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"Milo" by Jennifer Bassett

Milo - aдаптированная аудиокнига для чтения с одновременным прослушиванием. Насыщенность лексического материала и профессиональное озвучивание сделают увлекательным и чтение и работу над навыком аудирования как при самостоятельных занятиях, так и во время работы группой.

In 2008, Sally Gardiner makes friends with Milo, a young student. When he tells Sally why he is different from other boys of his age, she does not believe him. Years later, however, she realizes that he was right. She sits down to write a letter of warning to her granddaughter, Lola.
Storylines are lively, original stories with contemporary themes, illustrated in full colour. They are carefully graded at four levels to encourage students to read for pleasure.

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