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  Этот уровень предназначен для тех, кто владеет элементарными навыкамиразговорной речи,
  кто сможет вести разговор на общие темы, используяосновные грамматические конструкции.
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Lesson 1. How Many Letters, How Many Sounds?
Lesson 10. Old town.
Lesson 11. Pack Your Bags.
Lesson 12. Twenty Days.
Lesson 13. Cats and Dogs.
Lesson 14. November the First.
Lesson 15. Both Together.
Lesson 16. It's the wrong size, isn't it?
Lesson 17. Fresh fish, usually
Lesson 18. Chips and juice
Lesson 19. My Hungry Uncle
Lesson 2. Pizza for Dinner.
Lesson 20. How Many Hours?
Lesson 21. That's Life!
Lesson 22. What Terrible Weather!
Lesson 23. What's the News?
Lesson 24. Sunglasses or Umbrella?
Lesson 25. Train in the Rain.
Lesson 26. Pink and Orange.
Lesson 27. Last Week.
Lesson 28. One House,Two Houses.
Lesson 29. Wait a Minute - Where's the Waiter?
Lesson 3. A Spoonfull of Sugar.
Lesson 30. Single or Return?
Lesson 31. Begin at the Beginning.
Lesson 32. Where's My Checklist?
Lesson 33. Phrases and Pauses.
Lesson 34. Speak it, Write it, Read it
Lesson 35. Me and You, You and Me.
Lesson 36. Take Me to the Show, Jo.
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  • Intermediate ( 60 )
      English Pronunciation in Use (Intermediate)
      Этот уровень предназначен для тех, у кого хорошее понимание английской речи,
      знание грамматики и лексики.
  • Advanced ( 60 )
      English Pronunciation in Use. (Advanced)
      Этот уровень предназначен для тех, кто свободно владеет разговорным английским,
    у кого
      большой словарный запас, полное знание грамматики.