
Key.Speaker 1: b
Speaker 2: с
Speaker 3: a

a Holidays have become much cheaper than in the past.
b A camping holiday is more enjoyable than staying in a hotel.
с Children should be allowed to go on holiday without their parents.
Statement 1I agree to a certain extent. It's a lot of fun to stay in a tent and cook your own food, but i don't like all the insects! It can also be nice to stay in a luxurious, comfortable place sometimes.
Statement 2 I'm afraid I have to disagree. It might be okay for a short camping holiday close to home, but that's all. I think you need to have a responsible adult around in case anything goes wrong.
Statement 3 Absolutely. I know things like camping holidays have never cost much, but now almost everyone сan afford to fly abroad to spend their holiday in a foreign counfvy.
Look at the statements in Exercise В and, in pairs, talk about whether you agree or disagree with each one.


Imagine you are going on holiday with a friend. Here are some of the places you are considering visiting. In pairs, discuss what you might see and do at each place and how much you would enjoy it. Decide which two places you would like to visit.
As a class, compare your answers. Find out which are the two most popular holidays.

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