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Глава 5. After business hours (После рабочего дня). Урок 3. Small talk (Легкая беседа)

В практике международных деловых отношений приглашения на business lunch или dinnerне редкость, возможно даже, что Вам закажут билеты в театр. Типичныеразговорные ситуации с подходящими речевыми оборотами помогут Вамполучить удовольствие от этих ситуаций.
Small talk (Легкая беседа)
Во время еды или за кружкой пива в баре о делах обычно не говорят. Приходит время для
small talk или socializing— беседы, которая на иностранном языке дается нелегко, поскольку здесьиспользуется лексика, выходящая за рамки профессионального жаргона. Сдругой стороны, благодаря такому виду беседы можно больше узнать друг одруге в человеческом плане и таким образом улучшить деловые отношения.Излюбленные темы при этом — еда (the food), погода (the weather), спорт (sports), семья (the family) и информация о стране (country). Предоставьте пригласившему Вас коллеге решать, будете ли вы обсуждать профессиональные темы или нет.

Mr Chester:
So how is your steak? Was it good choice?
Mr Horst: Oh yes, It's delicious and I love that salad dressing. How's your chicken?
Mr Chester: Well, it's a little bit salty to tell you the truth. It makes me rather thirsty. Another drop of wine?      пересолен
Mr Horst: No thanks, I've had enough.
Mr Chester: So what do you think of Chicago? Is it very different from Stuttgart? I guess it's a little bit colder over here, isn't it?
Mr Horst: It's very different indeed. Chicago is a lot biggerwith these enormous skyscrapers and huge buildings. I like the people alot, but it's true that it's very cold. Is it always like this?
Mr Chester: Yes, with the wind coming from the big lakes it canbe very cold and windy up here with a lot of snowfall in the winter,but you get used to the climate.       привыкаешь к климату

doc Полезные фразы

The food / Еда
The food is really excellent / delicious.
I'm glad you like it.
It tastes wonderful although it is a little bit spicy.    остро
Is it true that Kraut is a traditional German dish?

The weather / Погода

What's the climate like in your country?
In summer, temperature may rise up to the nineties (32 °C).
It's very stuffy / sticky / humid.        душно
In autumn / fall it can be very foggy  and gloomy with heavy rains and thunderstorms.   пасмурно
Spring(time) is absolutely gorgeous with very agreeable temperatures.     комфортные

Sports / Спорт

Do you do any sports in your free time?
I like swimming and biking but I'm not in a sportsclub.
In Germany soccer is much more popular than baseball and football. We don't even understand the rules of these sports.  
Have you seen this soccer match between Holland and Germany. The referee was terrible.    судья
Would you be interested in seeing a basketball match?

Likes and dislikes / Предпочтения и антипатия

I'm into collecting stamps / coins.      марки; монеты
In my spare time I like to read.
I enjoy listening to classical music.
I'm a keen gardener.    страстный
I like tennis but I prefer squash.
I'm not very keen on ballet but I love the opera.
I can't stand pop music.    Терпеть не могу...

Family affairs / Семья

Are you single or married?
Do you have any children?
I have a boy / son of 14 and a girl / daughter of 16.
What kind of work does your husband / wife do?
Do you live in a flat / apartment or do you have a house.
I have a detached / semi-detached house in the suburbs of Stuttgart.   особняк; особняк из двух квартир; в пригороде

Country matters / Информация о стране

From what part of the country are you?
It's in the north / south / east / west of ...
We live near the coast / the mountain.
What does that part of the country look like?
It's quite flat / hilly / mountainous.    равнина; холмистый; гористый
It's a densely populated area. густо населенный
Which interesting sites do you recommend?      достопримечательности
Well, try to visit... it's not far from here.
This area is famous for ...
Showing interest / Проявление интереса
That's interesting /amazing.    поразительно
Is that so / true?
Indeed / really? I didn't know that!
And how about ...

Back to business / Снова о бизнесе

What I wanted to talk to you about is ...
By the way, coming back to business ...
As we were discussing the other day...
Let's get down to business.

The bill / Счет

Could I have the bill (БА) / check (АмА) please?       счет
Is service included?
Tips are usually around 15%.     чаевые
Would you like separate checks?    отдельные счета
This is on me.     Сегодня плачу я.

You're my guest today.
Do you accept credit cards?
You can keep the change.

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