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Сценарий хэллоуина на английском

Сценарий хэллоуина на английскомХэллоуин — это праздник, отмечаемый 31 октября. В США дети одеваются вмаскарадные костюмы и маски, ходят по домам, выпрашивают конфеты и печенья. Их родители вырезают фонари из тыкв. Популярныеразвлечения в этот день: гадание и истории о ведьмах ипривидениях. В последнее время для молодежи этот праздник стал едва ли не самым интересным, поэтому Сценарий хэллоуина на английском языке нужен многим, для превращения этого праздника в настоящее чудо.
  1. Подготовьте и заранее вывесте красочные объявления с объяснения сутипраздника, а также программки празднества.
  2. Обсудите вопросы о костюмах.
  3. Приготовте тыквы как один из главных атрибутов праздника.
  4. Выучьте и расскажите на английском языке «страшные рассказы».
  5. Определите и заранее оформьте «Комнату страха», причем об этой комнатедолжны знать только инициаторы проведения праздника. Затемните окна и развесьте рисунки различных «ужастиков» —скелеты, пауки, ведьмы и приведения. Расставьтетыквы с вырезанными глазами и ртами, а внутрь положите свечи. Протяните нити, изображающие «паутину» и повесьте на эти нити летучихмышей.

Сценарии хэллоуина на английском языке:

сценарий на хэллоуин на английском
  • Сценарий хэллоуина на английском языке №1.
Your 8-year-old next-door neighbor cuts across your front lawn and trips -- maybe on leaves, or her own feet. It's unclear, because it's dark outside. She falls and breaks an arm. Are you liable? Will you have to pick up the tab for her hospital bills? Are you covered?

Most homeowners policies have medical-payments coverage, which will pay up to a specified amount for emergency medical treatment, usually about $5,000, sometimes up to $10,000.

You may be held liable. In the eyes of the law, she is not competent because she is a child. Homeowners must take every precaution to keep children from getting hurt.

You are covered under the liability portion of standard homeowners policies. Liability can range from about $100,000 to more than $1 million. In order for that coverage to be triggered, the homeowner must be found negligent. Because she is a child, the burden would be on you to prove you weren't negligent.

  • Сценарий хэллоуина на английском языке №2.
A crowd of pint-sized ghouls and goblinsgathers on your porch steps. One of the little monsters starts pushingto the front. The rest push back at her. She falls off the porch andbreaks a wrist. Are you at fault? Are you liable? Are you covered?

Aswith the first scenario, the question of whether you are liable istilted in the tiny trick-or-treater's favor because she is a child. Didyou do everything possible to prevent the accident? Did you set up aline? Does your porch have railings? The burden is on you to prove youweren't at fault. If you are found liable, most homeowners policies willcover you.

Also, determine whether you have enough liabilitycoverage. You want to have enough to cover the value of your assets.Most basic homeowners policies come with about $100,000 of liabilitycoverage, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III).Discuss the amount with your insurance agent and accountant to seewhether that is enough.

If you have your homeowners and autopolicy with the same company, purchasing an umbrella policy is theeasiest and least expensive way to increase your liability coverage. Forabout $200 to $300 a year, you can get up to $1 million or more ofcoverage. This additional protection applies to your auto and homeownerscoverage.

  • Cценарий хэллоуина на английском языке №3.
Neighborhood kids celebrate Halloween bytrashing your house. Their arsenal includes eggs, black spray paint,stink bombs and rolls of toilet paper. Are you covered for the repair ofany damages and the cleanup?

Most homeowners policies covervandalism. Figure out whether the damage is more than your deductible.Or was there more nuisance than damage?

If the culprits arecaught, your insurance company could seek payment for damages from themor their insurance companies, under a practice called subrogation.Whether your insurer decides to do this depends on the state in whichyou live and the circumstances of the vandalism.

  • Сценарий хэллоуина на английском языке №4.
You throw a big bash and an intoxicated guest crashes his or her car on the way home. Are you liable?

Maybe.Many states have laws or legal precedent that hold a host responsiblefor any injuries or property damage done by a guest who has left a partyafter consuming too much alcohol. A party host can be held responsiblefor payment of medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost time from work andclaims for a wrongful death, which can result in huge monetarysettlements.

  • Cценарий хэллоуина на английском языке №5.
On Halloween night, police catch your12-year-old son and his friends pelting a house with rocks. Windows arebroken. Would you be held liable for your son's actions? Are youcovered?

Whether you are held liable depends on the laws of yourstate. In some states, parents are considered liable for the actions oftheir resident minor children. Most homeowners policies do not coverintentional acts that inflict injury on someone else, explains theinstitute. Policies typically cover an accidental act, such as givingout a caramel apple that makes a trick-or-treater sick.

  • Сценарий хэллоуина на английском языке №6.
A local hooligan saunters onto your property. You kick him off your property, using unreasonable force, and his leg is broken.

Ifthat is found to be an intentional act involving excessive force, it'spossible your homeowners policy would not cover you. The courts alsomight take into consideration that, by turning on the lights and handingout candy, you extended an open invitation to your property. You canask someone to leave your property, but do it carefully and use only asmuch force as is necessary to get the person to leave.

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