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Глава 4. Effective business discussions (Успешное деловое общение). Урок 3. Участники заседания (Participants of the meeting)

Изложение доклада или участие в дискуссии на иностранном языке являетсястрессом. С помощью практичных оборотов речи из этой главы Вы сможетепрекрасно подготовиться и придать своему выступлению большуюубедительность.
Участники заседания (Participants of the meeting)
От участников (participants) ожидается, что они выскажутся по теме и внесут предложения (make proposals), обменяются мнениями (exchange opinions) или поделятся информацией (give information). При этом иностранцу в такой ситуации сложно изъясняться четко и одновременно вежливо. Следующие предложения
помогут Вам в этом.

Mr Jones:
Well, yes. I investigated the area and I'm afraid that in terms of accessibility доступностьthis site is somewhat problematic. I know that they have planned a newmotorway, but this plan will take at least 2 years and I don't think wecan wait that long.
Mr Wells: I'd like to suggest that we try to find a more suitable подходящееlocation. Don't forget that some of us have to travel quite a distanceand when I think of all the extra hours that I already work for thiscompany and...
Chairman: I understand what you mean.
Mr Wells: but let's stick to the subject, please.
Mr Shawn: Could I say something on this matter, please? I thinkMr Wells is absolutely right and we should try to find a place which ismore accessible not only for ourselves but also for our customers.Theinternational character of our company demands a location требует nearan airport or railway station.

doc Полезные фразы

Proposing / Внесение предложений
I would like to put forward an alternative proposal.
I would like to make another suggestion.
Wouldn't it be a good idea if ...
I suggest / propose that we ...
Let's first have a look at...
Why don't we ...?

Interrupting / Как прервать собеседника

May I interrupt you for a moment?
I'm sorry to interrupt you / break in, but ...
May I come in at this point ...    в этом месте я вмешаюсь
Excuse me, may I ask a question?
I don't want to interrupt, but ...
Pardon me for interrupting, but ...
I'd like to add something here if I may.
If I might just add something here ...   добавить

Giving Information / Информирование

I would like to give you some details on this matter.
Let me give you an overview of the figures.   обзор / цифры
I will brief you on the results so far.     проинформирую
May I inform you on the decisions made by...
Opinions / Обмен мнениями

In my opinion / in my view ...
If you want to know my opinion ...
The way I see it is ...
I feel / think / believe that ...
It seems / appears to me that ...    мне кажется

Agreeing / Согласие

I can go along with your proposal.       Я присоединяюсь к Вашему предложению.
I think we are in agreement on that.   одного и того же мнения
I share your view.    Я разделяю Ваше мнение.
I agree with you / I think you're right.

Disagreeing / Несогласие

I don't think that's a good idea.
I cannot go along with you there.
I'm afraid I can't agree with you.
I'm sorry, but I don't agree at all.
I absolutely disagree / I think you're wrong.

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