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Глава 5. After business hours (После рабочего дня). Урок 4. Saying goodbye (Расставание)

В практике международных деловых отношений приглашения на business lunch или dinnerне редкость, возможно даже, что Вам закажут билеты в театр. Типичныеразговорные ситуации с подходящими речевыми оборотами помогут Вамполучить удовольствие от этих ситуаций.
Saying goodbye (Расставание)

Во время расставания следует поблагодарить за гостеприимство: Thank you for your hospitality, и пожелать скорейшей встречи: I hope to see you again soon. В большинстве стран является хорошим тоном, — особенно если Вас приглашают домой, — после возвращения прислать краткое thank-you letter с выражением благодарности. Деловые контакты требуют написания так называемого follow-up letter, в котором Вы напоминаете партнеру о том, что было обсуждено и обещаете оставаться на связи: I'll keep you informed / I'll keep in touch.

1 Thank-you note

Dear Mr and Mrs ....
This is just a note to thank you very much for a lovely evening lastTuesday. It was very nice of you to invite me to your home and make mefeel so welcome. The cooking was delicious and I enjoyed meeting yourchildren. We had such a wonderful conversation! Whenever you come to mycountry, my wife and I would be very pleased to welcome you at our home.
Yours sincerely, ...

2 Follow-up letter
Dear Mr Chester,
I would like to thank you for the warm welcome you have given me atyour company. As you may remember we discussed the possibility ofadapting (приспосабливании) one of our systems to match(соответствовать) your company's requirements (требования). I'm writingthis letter to confirm that our company is interested in the projectand would be happy to answer any questions and provide you with anyfurther information concerning (касательно) the subject.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerly, ...


doc Полезные фразы

Leaving / Отъезд
I'm afraid I must go.
I think it's about time to go now.
I must be getting back to the hotel.
Do you really have to go?
Yes, my plane leaves at ...

Thanking / Благодарность

Thank you for a great evening.
I have very much enjoyed my stay in ...
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
It's been a pleasure meeting you.
Thanks for inviting me / for everything.
Thank you very much for coming.
Keeping in touch / Оставаться на связи

I look forward to seeing you / hearing from you again.
I hope we'll see you soon.
Give me a ring next time you're in ...    Позвоните мне
Here's my card.
Let me write down your number / E-mail address.
Do keep in touch.
I'll come back to you.    Я свяжусь с Вами (дам Вам знать).

I'll drop you a line.    Я напишу.
Pay me a visit next time you're there.    Приезжай / приезжайте ко мне.
Keep me informed / keep me in the picture.   Держите меня в курсе.

Farewell words / Слова прощания
Have a safe journey / good trip back.
Have a good flight.
See you / goodbye / take care!
Give my regards to ...     Передайте привет...
Say hello to ... for me.      Поприветствуйте ... от меня

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