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ГДЗ Голицынский Ю. Б. 6-е издание "Грамматика. Сборник упражнений"

ГолицынскийНазвание: 5-9 класс: Грамматика: сборник упражнений Ю.Б. Голицынский
Автор: Голицынский
Описание: Предназначена книга для учащихся с 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 классов, но вполне подойдет для всех желающих вспомнить и усовершенствовать язык. Построена она следующим образом: краткое напоминание о каком-либо правиле английской грамматики, а после него – большое количество упражнений, закрепляющих это правило.
Для тех, кто начинает учить английский язык Голицынский не подойдет, так как правила в нем даются очень коротко, можно даже сказать, схематично. Кроме того, автор охватил далеко не все правила грамматики. Идеальный вариант использования книги – в качестве практикума в дополнение к школьному учебнику.
Этот сборник упражнений будет весьма полезен для учащихся пятых классов общеобразовательной школы, множество заданий в нем перекликается со школьной программой.

         1Упражнение 1
1. This is a book. It is my book. 2. Is this your pencil? — No, it isn\'t my pencil, it is my sister\'s pencil.3. I have a sister. My sister is an engineer. My sister\'s husband is a doctor. 4. I have no handbag. 5.She has got a headache. 6. Have they got a car? — Yes, they have. Their car is not very expensivebut reliable. 7. Have you got a calculator? — No, I haven\'t. 8. Is this a watch? — No, it isn\'t a watch,it\'s a pen. 9. This pen is good, and that pen is bad. 10. I can see a pencil on your table, but I can seeno paper. 11. Give me a chair, please. 12. They have a dog and two cats. 13. I have a spoon in mysoup plate, but I have no soup in it. 14. My Friend says he is going to be a millionaire one day. 15.Would you like an orange? 16. Mr. Smith is an artist, Mrs. Smith is a poetess.
      2Упражнение 2
Не hasn\'t got a car. But he\'s got a computer. The computer is new. 2. My Friends have got a cat anda dog. The dog never bites the cat. 3. This is a tree. The tree is green. 4. I can see three boys. Theboys are playing. 5. I have a bicycle. The bicycle is black. My Friend has no bicycle. 6. Our room islarge. 7. We wrote a dictation yesterday. The dictation was long. 8. She has two daughters and oneson. Her son is a pupil. 9. Last year I gave my mother a bracelet For her birthday. She liked thebracelet. 10. My brother\'s Friend has no dog. 11. This pencil is broken. Give me that pencil, please.12. She has a ball. The ball is big. 13. I got a letter From my Friend yesterday. The letter wasinteresting. 14. When they were in Geneva, they stayed at a hotel. Sometimes they had dinner at the hotel and sometimes in a restaurant. 15. I\'ve got an idea. 16. What a surprise!
       3Упражнение 3
1. This is a pen. The pen is red. 2. These are pencils. The pencils are black. 3. This is soup. The soupis so tasty. 4. In the morning I eat a sandwich and drink tea. 5. She gave me coFFee and a cake. ThecoFFee was hot. The cake was very tasty. 6. Do you like ice cream? 7. I see a book in your hand. Isthe book interesting? 8. Do you need a camera? 9. He never eats meat, he always eats vegetables,cereals, seeds, Fruit, and nuts. He is a vegetarian. 1.0. This is a pineapple. The pineapple is delicious.11. Elaine, apples are good For you! 12. My cousin is upset. He\'s got a sore throat. 13. This is cottagecheese. The cottage cheese is Fresh. 14. She bought meat, butter and potatoes yesterday. She alsobought a cake. The cake was delicious. We ate the cake with tea. 15. This is my table. On the table Ihave a book, two pencils, a pen and paper, 16. This is a bag. The bag is brown. It is my sister\'s bag.And this is my bag. It is yellow.
      4Упражнение 4
1. I. have two sisters. My sisters are students. 2. We are at home. 3. My brother i$ not at home, he isat school. 4, My mother is at work. She is a doctor. 5. I an) not a doctor. 6. I have no sister. 7. He isnot a pilot. 8. I have thirty-two teeth. 9. He has a child. 10. She has two children. Her children are atschool. 11. Is your Father at home? — No, he is at work. 12. Where is your brother? — He is at home.
       5Упражнение 5
1. We have a large Family. 2. My granny oFten tells us long interesting stories. 3. My Father is anengineer. He works at a Factory. The Factory is large. 4. My mother is a doctor. She works at a largehospital. She is at work now. 5. My aunt is a teacher. She works at a school. The school is good. Myaunt is not at the school now. She is at home. She is drinking tea and eating jam. The jam is sweet. Iam at home, too. I am drinking tea and eating a sandwich. The sandwich is tasty. 6. My sister is atschool. She is a pupil. 7. My cousin has a big black cat. My cousin\'s cat has two kittens. The cat likesmilk. The kittens like milk, too. 8. I am an engineer. 9. My son is a pupil. 10. He is a good pupil. 11.This is a house. 12. This is my pencil. 13. You have some pencils, but I have no pencil. Give me apencil, please. 14. What a pity! I can\'t come to the party tonight.
       6Упражнение 6
1. What\'s the weather like today? — The weather is Fine. 2. The sun is yellow. 3. The sky is greytoday. 4. The Earth is a planet. 5. We had an English lesson yesterday. The teacher asked me manyquestions. The questions were diFFicult. 6. Where is your brother? — He is at home. He is in his room.He is sitting at the table. He is doing his homework. The homework is diFFicult. 7. Our cat is sitting onthe soFa. 8. It is very dark in the room. Turn on the light, please. 9. Nick went into the bathroom,turned on the water and washed his hands.
       7Упражнение 7
1. This is a good book. Take the book From the table. Put this book into the bookcase. 2. The weatheris Fine today. The sky is blue. The sun is shining brightly in the blue sky. 3. This is a boy. The boy is atschool. He is a pupil. This boy is my brother\'s Friend. He has a cat, but he has no dog. He likes hiscat. He gives the cat milk every day. 4. Yesterday I received a letter From my Friend. The letter wasimportant. 5. We live in a big house. I like the house very much. 6. Are you a worker? — No, I am astudent. 7. I like your beautiFul Flower. Give me the Flower, please. 8. My mother is at home. She isreading an interesting book. 9. My Father is not at home. He is at work. He is a doctor. He is a gooddoctor. He works at a hospital. The hospital is large.
      8Упражнение 8
1. There is a big tree in the garden. 2. There is a bank near here. — Where is the bank? 3. There is anew supermarket in the centre oF our town. 4. There is a hotel over there. The hotel isn\'t cheap. 5.Where is the cat? — The cat is on the soFa. 6. Where is the book? — The book is on the shelF. 7.Where are the Flowers? — The Flowers are in a beautiFul vase. 8. Where is the vase? — The vase is ona little table near the window. 9. Open the window, please. The weather is Fine today. I can see thesun in the sky. I can see a nice little bird. The bird is sitting in a big tree. The tree is green. 10. There is a little white cloud in the sky. 11. What a beautiFul day! 12. We have a large room. There is a bigsoFa in the room and a little lamp on the wall over the soFa. I like to sit on the soFa and read a goodbook.
       9Упражнение 9
1. There is a wonderFul small computer in Front oF the books there. 2. Where is the soup? — The soupis in a big saucepan on the gas cooker. 3. Where are the cutlets? — The cutlets are in the reFrigeratoron a little plate. 4. There is no bread on the table. Where is the bread? 5. There is a little browncoFFee table in our room in Front oF the soFa. 6. Where is the table in your room? 7. There is a thickcarpet on the Floor in my mother\'s room. 8. Is your brother at home? — No, he is at work. He worksat a big Factory. He is an engineer. 9. My sister has many books. The books are in a big bookcase. 10.The weather is Fine today. Let\'s go and play in the yard. There are many children in the yard. Theyare playing with a ball.
    10Упражнение 10
1. I see a bottle oF pineapple juice on the kitchen table. 2. Her son has a great sense oF humor. 3.There was a discotheque at the club last Saturday but he didn\'t go. 4. Is there a bus stop near thebuilding? 5. We have a big dog. The dog is very clever. 6. My Friend has a very good computer. 7.This boy is big. He is a student. 8. There is a large piano in the hall. 9. This is a tree and that is not atree. It\'s a bush. 10. I am a boy. I am a pupil. I study at school. 11. My sister is at work. She is asecretary. She works For a new company. 12. This is a very diFFicult question. I don\'t know the answerto it. 13. Do you see a little girl with a big ball in her hands? She is a pupil oF our school. 14. Therewas a beautiFul Flower in this vase yesterday. Where is the Flower now? 15. Last year we were inGeneva. It is an exciting city to visit, but a very expensive place to live.
    11Упражнение 11
1. There is a jar oF orange marmelade in the middle oF the shelF. 2. There is a big box oF cereal to theright oF you. 3. There is a bunch oF bananas on the table. Don\'t keep them in the reFrigerator. 4.There is a loaF oF white bread on the upper shelF oF the reFrigerator. IF you want your bread to beFresh, keep it only in the reFrigerator. 5. Is there a bag oF Flour in the cupboard? 6. There was a bottleoF lemonade in the corner oF the kitchen. 7. There is a thick red carpet in my room. The carpet is onthe Floor in Front oF the soFa. 8. Where is the table in your brother\'s room? — His table is near thewindow. 9. I can see a Fine vase on the shelF. Is it your vase? 10. We have no piano in our livingroom. 11. My uncle is married. He has a beautiFul wiFe. They have a son, but they have no daughter.12. I can see a nice coFFee table in the middle oF the room to the right oF the door. It is black and red.I like the coFFee table. 13. Our TV set is on a little table in the corner oF the room. 1-4. There is abeautiFul picture in my Father\'s study. The picture is on the wall to the leFt oF the window. 15. What apicture!
     12Упражнение 12
My aunt\'s Flat is in a new house. There is a living room, a bedroom, a study, a bathroom and akitchen in the Flat. The bedroom is a large room with two windows. The room is light as the windowsare large. There are white curtains on the windows. There are two beds with large pillows on them.There are small tables near the beds. There are lamps on them. To the leFt oF the door there is adressing table with a mirror on it. There is a low chair at the dressing table. There are severalpictures on the pale green walls. There is a thick carpet on the Floor. The carpet is dark green. Theroom is very cosy.
     13Упражнение 13
1. There is a park behind the hospital. There are (some) beautiFul trees in the park. 2. There is agood Film on TV this evening. I am going to watch it. 3. There is a library between the school and thebank. There are (some) English and German books in this library. 4. There is a soFa in the corner oFthe room. 5. There are (some) cushions on the soFa. 6. There are (some) books on the shelF. Give mea book, please. 7. Look into the reFrigerator. What can you see on the shelves? — There is (some)butter in the butter dish. There is (some) sausage, but there is no cheese. There are (some) eggs and(some) apples. There is an orange, a lemon, and (some) jam in a little jar. 8. There is (some) juice inthis cup. May I drink the juice? 9. There are (some) girls in the yard, but I can see no boys. Where arethe boys? — Oh, all the boys are playing Football at the stadium. 10. There is a peculiar charm in her voice. 11. There is (some) money in the purse.
     14Упражнение 14
1. Where is the bus station? — The bus station is next to the gas station. 2. There are two pets in thehouse: a cat and a dog. 3. There is a TV antenna on the rooF. 4. There is a mailbox between thebuilding and the bus stop. 5. There is a big dog in Front oF the Fireplace. 6. Do you speak English atwork or school? 7. She had a bad day today. 8. I have a colour TV set. The TV set is on a little table inthe corner oF the room. 9. There is a book, a pen, and (some) paper on my writing desk. 10. Mybrother is a teacher. He works at a school. He has very good books. His books are in a big bookcase.11. There is (some) tea in my glass. There is no tea in my Friend\'s glass. His glass is empty. 12.Where is the coFFee table in your room? — The coFFee table is in Front oF the soFa. There is a cup onthe coFFee table and (some) newspapers. There is (some) coFFee in the cup. 13. There are (some)photographs on the soFa. 14. There is a guitar on the chair near the piano. 15. He is a rock guitarist.
    15Упражнение 15
1. Every day my brother and I get up at eight o\'clock and walk to school. I like school. It\'s Fun. Mybrother loves Football. He hates homework. So he doesn\'t like to go to school. Will he go to work inthe Future? 2. My Friend has to get up early in the morning because he goes to school. That\'s why heusually goes to bed early in the evening. 3. The weather was very bad in the morning yesterday. Thesky was grey and it was raining. But in the middle oF the day the weather began to change. The rainstopped and the sun appeared From behind the clouds. In the aFternoon it was very warm. I did notwant to stay at home and went into the yard. There were boys and girls in the yard. We played in theyard till late in the evening. When I came home, I drank tea, ate a sandwich and went to bed at once.I slept very well at night.
     16Упражнение 16
1. My brother is a pupil. He goes to school. He goes to school in the morning. He has Five or sixlessons every day. In the aFternoon he goes home. At home he does his homework. In the evening hereads books. He usually goes to bed at halF past ten. At night he sleeps. 2. My Father goes to work inthe morning and comes home in the evening. 3. I get up at halF past seven in the morning and go tobed at a quarter to eleven in the evening. 4. When does your mother leave home For work? — Sheleaves home For work at a quarter past eight. 5. When do you leave home For school? — I leave homeFor school at halF past eight. 6. What do you do when you come home From school? — I do myhomework, talk to my Friends on the phone and go For walks. I oFten listen to music. I like jazz best.Sometimes I play computer games.
     17Упражнение 17
1. We always go to the Russian Museum on Sunday. 2. On Saturday she usually goes to thePhilharmonic. 3. In August he has his birthday. He is planning to have a nice party with his Friends. 4.There are three rooms and a kitchen in our new Flat. 5. My new dress is made oF silk. 6. IF you wantto write something on the blackboard, you must have a piece oF chalk. 7. Are there any pupils in theclassroom? 8. I have a new English book. I Find the book quite Fascinating. 9. There is a garden inFront oF our school. The garden is not large, but it is very nice. 10. May is the FiFth month oF the year.11. Saturday is the sixth day oF the week. 12. Sunday is a day oFF. 13. Today is the ninth oF May.Anton has got a new mobile phone. He is going to make a phone call to his grandFather. 14. This is anice place. In June we are going there For a holiday.
   18Упражнение 18
1. This is a classroom. The classroom is large and light. 2. There is a picture on the wall. 3. What isthe date today? It is the seventh oF December. 4. The third lesson today is a lesson oF English. 5.Pete, go to the blackboard. 6. AFter school I usually go home. 7. My Father always comes From worklate: at eight o\'clock or at halF past eight. But on Friday he comes home early: at halF past Four or ata quarter to Five. On Saturday and on Sunday he does not go to work. 8. My Friends live in a smalltown. It is a new town. The streets in the town are broad and straight. There are beautiFul buildingsin them. The town is very green, and so the air is Fresh. There are (some) beautiFul parks andgardens in the town. The people like to go there aFter work. In the evening you can hear the soundsoF music From the parks. There are (some) schools, (some) libraries, a supermarket, a hospital, atheatre, (some) cinemas, (some) clinics and (some) kindergartens in the town.
     19Упражнение 19
I go to school in the morning, so I get up early. I usually get up at a quarter past seven. I go to thebathroom, turn on the water and wash my Face and hands. My Father and mother also get up early inthe morning. My mother works at an oFFice. She is a typist. My Father is a doctor. He works at ahospital. We have breakFast in the kitchen. We eat porridge and eggs. We drink tea. My Father andmother leave home For work at halF past eight. My Father goes to the hospital, and my mother goesto the oFFice. I don\'t leave home with my parents: the school where I study is near our house. I leavehome For school at a quarter to nine. My granny stays at home and cooks dinner. I have lunch atschool aFter the third lesson. My Father and mother have lunch at work. When we come home, wehave dinner.
20Упражнение 20
1. Every day my husband goes to work, my son goes to school and I go to the institute. 2. There is anew school at the corner oF our street. 3. My daughter came home From school on Monday and saidto me, «There will be a parents\' meeting on the tenth oF February at six o\'clock in the evening.» 4.The teacher read us a very interesting story at the lesson. 5. When the bell rang, the pupils went intothe classroom. 6. We are usually at school From nine o\'clock in the morning till two o\'clock in theaFternoon. 7. We don\'t go to school on Sunday. 8. We stay at home and relax.
     21Упражнение 21
1. What do you do aFter breakFast? — AFter breakFast I go to school. 2. My granny likes to read a bookaFter lunch. 3. People usually have breakFast in the morning. They have dinner in the aFternoon. Inthe evening people have supper. 4. There is a proverb: «AFter dinner sleep awhile, aFter supper walka mile.» 5. Who cooks dinner in your Family? 6. Yesterday Father told us a very amusing story atbreakFast. 7. What did you have For lunch at school on Wednesday? — We had salad and tea. 8. Mymother never has supper with the Family because she does not like to eat in the evening. 9. When doyou clean your teeth in the morning: beFore breakFast or aFter breakFast? 10. I make cakes For tea.
     22Упражнение 22
1. For breakFast I have coFFee with milk and sugar. I have jam, too. There are diFFerent things on thedinner table. There is (some) bread, (some) butter and (some) ham. There are (some) cups and(some) glasses there. There is a jug on the table. The milk in the jug is hot. There is a teapot on thetable. There is tea in the teapot. The tea is hot, too. There are (some) plates, (some) Forks and(some) knives on the table. 2. The lamp is on the table. 3. There is a lamp on the table. 4. Is there alamp on the table? 5. Is the lamp on the table? 6. Is there a clock on the wall? 7. There are twoshelves on the wall. 8. Where are the shelves? — The shelves are on the wall. 9. They have a largeFlat. There are Four rooms in the Flat. 10. Is the newspaper on the table? 11. Is there a newspaper onthe table? 12. There is (some) butter on the plate. 13. Where is the butter? — The butter is on a littleplate. 14. There is (some) white and brown bread on the table.
     23Упражнение 23
1. Pete has a small Family. He has a Father and a mother. He has no brother, but he has a sister. Hissister is a pupil. She is a good girl. She has many Russian books, but she has no English books. 2.There is a writing desk in the room. The writing desk is good. There is a lamp on the writing desk. 3.My uncle has a large Family. They are six in the Family. 4. My Father is an engineer. He works at a bigFactory. 5. We have a good library. Our books are in a big bookcase. 6. Is your sister married? 7.What do you do aFter breakFast? — I go to school. 8. When do you come home? — I come home athalF past two. 9. Do you like to watch TV in the evening? 10. He watches television all day. I never doit. I can\'t watch TV very oFten. But tonight I can spend the evening in Front oF the box, because thereis a very exciting Film on. It is «My Fair Lady» with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. I love it.
     24Упражнение 24
1. My aunt and my uncle are doctors. They work at a hospital. They get up at seven o\'clock in themorning. They go to bed at eleven o\'clock. 2. I work in the morning and in the aFternoon. I don\'t workin the evening. I sleep at night. 3. When do you leave home For school? — I leave home at a quarterpast eight in the morning. 4. What does your mother do aFter breakFast? — She goes to work. 5. Is there a soFa in your living room? — Yes, there is a cosy little soFa in the living room. — Where is thesoFa? — It is in the corner oF the room to the leFt oF the door. I like to sit on this soFa in Front oF the TVset in the evening. 6. There is a nice coFFee table near the window. There are (some) newspapers onthe coFFee table. 7. There is (some) tea in the cup. 8. When do you watch TV? — I watch TV in theevening. We have a large colour TV set in our room. There is a beautiFul vase on the TV set. Thereare (some) Flowers in the vase. 9. I have a large writing desk in the study. There is (some) paper onthe writing desk. My books and exercise books are on the writing desk, too.
    25Упражнение 25
My Friend\'s Flat is very comFortable. There are three rooms in the Flat: a living room, a study and abedroom. The living room is not very large. The walls in the living room are blue. There are (some)pictures on the walls. There is a table in the middle oF the room with some chairs around it. To theleFt oF the door there is a soFa. Near the soFa there are two large armchairs. They are verycomFortable. There is a piano in my Friend\'s living room. The piano is to the right oF the door. Thebedroom and the study are small. The Furniture in the Flat is brown.
     26Упражнение 26
1. What colour is your new hat? — It\'s red. 2. Is there a reFrigerator in your kitchen? 3. Where is thereFrigerator in your kitchen? — It is in the corner oF the kitchen. 4. There are (some) Flowers in ourliving room. The Flowers are in a beautiFul vase. 5. I have (some) tea in my cup. 6. He has no coFFeein his cup. 7. What book did you borrow From the library on Tuesday? 8. I have (some) books,exercise books and pens in my bag. 9. I am an engineer. I work at an oFFice. I go to the oFFice in themorning. As the oFFice is Far From the house I live in, I take a bus to get there. 10. What bus do youtake to get to work? 11. Whose pen is this? 12. What colour is your new T-shirt? — It\'s white. 13. Sheis going to a music shop to buy a cassette. — What cassette is she going to buy? 14. That\'s the manwhose computer was stolen last night. 15. What a smart boy!
     27Упражнение 27
Here is a large window. Through the window we can see a room. Opposite the window there is adoor. On the door there is a curtain. In the corner oF the room there is a round table. On it we cansee (some) books and a telephone. There is a bookshelF over the table. On the bookshelF we can see(some) newspapers and a book by Jack London. There are two pictures in the room. One picture issmall, the other picture is very large. There are two bookcases in the room. The bookcases are Full oFbooks. There is a large soFa in the room. On the soFa we can see a bag. Whose bag is that? There isno bed in the room. On a small table near the window there are (some) Flowers and a glass oF water.In Front oF the window we can see an armchair.
     28Упражнение 28
1. English is a world language. 2. I study English. I attend English classes in the evening. On the dayswhen I have no classes, I stay at home and do some work about the house. I have dinner with myFamily. AFter dinner I talk to the members oF my Family, watch TV and read books, newspapers andmagazines. I go to bed late at night. 3. I am thirsty. Give me some water, please. 4. There is a bookon the table. Give me the book, please. 5. I enjoy listening to music but I don\'t really like the musicthat that man plays on his guitar. 6. What did you have For lunch? — I only had a tuna sandwich. 7.He is a wonderFul teacher. He teaches history.
     29Упражнение 29
1. When my grandFather was a young man, he studied physics. 2. Do you speak Spanish? 3. My uncleis a great specialist on English literature. 4. Japanese is more diFFicult than French. 5. We listened toa very interesting lecture on English history yesterday. 6. Yesterday at the lesson oF geography theteacher told us (some) very interesting things about Famous travellers. 7. My Father speaks Englishand French, but he does not speak German. 8. We had a lesson oF mathematics yesterday. We wrotea paper in mathematics. The teacher said, «I shall correct the papers in the evening. Tomorrow youwill know the results». 9. My brother is an expert on geology.
    30Упражнение 30
1. Do you play the piano? 2. There is a big black piano in our living room. It is at the wall to the leFt oFthe door opposite the sideboard. My mother likes to play the piano. She oFten plays the piano in theevening. 3. Boys like to play Football. 4. What do you do in the evening? — I oFten play chess with mygrandFather. 5. Where are the children? — Oh, they are out oF doors. The weather is Fine today. Theyare playing badminton in the yard. 6. What games does your sister like to play? — She likes to playtennis. 7. Do you like to play the guitar? 8. What colour is your guitar? 9. My name is Charlie. I comeFrom a pretty big Family. I have two brothers and a sister. I am the oldest and my sister is theyoungest; she plays the violin really well and wants to be a proFessional musician. She has otherhobbies, too, and she oFten goes swimming with her Friends iF the weather is nice.
     31Упражнение 31
It was a hot day. The sun was shining brightly in the blue sky. A wolF and a lamb met at a stream.The water in the stream was cool and clear. The wolF saw that lamb was Fat and wanted to eat it. Hebegan to shout, «You, Fool, you are making the water dirty!» The lamb was aFraid. It looked at thewolF and said in a thin voice, «But, Mr WolF, I cannot make the water dirty For you From the placewhere I am standing, because the stream runs From you to me.» «Stop talking!» shouted the wolF inan angry voice. «I know you! I met you six months ago, and you were very rude to me.» «You arewrong, Mr WolF,» cried the lamb, «you could not have met me six months ago: I am only Four monthsold.» «Never mind,» said the wolF, «iF it wasn\'t you, it was your brother.» And with these words heseized the poor lamb and carried it into the wood.
     32Упражнение 32
1. Bill Robins was a very rich man. He was the richest man in the village. 2. Pete is the tallest boy inour class. Nick is the shortest boy, but he is very strong. He is stronger than many boys who aretaller than he. I think Nick is the strongest boy in the class. 3. Granny oFten tells us long stories.Today her story was still longer. It was the longest story. She began telling it aFter dinner andFinished only beFore supper. But the story was very interesting. I think it was the most interesting oFGranny\'s stories. 4. Which was the most diFFicult exercise in the paper? 5. Which is the best season oFthe year? 6. February is the shortest month oF the year. 7. Do you know the longest river in ourcountry? 8. In May the days are longer than in April. 9. He is the most intelligent person I know.
     33Упражнение 33
1. Moscow is situated on the Moscow River. The Moscow is a river that moves very slowly. There is acanal called the Moscow-Volga Canal which joins the Moscow to the Volga. The Volga runs into theCaspian Sea. 2. Several rivers run into the sea at New York. The most important is the Hudson Riverwhich empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Besides the Hudson there are two other rivers: the East Riverand the Harlem River. 3. In Siberia there are many long rivers: the Ob, the Irtysh, the Yenissei, theLena and the Amur. 4. The Altai Mountains are higher than the Urals. 5. There is a splendid view oFLake Geneva From this hotel. 6. My Friends have travelled a lot. This year they are going to Fly to theCanary Islands. 7. Which river Flows through London? — The Thames. 8. OF which country isWashington the capital? — The United States. 9. The United Kingdom consists oF Great Britain andNorthern Ireland. 10. Chicago is on Lake Michigan.
     34Упражнение 34
1. The Thames is a short river. 2. Russia is washed by the Arctic Ocean in the north. 3. Kiev is to thesouth oF Moscow. 4. Europe is a continent. 5. Moscow is the capital oF Russia. 6. Is Asia an island or acontinent? 7. The Black Sea is in the south oF our country. 8. The White Sea is in the north oF ourcountry. 9. This is a map oF the world. Can you read maps? What can you see on the map? Whatcolour are the valleys on the map? 10. Petrov is an architect. He is an experienced architect. He is inthe Far East. He has a wiFe. His wiFe is a typist. They have a son and a daughter. 11. The Philippinesare situated to the southeast oF Asia.
    35Упражнение 35
1. The Neva Flows into the GulF oF Finland. 2. The PaciFic Ocean is very deep. 3. The Urals are notvery high. 4. Kazbek is the highest peak oF the Caucasus. 5. The Alps are covered with snow. 6. The Shetland Islands are situated to the north oF Great Britain. 7. Is Canada the largest country inAmerica? 8. The Crimea is washed by the Black Sea. 9. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world.10. Paris is the capital oF France. 11. Lomonosov was born in a small village on the shore oF theWhite Sea. 12. Gogol was born in the Ukraine in 1809. 13. The Caucasus separates the Black SeaFrom the Caspian Sea. 14. Europe and America are separated by the Atlantic Ocean. 15. The BalticSea is stormy in winter. 16. There are many small islands in the PaciFic Ocean. 17. The North Seaseparates the British Isles From Europe. 18. The Balkans are old mountains. 19. The Nile Flows acrossthe northeastern part oF AFrica to the Mediterranean Sea. 20. Which are the highest mountains inRussia? 21. When was she in the USA?
     36Упражнение 36
1. Russia occupies the eastern halF oF Europe and the northern third oF Asia. 2. The climate oF thenorthern part oF Russia is severe. 3. This winter is a true Russian winter with hard Frosts. 4. It is warmin the Crimea and the Caucasus. 5. Washington is the capital oF the United States oF America. 6. Iwant to go to New York some day. 7. The best way to know and understand the people oF othercountries is to meet them in their own homes. 8. Is Australia an island or a continent? 9. The Red Seais between AFrica and Asia. 10. There are seven continents on the Earth. 11. France is to the north oFItaly.
     37Упражнение 37
1. This is a pen. It is a good pen. The pen is black. It is on the table. 2. I have got a dog. The dog\'sname is Spot. He. is a big grey dog. The dog is very strong. 3. My Friend has a sister. Her name isAnn. The girl is a pupil. 4. We have a picture in the living room. The picture is really very Fine. It is onthe wall. 5. The Irish Sea is between Great Britain and Ireland. 6. There is a map on the wall oF theclassroom. It is a map oF the world. There are many seas and lakes on the map. This is theMediterranean Sea and that is the Red Sea. These are the Himalayas. They are the highestmountains in the world. 7. We live in St Petersburg. St Petersburg is a very large city. It is one oF thelargest cities in Russia. 8. My brother is a doctor. His Flat is in the centre oF the city. It is in a newhouse. There are three rooms in the Flat. The living room is the largest oF all. It is a nice light room.There are (some) pictures on the walls. There is a round table in the middle oF the room. Thero is asoFa at the wall with a large thick carpet in Front oF it. The study and the bedroom are small, but verycomFortable.
   38Упражнение 38
1. Did you have a good time in the country? — Oh, yes. The weather was Fine. We were out oF doorsFrom morning till night. We played Football, volleyball and other games. We came home late at nightand went to bed at once. 2. Look at the clock! It is a quarter past ten. Go to bed at once. 3. The sunrises in the east and sets in the west. 4. We spent last summer in the [Jkraine, in a little village onthe bank oF a big river with very warm water. There was a wood on the other side oF the river. WeoFten went to the wood and gathered a lot oF mushrooms. 5. My Friend likes to play chess. He isready to play chess all day long. He is the best chess player in our school.
     39Упражнение 39
1. Teckle comes From a very old country on the Nile. It is called Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a beautiFulmountainous country. Teckle is a young man. He wants to become an engineer. He is very happy tobe a student oF St Petersburg University. He spends,a lot oF time at the library reading and studyingdiFFerent subjects. Very oFten in the evening his new Friends and he walk around the city talkingabout their native countries. 2. Galina lives in the Ukraine. She lives in a small village near Odessa.She is a librarian. She always has a lot oF work. Galina wants to enter Moscow University and nowshe is preparing For the entrance exams. 3. My Friend lives in America. He is a student. He studieshistory at Harvard University. 4. Every year, thousands oF students come to Cambridge Fromoverseas to study English. Use, a German student, graduated From Cambridge University two yearsago. What a talented girl!
40Упражнение 40
When we want to write a letter, we take a piece oF paper and a pen. We First write our address andthe date in the right-hand corner. Then on the leFt-hand side we write a greeting. We may write, Forinstance, «My dear brother,» «Dear Henry,» etc., and then on the next line we begin the body oF the letter. We must not Forget to leave a margin on the leFt-hand side oF the page. At the end oF theletter we write «Yours,» and then we sign our name. We put the letter into an envelope and close theenvelope. On the envelope we write the name and address oF the person who will receive it. We sticka stamp in the top right-hand corner, and then we post the letter.
     41Упражнение 41
Once there lived a man who was very Fond oF gold. He used to say, «While I have my gold, I am thehappiest man in the world.» And so all his liFe he saved money. One day he was travelling in thedesert oF North AFrica. He lost his way. He had no Food or water. He was almost dying oF hunger. Hewas so weak that he could not walk, he could only crawl. The heat was terrible. There were onlystones and sand around. Just then he saw a bag lying on the sand. He hoped that he would Find Foodin it and water, too. He crawled up to the bag and opened it. He saw that the bag was Full oF gold.What is the use oF gold to a hungry man in a desert? He leFt the bag on the hot sand, crying bitterly,«I am the most unhappy man in the world.»
     42Упражнение 42
1. Let\'s go to the shop. I must buy (some) bread and milk. 2. I was at the cinema yesterday. — WhatFilm did you see? — Oh, I saw a very good Film. I think it is the best Film oF the year. 3. Do you oFtengo to the theatre? — No, I don\'t. I like to go to the theatre, but I am very busy. I work From morningtill night. I even have no time to play the piano. 4. Oleg has a lot oF interesting books at home. 5. Alot oF tourists From diFFerent countries come to St Petersburg. They want to see one oF the mostbeautiFul cities in the world. 6. My new Friend said to me, «I am a student in the First year atHarvard.» 7. We went to the cinema in the evening. 8. What Foreign languages does your Fatherspeak? — He speaks English. He studied English at school. 9. I am interested in biology. 10. Weplayed tennis at the lesson oF physical training yesterday. We had a good time. 11. Did you go For awalk yesterday? — No, we didn\'t. The weather was bad, and we went to the cinema. 12. What areyour Friends doing? — Mary is playing the piano. Tom and Nick are playing chess.
     43Упражнение 43
Three men came to New York For a holiday. They came to a very large hotel and took a room there.Their room was on the Forty-FiFth Floor. In the evening the Friends went to the theatre and came backto the hotel very late. «I am very sorry,» said the clerk oF the hotel, «but the liFts do not work tonight.IF you don\'t want to walk up to your room, we shall make beds For you in the hall.» «No, no,» said oneoF the Friends, «no, thank you. We don\'t want to sleep in the hall. We shall walk up to our room.»Then he turned to his Friends and said, «It is not easy to walk up to the Forty-FiFth Floor, but we shallmake it easier. On the way to the room I shall tell you some jokes; then you, Andy, will sing us somesongs; then you, Peter, will tell us some interesting stories.» So they began walking up to their room.Tom told them many jokes; Andy sang some songs. At last they came to the thirty-sixth Floor. Theywere tired and decided to have a rest. «Well,» said Tom, «now it is your turn, Peter. AFter all thejokes, I would like to hear a sad story. Tell us a long and interesting story with a sad end.» «The storywhich I am going to tell you,» said Peter, «is sad enough. We leFt the key to our room in the hall.»
     44Упражнение 44
SwiFt, a Famous English writer, was travelling one day on horseback with his servant. The weatherwas bad, it was raining, and the roads were muddy. In the evening the two men came to an inn.BeFore going to bed SwiFt told his servant to clean his boots. But the servant was lazy and did not doit. In the morning SwiFt asked the servant why he had not cleaned the boots. «What\'s the usecleaning the boots now?» said the servant. «The roads are muddy, and the boots will soon be dirtyagain.» «All right,» said the writer. «Let\'s go. We must continue the journey.» «But I haven\'t hadbreakFast,» said the displeased servant. «Well, what\'s the use giving you breakFast now?» said SwiFt.«You will soon be hungry again.»
    45Упражнение 45
In a small town in the East there once was a man who had a parrot. The parrot was taught to say thewords: «There is no doubt about it.» It used to repeat these words, all day long. Every time it wasasked a question, it gave the same answer, «There is no doubt about it.» One day the man decidedto sell the bird; so he put the parrot into the cage and went to the market with it. «Twenty poundsFor a very clever parrot!» he cried. A man who was passing by heard this and turned to the parrot. «Are you worth twenty pounds?» he asked. «There is no doubt about it!» answered the parrot.«What a clever parrot!» said the man and bought the bird. He took the parrot home and invited hisFriends to look at the clever bird. The Friends came and looked at the parrot and talked to it. Now youmust know that the man was not rich. In Fact, he was oFten short oF money. So a week or two later,sitting in an armchair and looking at the parrot, he said, «What a Fool I was to throw away such a lotoF money!» «There is no doubt about it!» cried the parrot. And this time the bird was right.
     46Упражнение 46
A train stopped at a little station. A passenger looked out oF the window oF a train carriage and saw awoman selling cakes. The man had not had breakFast in the morning. He was hungry and wanted tobuy a cake. The woman was standing rather Far From the carriage. The man did not want to go andbuy a cake himselF because he was aFraid to miss the train. He saw a boy who was walking along theplatForm near the carriage. He called the boy and asked him, «How much does a cake cost?»«Threepence, sir,» answered the boy. The man gave him a sixpence and said, «Bring me a cake, andwith the other threepence buy a cake For yourselF.» The boy took the money and went to the woman.A Few minutes later the boy returned. He was eating a cake. He gave the man threepence changeand said, «The woman had only one cake, sir.»
     47Упражнение 47
A crow once said to her children, «It\'s high time For you to look For Food.» With these words sheturned them out oF the nest and took them to the Field. But the crow\'s children did not like the idea.«We\'d rather go back to the nest,» they cried. «It\'s so nice when you bring Food to us!» «Indeed!»said their mother. «You are big enough to Feed yourselves. My mother turned me out oF the nestwhen I was much younger, and I had to take care oF myselF.» «But people will kill us with their guns,»said the young crows. «No Fear oF that,» answered their mother. «BeFore people shoot, they takeaim, and that takes time. When you see a man raising a gun to his Face, you must just Fly away.»«That\'s a simple thing to do,» said the children, «but supposing a man or a boy wants to throw astone at us: in such a case he won\'t have to take aim.» «Well, then he will have to bend down to pickup a stone,» said the crow. «But what iF he carries a stone in his hand ready?» «Why, iF you areclever enough to think oF that,» said the mother, «you are clever enough to take care oF yourselves.»And she Flew away leaving the young crows in the Field.
     48Упражнение 48
Russia is such a large country that when it is night in one part oF the country, it is day in anotherpart, when it is winter in one part oF the country, it is already summer in another. Imagine it is thebeginning oF May now. It is spring in St Petersburg. The weather is Fine. It is still cool at night, but it isquite warm in the aFternoon. It sometimes rains, but the rain is warm, too. The ground is coveredwith soFt green grass, and the trees are covered with green leaves. But while it is spring in StPetersburg, it is still winter in the north oF our country at the beginning oF May. Here it is cold andsometimes Frosty, the rivers and seas are covered with ice. The ice does not melt in some placeseven in summer. The ground is covered with deep snow. In the south oF our country the weather isquite diFFerent. It is already summer in the Caucasus. It is much warmer than in St Petersburg. It issometimes even hot. The sky is usually cloudless and it seldom rains here. People wear summerclothes. They enjoy gardening. You should see their gardens in the summertime — they arebeautiFul.
     49Упражнение 49
1. Is this an interesting book? Is this a very interesting book? Is this the very interesting book youhave spoken about so much? It is such an interesting book. Is it the same book you haverecommended to us? 2. She is a teacher. She is a good teacher. She is a teacher oF our school. She isa teacher oF English. Here is the teacher, ask her about the questions which interest you. 3. There isa word in the text which I cannot understand. There is a very diFFicult word, too, which I cannotpronounce. Here is the word I was looking up in the dictionary. This word is an adverb. 4. The Firstmen were vegetarians. 5. SerFdom was abolished in Russia in the 19th century. 6. Columbus, whodiscovered America, was a native oF Genoa. 7. Rome is an ancient town. 8. Ireland, Scotland andWales are parts oF the United Kingdom. 9. What is the name oF the ocean between America and Asia?— The PaciFic. 10. Last summer I visited Switzerland and Germany. 11. Amsterdam is the capital oFthe Netherlands. 12. It was such a shock. 13. It\'s high time to take a break.
    50Упражнение 50
Once there lived a king. His name was Midas. He had a little daughter. They lived in a beautiFulpalace with a wonderFul garden around it. Now the king was very Fond oF gold. He loved gold morethan anything else in the world. One day, when the king was looking at his gold, a young manappeared beFore him. «You are a very rich man, Midas,» said the young man. «Yes,» said the king,«but I would like to be richer. I would like to have a golden touch. I want everything that I touch toturn into gold.» The young man was a magician, and he gave the king the golden touch which hewanted to have. The king was very happy. He touched a table, and the table became gold. He wentinto the garden. There were beautiFul roses in the garden. He touched the roses, and they alsobecame gold. The king\'s daughter, who loved the roses very much, saw it and began to cry. «Don\'tcry, dear daughter», said the king and touched his daughter\'s head. The next moment the girl turnedinto a beautiFul gold statue.
     51Упражнение 51
A group oF Farmers were sitting in a village house, and among other things they began talking aboutechoes. One oF the Farmers said that there was a wonderFul echo in the Field near his Farm wherethere was a large group oF trees. All the other Farmers said that they would like to hear the echo, andthe Farmer invited them to come the next aFternoon. But the Fact was that the Farmer did not reallyhave the echo he had told the other Farmers about. So when he came home, he sent For the son oFthe cook and told him to go to the Field, hide himselF among the trees and imitate everything thatwas said. The next day the other Farmers came, and the Farmer took them to the Field to listen to thewonderFul echo. When they were in the Field, he shouted at the top oF his voice, «Are you there?»The answer came back, «Yes, I\'ve been here For two hours!»
     52Упражнение 52
It was a nice summer day. The weather was Fine, the sun was shining in the blue sky, the air wasFragrant with the smell oF grass and Flowers. A dog which was running about the streets oF a littletown saw a butcher\'s stall with a lot oF meat. The dog cautiously approached the stall and, when thebutcher turned away to talk to a woman, quickly seized a big piece oF meat and ran away with it. Onthe way home the dog had to cross a stream by a narrow bridge. As he was crossing, he lookeddown into the stream and saw his reFlection in the water. He thought it was another dog with anotherpiece oF meat. He snapped at the reFlection and dropped his own piece oF meat. That\'s how the dogwas punished For greediness.
     53Упражнение 53
On Sunday our Family went to the country. We got up at sunrise and quickly had breakFast. AFterbreakFast we leFt home. There is a little village not Far From St Petersburg where we have Friends. Wewent there by train. We had a very good time in the country. The weather was Fine, the sky was blueand the sun was shining. We stayed out oF doors all day long. We played volleyball and tennis. Wereturned to town late in the evening. When we came home, we had supper and went to bed at once.
     54Упражнение 54
1. Look at the sky. It is covered with dark clouds. Let\'s hurry home. 2. It was very pleasant to live inthe country in summer. The weather was nice and it seldom rained. Summer is a Fine season. 3. Howlovely the night is! There are no clouds in the sky and the air is so Fresh. 4. When spring comes, thesun shines brighter, the snow melts, the days become longer. 5. Winter is a good time For sports. 6.On Sunday my Friend and I usually go to the country. We ski, skate, play snowballs and have a verygood time. 7. The Fog is so dense that it is diFFicult to walk. 8. My Friend is a very good chess player.9. In summer we lived in the country and went up to town by train. 10. Tomorrow is Sunday. IF it istoo hot in town, we shall go to the country. And on Monday we shall come back. 11. Autumn is themost beautiFul season oF the year. 12. Winter isn\'t a depressing season.
    55Упражнение 55
Last Tuesday evening, when the whole Family was at home, a burglar came into the house and stole$500! When we discovered the theFt, we called the police. Because the burglar\'s shoes were wet anddirty, the detective could Follow his Footprints. Here is what the burglar did. He broke in through the Front door. It was locked, so he broke the lock. Dad was reading a newspaper in the study near theFront door. He was Facing the big window, so he didn\'t see the man, and because he was alsolistening to loud music, he didn\'t hear him. It was raining and there was thunder, so there was a lotoF noise outside, too. The burglar crossed the hall to the kitchen. Mum was making a pot oF tea, so hedidn\'t go into the kitchen. The man went back across the hall and looked into the dining room. Noone was in there. He looked through all the drawers and Found $300. But this wasn\'t enough. Hecame out oF the dining room and went upstairs. Tom was doing his homework in his bedroom andlistening to his Walkman. The burglar went past Tom\'s room. Sally was taking a shower and smgingat the top oF her lungs. He went into the TV room. He opened everything but Found nothing. Then heleFt the TV room, went back down the stairs and into the kitchen. Mum was sitting in the living roomwith Dad. The burglar was very quiet! He Found $200 in an old teapot on the top shelF oF the leFtkitchen cupboard. Then the man went out through the French window in the dining room. It wasn\'tlocked, so it was easy to get out. The police couldn\'t believe it! We never heard the burglar!
     56Упражнение 56
1. My brother read to me an extract From the book which he had brought the day beFore. The maincharacter oF the book is a young doctor who went to a distant village in Siberia. 2. The weather wasvery bad in October. 3. When he came into the room, he saw a man sitting on the soFa. He at onceremembered that it was the man he had seen at the theatre the night beFore. 4. Yesterday I saw theFilm you are speaking about. 5. He took a taxi and gave the address to the driver. 6. Tower Bridge isthe First bridge over the Thames coming From the sea. Built in 1894 it is a suspension bridge. Thecentral portion oF it can be opened to admit ships to the docks in this part oF the river. When a shiparrives, the traFFic is stopped and the great bridge opens in the centre: its two halves go up into theair and the ship passes through.
     57Упражнение 57
Once a Frenchman was travelling in Sweden. He stopped at a hotel in a little Swedish town. It wasevening, the man was tired, so he went to bed at once. In the morning he had breakFast in the hotelrestaurant. AFter breakFast he went For a walk. He walked along the streets oF the town, visited amuseum and (some) shops. Presently he Felt hungry and dropped into a caFe For lunch. He sat downat a table, called a waiter and ordered mushrooms. But the Frenchman did not know Swedish andthe waiter did not know French. Nobody in the caFe could speak French. Then the Frenchman took apiece oF paper and a pencil and drew the picture oF a mushroom. The waiter looked at the pictureand leFt the room at once. Five minutes later he returned with an umbrella. What a Funny story!
   58Упражнение 58
A guide was once showing a group oF rich American tourists the places oF interest in a little town inthe south oF Italy. He took the tourists From place to place, but as the town was small, aFter a whilethe guide could not think oF anything that might be oF interest to the Americans. «Tell us somethingunusual about the weather or the climate oF this place,» said an American lady to the guide. «Whatcan I tell her about our climate?» thought the guide. Then he had an idea. «Well,» he said, «there isone unusual thing about our climate. One can easily notice that the wind here always blows From thewest.» «Really?» said the lady in a surprised tone, «What an interesting thing!» But another touristsaid, «You must be wrong. Look! The wind.is blowing From the east now.» At the First moment theguide did not know what to say. But he was a clever man and soon Found a way out. «Oh,» he said,«Is that so? Well, then it must be the west wind coming back.»
     59Упражнение 59
The English king Richard the Lionheart was a tall, strong man. He was very proud oF his strength andliked to show people how strong he was. Once, as he was riding on horseback in the countryside, hishorse lost a shoe. Luckily he was not Far From a village and soon he Found a blacksmith. «Give me agood horseshoe,» he said to the man. The blacksmith gave the king a horseshoe. Richard took it inhis hand and broke it in two. «This horseshoe is no good,» he said, «give me a better one.» Theblacksmith did not say a word. He gave the king another horseshoe, but Richard broke it, too. Theblacksmith gave him a third shoe. This time Richard was satisFied and ordered the blacksmith toshoe his horse. When the work was done, Richard oFFered the man a coin. The blacksmith took thecoin between his Fingers and broke it in two. Now it was Richard\'s turn to be surprised. He took alarger coin out oF his pocket and handed it to the blacksmith. The man broke it, too, saying, «Thiscoin is no good, give me a better one.» Richard smiled and gave the man a gold coin.
60Упражнение 60
In the FiFteenth century people knew only three continents: Europe, Asia and AFrica. They knewnothing about such a big continent as America. The man who discovered America was born in 1451in Italy. His name was Christopher Columbus. He became a sailor at an early age. Knowing that theEarth was round, he decided to reach India sailing to the west. He tried to arrange an expedition, butdid not have money, and nobody wanted to help him. At last the king oF Spain gave him money Forthe expedition. He set sail in 1492. The voyage was very dangerous and diFFicult. On the 12th oFOctober his ship reached land. When they landed, they saw strange trees and Flowers. Men andwomen with olive-coloured skins gathered around the sailors and looked at them with great surprise.Columbus was sure that he had discovered a new way to India. Some time later another sailorreached America. The name oF the sailor was Amerigo Vespucci. He understood that it was a newcontinent.
     61Упражнение 61
1. He\'s looking For a plain shirt, but all the shirts are striped. 2. I\'m looking For a pair oF black pants.3. She\'s looking For a blouse. Polka-dot blouses are very popular this summer. 4. I bought a new hatyesterday. The shop assistant said it was the latest style. 5. I want to ask you to accompany me tothe shop. I must buy a dress. 6. Where did you buy this overcoat? — I bought it at a big store inNevsky Prospect on Tuesday. 7. My sister bought a blue hat on Wednesday. The colour suits her verynicely as she has got blue eyes. 8. I must buy a pair oF new gloves. 9. Where is the shoe department?— It is on the third Floor. 10. I think the coat is a little tight. 11. We came to a big store to Find out iFwe could have a suit made to order. 12. I don\'t like the hat you have chosen. The colour is notbecoming to you. 13. Here is the department oF ready-made clothes. Let\'s go in and see iF we canbuy a nice pair oF trousers For you. 14. I am going to give him a silk tie as a birthday present. He likesties.
     62Упражнение 62
Mr Jones was a teacher oF physics at school. He was Fond oF the experimental method in physics andoFten told his pupils to use this method. One day Mr. Jones came to school on a new bicycle. Thebicycle had a pair oF pneumatic tyres, which had just been invented, and none oF the pupils had everseen them. During a lesson the teacher took the pupils into the school yard and showed them thenew invention. «Now, children,» he said, «who can tell me what is inside this tyre that makes it sohard and yet so elastic?» The boys touched the tyres. «Cotton wool,» said one oF them. «Steelsprings,» said another. «Oh no,» said the teacher, «you are wrong.» Suddenly a little boy, who wasstanding beside the bicycle, cried out, looking very happy, «I know what it is! There\'s wind inside.»Mr Jones smiled and said, «You are right: there\'s air inside. But how did you Find it out?» «Well, I usedthe experimental method,» said the boy, «I stuck a nail into the tyre, and some wind came out oF it».For the First time in his liFe Mr Jones did not like the use oF the experimental method.
     63Упражнение 63
1. Everyone in our country knows Lomonosov, the Founder oF the First Russian university. 2.Nekrasov, a Famous Russian poet, described the liFe oF Russian peasants. 3. I don\'t want to miss theconcert which will take place at the Philharmonic on the 15th oF April. 4. He graduated From theuniversity six years ago. Now he is a scientist. And though he is a young scientist, his name is wellknown. 5. My aunt is a teacher oF physics. 6. Yesterday I read a book by Dickens, a Famous Englishwriter. 7. I am sorry, I don\'t know the way to the nearest caFe. I am a stranger here myselF. 8. Thetown I was born in is on the Volga. 9. Who is the author oF this book? 10. A quarter oF an hour wasleFt beFore the beginning oF the concert. We entered the hall and saw a group oF pupils oF our school.We joined them.
     64Упражнение 64
1. During the vacation I attended some interesting lectures. I remember two oF the lectures best oFall. They were about Russian music. 2. I am sure he won\'t stay in town For the vacation. 3. Twoweeks are leFt beFore the end oF the school year. The examinations are coming. On the First oF Junewe shall take an exam in literature. 4. Today is my day oFF. I am going to spend the day in thecountry. 5. My brother brought a new book yesterday. When I looked at the title, I was very glad: itwas the book which I had wanted to get For a long time. 6. My sister is acquainted with the actor whoplayed the leading part in the play you saw yesterday. 7. What river is the longest in Europe? — Why, what a strange question to ask! Any schoolboy can tell you that it is the Volga. 8. I am aFraidyou will have a lot oF trouble with this business. 9. The day was not bright yesterday. The sky wascovered with clouds.
    65Упражнение 65
I knew a man who had travelled very much in his liFe. He had visited many countries in the east andin the west. He loved children and oFten told them interesting stories. I remember some oF thestories which lie told me. One oF the stories was about an adventure he had had in London. He was ayoung man at that time and was interested in the history oF architecture. One day he visited one oFthe towers oF the Houses oF Parliament. He came out on to the balcony oF the tower and began tolook at the ornaments on the walls. Then lie climbed up on the rooF. Suddenly a man came runningto him and seized him by the arm. He began shouting something in English, but my Friend knew onlya Few words oF English and did not understand him. The Englishman called a policeman. The Fact wasthat he thought that the Russian tourist wanted to kill himselF by jumping From the top oF the tower.Later, when everything became clear, they laughed a lot over it.
     66Упражнение 66
One day a Father and his rich Family took his son on a trip to the country with the Firm purpose oFshowing hi m how poor people can be. They spent a day and a night at the Farm oF a very poorFamily. When they returned From their trip, the Father asked his son, «How was the trip?» «Verygood, Dad!» «Did you see how poor people can be?» the Father asked. «Yeah!» «And what did youlearn?» The son replied: «I saw that we have a dog at home, and they have Four. We have a pool thatreaches to the middle oF the garden; they have a river that has no end. We have imported lamps inthe garden; they have the stars. Our patio reaches to the Front yard; they have a whole horizon.»When a little boy Finished speaking, his Father was speechless. His son added, «Thanks, Dad, Forshowing me how poor we are.»
     67Упражнение 67
The room in which the boys were Fed was a large stone hall, with a copper at one end, out oF whichthe cook took gruel which he put into each bowl at mealtimes. Each boy had one portion oF gruel andno more, and on Sundays they had two ounces and a quarter oF bread besides. The bowls neverneeded washing — the boys polished them with their spoons till they shone again. At last the boysgot so wild with hunger that one boy said he was aFraid he would some night eat the boy who sleptnext to him. The boys believed him. A council was held. Oliver was chosen to go up to the cook thatevening aFter supper and ask For more. The evening arrived, and the boys took their places. The cookstood at the copper. The gruel was served out and disappeared. Then Oliver rose From the table andadvancing to the cook, said in a weak voice, «Please, sir, I want some more.» The cook was a healthyman, but he turned pale. «What?» said he in a trembling voice. The man could not believe his ears.
     68Упражнение 68
Many years ago a London theatre perFormed a play in which there was a great storm on the sea. Inthose days theatres had no machines. That is why the manager engaged several boys to make thewaves oF the sea. They jumped up and down under a big piece oF sea-green cloth. The boys receiveda shilling a night For their work. They worked For several weeks. But then the manager decided to paythem less money — only sixpence a night. So the boys decided to go on strike. During aperFormance, when the storm began, when the wind blew and it was raining, the sea remained calm— there was not a single wave on it. The angry manager liFted once corner oF the «sea» and said tothe boys, «Make waves, boys, make waves !» «Do you want waves For a shilling or For sixpence?»asked a boy in a loud voice. «Oh, For a shilling,» answered the manager. The boys began to jump upand down, and did it so well, that the storm looked quite real.
     69Упражнение 69
In the old days it was necessary For all the parts oF a city to be close together, in order that adeFensive wall might surround it, and the streets, thereFore, were made as narrow as possible. ManyEuropean cities began with walls round them. But in America there was little need For deFensivewalls, and that\'s why many American cities have been built on a regular plan, modiFied a littleaccording to natural surroundings. The streets in American cities, instead oF having names, arenumbered, and so when one has once understood the plan oF an American city, it is very easy to Find one\'s way From one part oF it to another. The old part oF New York lies in the southern halF oFManhattan Island, and there the streets are narrow and twisted, as in the towns oF the Old World. Butthe rest oF the streets, with but Few exceptions, all run in straight lines. There is one street in thecity, however, that does not Follow a straight line. And that is Broadway, New York\'s most Famousstreet. It starts within sight oF the dancing waters oF the harbour and runs between tall skyscrapersin the northwestern direction. This great street is the longest in the world.
    70Упражнение 70
AFrica is a very large continent lying to the south oF Europe and to the southwest oF Asia to which it isjoined by the Isthmus oF Suez. Less than one hundred years ago men knew almost nothing oF t hemiddle oF the continent. Travellers From Europe made long journeys into the centre but they metwith terrible diFFiculties, For the continent is covered with Forests Full oF FearFul wild animals. Sometravellers died oF hunger or thirst or strange illnesses, others were killed by lions, still others bynatives; but nevertheless bold men were Found ready to go along rivers into the heart oF AFrica. Themerchants who came From European countries had much to sell, and here were millions oF peopleready to buy; here was a country, the richness oF which was unimaginable.
     71Упражнение 71
Robert Burns, the son oF a small Farmer in Ayrshire, was born on the 25th oF January, 1759. Hisparents were poor, so Burns did not get a good education. He worked hard as a ploughboy. He wasFond oF reading and always had a ballad book beFore him at dinner. AFter the death oF his FatherRobert and his brother and sisters took over the Farm together. Working in the Fields Burns wrotemany wonderFul songs. However, things became so bad on the Farm, that the poet decided to go toJamaica hoping to get a job on a plantation there. Luckily some Friends helped Burns to publish abook oF poems. The book was noticed and praised highly. In 1786 Burns went to Edinburgh, and hisbook oF poems unlocked the doors oF rich Edinburgh houses to a peasant with such a wonderFultalent. In 1788 he married Jean Armour and spent a peaceFul and happy year. The rest oF his liFestory is a tale oF the poet\'s hardships. The hard liFe ruined the poet\'s health, and on the 21st oF July,1796, he died at the age oF thirty-seven.
     72Упражнение 72
«Is there a post oFFice near the house you live in?» «Yes, there is. Go to the corner oF the street alongwhich trams run. Then turn to the leFt and walk a short distance down the street. Do not cross thestreet, oF course. You will see a sign over a door which says «Post and Telegraph OFFice». «Thank youvery much. I am sure I shall Find it without diFFiculty. I must buy (some) stamps, send a telegram andask whether they receive parcels there. I want to send a parcel to an old Friend. It will be her birthdayin a week. Perhaps you can tell me where I can Find a shop that sells nice things that one can give aspresents?» «Yes, certainly. There\'s a very good shop not Far From here. You can easily walk there in aFew minutes. Go straight down the street that you will see directly in Front oF you when you come outoF the post oFFice till you come to a wide street along which buses and trolleybuses run. Then turn tothe leFt again and almost immediately you will come to a beautiFul shop with big windows Full oF allsorts oF things. I am sure you will Find nice presents there.»
     73Упражнение 73
Until near the end oF the 19th century it was the law in England that iF a man was unable to pay adebt, even a small one, he could be imprisoned. This imprisonment might very well be For liFe, as itwas impossible For the people in prison to work at their ordinary occupations and so make money torepay the sum they had borrowed. IF they had Friends who could bring them materials to work with,they might work with their hands, sewing or making boots, For instance. The great English novelistCharles Dickens knew a great deal about the debtors\' prisons From personal experience, For when hewas about ten, his Father was imprisoned For debt, and the whole Family had to go and live with himin the prison because they had nowhere else to live. The mother and the children, however, couldleave the place when they wished; but at ten o\'clock every evening the great gates were shut For thenight, and no one could leave or enter until morning. Dickens described the liFe in the debtors\'prisons in some oF his novels. It was largely because oF Dickens\' sharp criticism that the EnglishGovernment was Finally Forced to do away with debtors\' prisons.
     74Упражнение 74
At the beginning oF the 19th century a little boy was born in the Family oF John Dickens, a clerk at anoFFice in Portsmouth, and was named Charles. He had a sister who was older than himselF, and therewere several other children in the Family. When Charles was seven, he was sent to school. He wasnot a strong child. He did not like to play cricket or Football and spent all his Free time reading. In1821 the Family went to London, and little Charles leFt behind him the happiest years oF hischildhood. His Father was in money diFFiculties, and the Family became poorer and poorer. The boyhad to give up his studies. Mr. Dickens was put into a debtors\' prison. Little Charles learned to knowall the horrors and cruelty oF a large capitalist city. He had to go to work at a blacking Factory. Heworked there From morning till night. When his Father came out oF prison, Charles was sent to schoolFor some time. Soon he got work as a clerk. Then he learned stenography and became a reporter inParliament. In 1836 at the age oF 24 Charles Dickens published his First book. It was a collection oFstories. The title oF the book was «Sketches by Boz.» These were Followed by «Pickwick Papers» and«Oliver Twist» and many other Famous novels. Charles Dickers is one oF the greatest writers oF the19th century. His novels are now translated into most languages oF the world.
    75Упражнение 75
During the American War oF Independence, the commander oF a small unit oF soldiers was givingorders to his men about a heavy cannon that they were trying to liFt to its place at the top oF someFortiFications. It was almost beyond their power to liFt the weight, and the commander kept shoutingencouraging words. An oFFicer, not in uniForm, was passing by, and he asked the commander why hedid not help the soldiers. Greatly surprised, the man turned round and said proudly, «Sir, I am acorporal!» «Oh, you are, are you?» replied the oFFicer: «I did not know that. I beg your pardon, MrCorporal.» Then he got oFF the horse he was riding and, taking hold oF the rope that the men werepulling at, he pulled with all his strength. And when the cannon was in its place, he turned to thelittle great man and said, «Mr Corporal, when you have another job like this and have not enoughmen, send For your commander in chieF, and I shall gladly come and help you.» The corporal wasstruck with astonishment. The man who had helped his soldiers was George Washington.
     76Упражнение 76
William Shakespeare, the greatest English playwright, was born in 1564 in StratFord-upon-Avon inEngland. StratFord is a small country town in a Farming district near the centre oF England. The Avon,which is a pretty river with grass and trees all along its banks, runs through StratFord. Not much isknown oF Shakespeare\'s Father. He was a Farmer who, at diFFerent times oF his liFe, sold meat andbought and sold wool. He was poor and was oFten in money diFFiculties. Also very little is knownabout the liFe oF his only son William. The little house in which the great writer was born still stands.It is now a museum. William went to school in StratFord. In 1586 he went to London. Probably theFirst work he did there was at one oF the two theatres that were in London at that time. Then hebecame an actor and soon began to write plays For the company oF actors to which he belonged.Shakespeare bought the largest house in his home town in 1597, but he did not spend much timethere till 1610. He spent the last years oF his liFe mostly in StratFord, but he oFten visited London. Hedied in 1616.
     77Упражнение 77
Last July, my 65-year-old Father was on his daily run. It was an unusually hot day, and he Felt a littlesick, so he stopped to rest in the shade. A passerby asked iF he needed help, but my Father said,«No,» Figuring he\'d be able to get home. Minutes later, another person stopped. The man realizedsomething was seriously wrong and called 911. That stranger saved my Father\'s liFe. Dad suFFered aheart attack and was hospitalized For Five days. I cannot thank that passerby enough For gettinginvolved and helping when it would have been easier to walk away. Now, my Father has many yearsleFt to enjoy his grandchildren. Let everybody be Good Samaritans when they see the need. A liFecould depend on it.
   78Упражнение 78
A young man attempted to rob a store near my oF -Fice. He bought a bag oF potato chips, and whilethe clerk was making change, he attempted to grab the money From the cash register. When theclerk quickly closed the drawer, the man tried to take the cash register but it was so heavy, hecouldn\'t liFt it. He got angry. There was a rack Full oF cigarettes in the corner oF the store. He decided to grab the cigarettes but the clerk stopped him. The man drove away empty-handed, but wasspotted by the police For driving a stolen car. The police pursued him with lights Flashing and sirensblaring. He was soon arrested and charged with possession oF a stolen vehicle, careless and recklessdriving and speeding. His Fine was set at $2,000. While being escorted, the man asked iF he couldstop near the store and get his potato chips, since he had paid For them. The clerk at the storeidentiFied him as the man who tried to steal the cash register, and he was charged with attemptedrobbery. His Fine was increased to $15,000; he sits in jail awaiting trial.
     79Упражнение 79
1. George Bernard Shaw, a well-known English playwright, was born in Ireland in 1856. He was theson oF a clerk and had to begin working at an early age. At the age oF twenty he moved to Londonwhere he became a journalist. 2. The play «Widowers\' Houses» shows the egoism and hypocricy oFsome businessmen who got their proFits From the London slums where the poorest people lived. 3.While travelling in Germany Harry Trench, a young English doctor, got acquainted with Mr Sartorius,a respectable-looking gentleman, and his daughter Blanche. The young people Fell in love with eachother and were going to get married. Trench knew that Sartorius was rich, but he did not know whatkind oF property he had. He learned about it From a conversation with Lickcheese, Sartorius\' rentcollector. It turned out that Sartorius was the owner oF some tenements in the London slums, andthat all the property he had was built by getting money out oF the poor people who lived there.Trench was greatly shocked. He did not want to take money From Blanche\'s Father. But Blanche saidshe could not live on the small income Trench had. They had a quarrel, and Trench leFt the house.AFter some time Trench learned that the land on which Sartorius\' houses were built belonged toTrench\'s aunt and that he himselF was living on the money got in the same way. Everything comesout «all right» in the end: Trench marries Blanche and becomes a partner in Sartorius\' business. Theauthor shows that in Fact Trench is no better than Sartorius, Lickcheese and the like.
80Упражнение 80
My husband picks up the local newspaper every morning From a vending machine on our way towork. The other morning, a girl who appeared to be about six was in Front oF him in line, buying thepaper For her mother, who was sitting in the car. The child put the money For one paper in the slotand took two newspapers! My husband said to her, Oh, is this two-For-one day?» The child did notreply. She just took the two newspapers to her mother. This is stealing, pure and simple. I wonderwhat this mother is going to think when her daughter becomes a teen and gets arrested ForshopliFting at the mall? I suppose she\'ll wonder where her daugter got the idea that it is OK to takesomething without paying For it. The mother missed an opportunity to teach her child right Fromwrong. IF the child took the extra newspaper in error, the mother should have instructed her to put itback. However, iF she put the child up to it — shame on her.
    81Упражнение 81
Three bank robbers got a surprise last night. This is what happened. The three robbers, who all workas cleaners at a hospital, drove up to the bank on Main Street. The three men, wearing masks overtheir Faces, got out oF the car and ran into the bank. Inside the bank, they pointed guns at thecustomers and bank tellers. One oF the men told all the customers to lie down on the Floor. And thenone oF the other men said something like, «Quick, the money! Give me money!» So one oF the tellershanded them some bags. AFter leaving the bank, the three men jumped into their van and drove oFF.One mile down the road, the robbers parked their van next to an ambulance they had parked beForethe robbery. They got into the ambulance and drove oFF. They went straight to their hospital. AFterleaving the ambulance in the hospital parking lot, the three men went together into a small room.There, they opened the bags oF money they had been given — and got a very unpleasant surprise!The bank teller had given the robbers special bags containing bright red ink! The red ink is releasedwhen the bag is opened, and it can\'t be washed oFF. So suddenly, the men Found themselves coveredin red ink! As the men leFt the room and tried to leave the hospital, an emergency room doctor sawthem and she thought, «Oh God, they\'re all covered in blood.» So she tried to help them but theyreFused her help and ran oFF. The doctor realized something Funny was going on and she called thepolice. The police caught the robbers — guess where? Outside the bank on Main Street.
     82Упражнение 82
A tsunami is a natural phenomenon consisting oF a series oF waves generated when water in a lakeor the sea is rapidly displaced on a massive scale. It is also a very large dangerous ocean wave caused by an underwater explosion, earthquake, etc. Earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions andlarge meteorite impacts all have the potential to generate a tsunami. The eFFects oF a tsunami canrange From unnoticeable to devastation. The magnitude 9.0 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake triggereda series oF lethal tsunamis on December 26, 2004 that killed over 310,000 people (more than220,000 in Indonesia alone), making it the deadliest tsunami in recorded history. The tsunami killedpeople over an area ranging From the immediate vicinity oF the quake in Indonesia, Thailand and thenorth-western coast oF Malaysia to thousands oF kilometres away in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, theMaldives, and even as Far as Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania in eastern AFrica. The disaster prompted ahuge worldwide eFFort to help victims oF the tragedy, with hundreds oF millions oF dollars being raisedFor disaster relieF.
    83Упражнение 83
A lioness, a tigress, an actress, a poetess, a woman, an aunt, a wiFe, a sister, a grandmother, adaughter, a mistress, a baroness, a countess, a shepherdess, a hostess.
     84Упражнение 84
A lord, a boy, a nephew, Mr Smith, a widower, a steward, a Frenchman, an ox, a king, a prince, aduke, a cock, a Father.
    85Упражнение 85
Pens, classes, stories, roads, days, cats, bushes, desks, tables, plates, Foxes, rooms, ladies, knives,chairs, buses, heroes, matches, ways, houses, Families, Flags, towns, wolves, countries, lions, parks,plays, dictionaries, thieves, keys.
     86Упражнение 86
Babies, plants, lemons, peaches, bananas, brushes, stars, mountains, trees, shillings, kings, thewaiters, the queens, men, the men, women, the women, eyes, shelves, boxes, the cities, boys,geese, the watches, mice, dresses, toys, the sheep, teeth, children, the oxen, deer, the lives,tomatoes, secretaries, crowds, airports, theatres, tornadoes, shops, tragedies.
    87Упражнение 87
These magazines, those stickers, these stamps, those sandwiches, these posters, these teacups,these eggs, those walls, those pictures, these Feet, those mountains, these ladies, those windows,these men, those matches, these knives, these books, these Families, these pies, those answers,those apartments, those teachers, those comedies.
    88Упражнение 88
1. These are spiders. 2. Those are snails. 3. These are stars. 4. These are Film stars. 4. Those arecartoons. 6. These are boys. 7. These are babies. 8. Those are plates. 9. Those are Flowers. 10. Thoseare bookshelves. 11. Are these soFas? 12. Are these bookcases? 13. Are these men? 14. Are thoseballs? 15. Are those trains? 16. Are those planes? 17. Are the windows open? 18. Are the doorsclosed? 19. Are the boys near the window? 20. Those are not kings. 21. Those are not queens. 22.Those are not buses. 23. These aren\'t mountains. 24. Those aren\'t geese. 25. These aren\'t mice. 26.They are sheep. 27. They are cigarettes. 28. They are cats. 29. They are not girls. 30. They aren\'tbags. 31. They aren\'t trees. 32. They are not bad eggs. 33. They are good eggs. 34. Are thoseFlowers? 35. Are these roses? 36. These are pots.
     89Упражнение 89
1. These men are engineers. 2. Those women are my sisters. 3. These children are my sons. 4. Thosegeese are big. 5. These mice are white. 6. These men are doctors. 7. Those women are my cousins.They are teachers. 8. Those girls are my nieces. They are pupils. 9. These girls have blue sweaters.10. These boys have warm coats. 11. My uncles have large Flats. 12. There are some tables in theroom. 13. We have good pens. Our pens are in our pockets. 14. There are some Flowers in the vase.15. These children\'s Feet are sore. 16. These cups are dirty. 17. Those books are dull. 18. These hotels are very expensive but they are very nice. 19. There are children\'s playgrounds in the park.20. Those are new supermarkets in our town. 21. They are delicious lemon pies For dessert. 22. Theyare nice cotton dresses For my nieces.
   90Упражнение 90
1. Those phones in the oFFice are out oF order. 2. Those blouses are made oF silk. 3. These areexcellent paintings. 4. His books are very popular and they really interest me. 5. They are diFFicultwords to write. 6. My sons are journalists and they have been very successFul. 7. These purses aren\'tmade oF leather. 8. Those are my neighbours\' cars. 9. Have they got cameras? 10. They are newcassette recorders. 11. These rooms are very large. 12. There are some matches in the box. 13.There are knives over there. 14. There are (some) men and women in the street. 15. These ladies arethose gentlemen\'s wives. 16. These shoes are too large For my Feet. 17. The children are sitting on abench. 18. My teeth are white. 19. These keys are made oF steel. 20. Potatoes are vegetables andcherries are Fruit. 21. These are my Friends\' studies. 22. Our chieFs are very competent.
    91Упражнение 91
1. These are my stockings. 2. They have new suits. 3. These metals are very hard. 4. Those ships areRussian ones. 5. We heard their voices. 6. Their dogs do not like bread. 7. The plates were on thetable. 8. These towns aren\'t very large. 9. We saw them at the tram stop yesterday. 10. Are thosegirls your sisters? 11. We shall give you our books. 12. These stories will be unusual ones. 13. Arethese good matches? 14. The boys put their books on the desks. 15. They took oFF their hats. 16.Those houses are new. 17. The young men put their hands in their pockets. 18. Are these studentscoming with us, too? 19. The women didn\'t say anything. 20. Do they speak English? 21. The policeoFFicers have caught the thieves. 22. They are holding the children hostige.
     92Упражнение 92
1. They are very diFFicult questions to answer. 2. We think we\'ll have those cakes on the right. 3.Look at those pumpkins! They are the biggest ones we\'ve seen this year. 4. Are these your scarves?5. Those were cookie jars. 6. What are those children\'s names? 7. The cats have caught mice. 8.There were ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls in the room. 9. In the Farmyard we could see oxen,sheep, cows, and geese. 10. Are these workers Englishmen or Germans? — They are Frenchmen. 11.Why don\'t you eat these potatoes? 12. These strawberries are still green. 13. The withered leaveshave Fallen to the ground. 14. Can you see birds in those trees? 15. Do your teeth still ache? 16. Iheld up my Feet to the Fire to warm them. 17. Their children study very well. 18. These men work atour oFFice. 19. There are some new houses in our street. 20. These stories are very exciting. 21. Ihave hurt my Feet. 22. The wolves have been shot. 23. They keep their toys in boxes. 24. Put theseknives on those tables.
     93Упражнение 93
1. These are birds. 2. Are those also birds? — No, they aren\'t. Those are cats. 3. Are those goodhorses? — Yes, they are. 4. Are those cows big or small? — They are big. 5. These are apples andthose are Flowers. 6. Where are the coins? — They are in the box. 7. What colour are the boxes? —They are green. 8. What are they made oF? — They are made oF wood. 9. What are those men? —They are clerks. 10. Are they in the oFFice? — Yes, they are. 11. Are those women typists? — No, theyaren\'t. — What are they? — They are doctors. 12. Are his brothers at home? — Yes, they are. 13.These houses have balconies looking out on the street. 14. The architecture oF these buildings isquite modern. 15. These are new districts oF St Petersburg. 16. There are (some) shops, cinemas andtheatres in the new districts. 17. They are retired workers. 18. We are drivers. 19. We hear thesounds oF children\'s voices. 20. They are nice girls. 21. They are noisy boys.
     94Упражнение 94
1. The dog\'s ball. 2. That man\'s skateboard. 3. The children\'s songs. 4. The grandmother\'s umbrella.5. My Friend\'s room. 6. My son\'s questions. 7. My brother\'s wiFe. 8. Our teacher\'s table. 9. Pushkin\'spoems. 10. This girl\'s voice. 11. The workers\' new club. 12. Pete\'s letter. 13. My parents\' car. 14. Thiswoman\'s liFe. 15. These women\'s handbags. 16. My sister\'s Flat is large. 17. My brother\'s children areat home. 18. The boys\' room is large. 19. This girl\'s name is Jane. 20. These students\' work isinteresting. 21. My son\'s computer is modern. 22. He was my cousins\' Friend.
   95Упражнение 95
1. The cat\'s eyes are green. 2. The children\'s toys are in a big box. 3. My Father\'s birthday is in May.4. What a coincidence! This is my mother\'s Favourite cake. 5. I love my husband\'s books. 6. What isthat young man\'s name? 7. He showed me his sister\'s letter. 8. She took her brother\'s skates. 9. Giveme your pupils\' exercise books. 10. Bring the children\'s things. 11. Yesterday the children Found abird\'s nest. 12. This is my Friend\'s Family. My Friend\'s Father is an engineer. My Friend\'s mother is ateacher. 13. Whose bag is this? — It is Tom\'s bag. 14. Whose dictionaries are these? — They are thestudents\' dictionaries. 15. Have you seen our teacher\'s book? 16. I like this boy\'s handwriting. 17. I(can) hear my sister\'s voice. 18. She opened the window and heard the children\'s laughter and cries.19. She put the boys\' wet boots near the stove. 20. This is our grandmother\'s armchair. 21. I thinkthe student\'s answer is excellent. 22. My husband knows a lot about Agatha Christie\'s detectivenovels. 23. Sunday was Diana\'s birthday. 24. We watched TV at my Friend\'s house last night. 25.Lisa\'s dog jumped into the pond (pool) with us.
    96Упражнение 96
1. some. 2. any. 3. no (some). 4. any, some. 5. any, any. 6. any, some. 7. any, some. 8. any, some. 9.some. 10. no. 11. any. 12. any, some. 13. no. 1