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Глава 5. After business hours (После рабочего дня). Урок 2. At the restaurant (В ресторане)

В практике международных деловых отношений приглашения на business lunch или dinnerне редкость, возможно даже, что Вам закажут билеты в театр. Типичныеразговорные ситуации с подходящими речевыми оборотами помогут Вамполучить удовольствие от этих ситуаций.
At the restaurant (В ресторане)

Во многих странах при входе в ресторан Вам встретится табличка «Please wait to be seated!».Это предупреждение о том, что к столику Вас поведет официант, Вы недолжны искать место самостоятельно. Если Вам не нравится предложенныйстолик, просто попросите усадить Вас за другой: Could we have that table over there at the window, please?
Выбор блюд в чужой стране — дело не из простых. Если Вы не уверены втом, что заказать, положитесь на совет коллеги, пригласившего Вас, илиофицианта: I could recommend you the veal cutlet (телячий шницель) which comes with baked potatoes and seasonal vegetable.

Good evening!
Mr Chester: Good evening. We'd like a table for two, please.
Waiter: Smoking or non-smoking?
Mr Chester: Non-smoking, please.
Waiter: Just follow me, please. — Here we are.
Mr Chester: Could we have a table at the window so that we can enjoy the wonderful view?
Waiter: I'm afraid they have all been reserved.
Mr Chester: Well, never mind this one is fine too.
Waiter: Have you made a choice yet?
Mr Horst: No. no yet. I'm having some problems with the menu. Could you tell me what veal is?
Waiter: Let me see, how do I explain. It's the meat of a baby cow.
Mr Horst: OK, I understand, thanks. Well, Mr Chester you've been here before. What would you recommend?
Mr Chester: The steak is very good here.
Mr Horst: OK, I'll have the steak with a salad and French fries (АмА)/ chips (БА).    картофель-фри
Waiter: Are you sure you don't want a starter?    закуска
Mr Horst: Yes, I'm sure. A main course will do for me and, of course, a dessert afterwards. основное блюдо
Waiter: Right Sir, and how would you like your steak? Rare, medium or well done?    с кровью, непрожаренный; прожаренный

doc Полезные фразы

Полезные советы The table / Столик
Could we have a table for four, please?
I'd like to book a table for two on Tuesday at around 8 o'clock.
I reserved a table at seven in the name of Chester.
Could we have a different table, this one is ...

The menu / Меню 
Excuse me, could I have the menu / the wine list?       меню/карта вин
What kind of meat do you serve?   
We have beef, pork chops, lamb, veal and venison.      говядина, свиные отбивные, баранина, телятина, оленина
Do you have any vegetarian dishes?   блюда
I feel like having fish.    Мне хочется рыбы

The fish of the day is salmon which comes with an orange sauce.    лосось
How is the sole done / made? — You can have it grilled, baked or poached. морской язык вареный
All our main dishes are served with a green salad or the vegetables of your choice, French fries or a jacked potato.    картофель, эапеченный в мундире

Ordering / Заказ

Are you ready to order now?
I'm sorry, but I haven't decided yet. Could you come back a little later, please?
What can you recommend?    Что Вы порекомендуете?
What's today special?
Excuse me, could I order now, please?
OK, I'll have / take the soup as a starter.
As a main course I'd like / I'll have ...
Could we have some coffee with our dessert, please?
Could I have some more wine, please?
We'd like another bottle of water, please.
Could I have a spoon, knife, fork?        ложка, нож, вилка

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