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  English Pronunciation in Use. (Advanced)
  Этот уровень предназначен для тех, кто свободно владеет разговорным английским,
у кого
  большой словарный запас, полное знание грамматики.
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Unit 1. Accents.
Unit 10. Contro'versial and ControVERsial.
Unit 11. 'Comfort and 'Comfortable.
Unit 12. Ac'celerate and Ac,cele'ration.
Unit 13. Ex'treme and Ex'tremity.
Unit 14. Dis'organised and ,Recon'sider.
Unit 15. 'Subway and 'Super,power.
Unit 16. 'News,paper and ,Absolute 'Zero.
Unit 17. 'Hair-,raising and ,Hard-'working.
Unit 18. ,Closed-Circuit 'Television and 'Sell-by Date.
Unit 19. 'Dream of and 'Live for.
Unit 2. Accents (2).
Unit 20. ,Hang a'round and ,Look 'up to.
Unit 21. Some, The, From, etc.
Unit 22. Well, YOU do It Then!
Unit 23. Calculate.
Unit 24. Listen, Bottle, Politician, etc.
Unit 25. Deja Vu, Angst, Tsunami.
Unit 26. One Evening, Stop Now, Go Away. etc.
Unit 27. I' ll Get It. These're Mine.
Unit 28. I'm not Sure, Not Sure, 'm not Sure.
Unit 29. Last Night, I haven't Seen Her.
Unit 3. Finding out about Pronunciation.
Unit 30. An Old Car, a Bottle of Water.
Unit 31. Average, Novelist, Happening.
Unit 32. We Stuck a Picture of an Elephant.
Unit 33. It's BLUE, DARK Blue.
Unit 34. I've Always been Terrified of Spiders.
Unit 35. I'll Believe It when I See It!
Unit 36. She's Got an Essay to Write.
Unit 37. I Can't Stand the Stuff.
Unit 38. Just Help Yourself; Throw It to Me.
Unit 39. I'm Quite Busy at the Moment.
Unit 4. Finding out about Pronunciation (2).
Unit 40. They Taste Great, These Biscuits.
Unit 41. Great Film, wasn't It?
Unit 42. What I don't Understand is How It Got There!
Unit 43. Finding Out or Making Sure?
Unit 44. Wasn't It Terrible? Are You Crazy?
Unit 45. 'I Paid ?200,000 for It.' 'How Much?'
Unit 46. Although I was Tired, I couldn't Get to Sleep
Unit 47. 'You Were Asleep in the Class!' 'I Wasn't Asleep.'
Unit 48. You Couldn't Carry It Upstairs for Me?
Unit 49. On the Whole, It Went Very Well.
Unit 5. Pronunciation in Slow and Fast Speech.
Unit 50. She Just Forgot, Presumably?
Unit 51. How Embarrassing!
Unit 52. Mhm, Right, I See.
Unit 53. On top of that... Anyway...
Unit 54. Before She Left School She Started Her Own Business.
Результаты 1 - 50 из 60
  • Elementary  ( 50 )
      English Pronunciation in Use. (Elementary)
      Этот уровень предназначен для тех, кто владеет элементарными навыкамиразговорной речи,
      кто сможет вести разговор на общие темы, используяосновные грамматические конструкции.
  • Intermediate ( 60 )
      English Pronunciation in Use (Intermediate)
      Этот уровень предназначен для тех, у кого хорошее понимание английской речи,
      знание грамматики и лексики.