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My Attitude to Family

doc My Attitude to Family

I'm a perfectionist. However, if you ask me about an ideal family, I'll shrug my shoulders. I think that such an ideal family should be a very normal one.
Today we can talk about a family consisting of two parents (both successful) and two children (both healthy, with rosy cheeks) — a new cell of post-industrial society. At weekends they have breakfast together, then go to the park/picnic/zoo, etc., they broadly smile (but is this smile sincere?)... I can't see any values. It can't be real, can it? Don't forget about conflicts between the generations ("fathers and sons") and between "two loving hearts" (husband and wife).
Marriage is a very important decision. Common interests, purposes, dreams and thoughts — they should be present. And a joint life should be balanced by harmony and disharmony. And parents shouldn't be ashamed of saying "I love you, honey!" in front of their children. Children need to know that their parents love them and each other.
There is a proverb: "There are little problems with small children and big problems with big ones". I suppose it's true. The more we grow, the more patient our parents should be. Every generation is different from the one that preceded it. The situation in economic and political spheres and in society changes greatly with every year. So, our parents shouldn't make us live according to their values. Of course, their judgements are quite right (experience is a great thing that is acquired with years), but I suppose that children want to make their own mistakes and to drain the cup of life. As for me, I always look for the golden mean.
Respect, support, confidence, comprehension are very important. But what is the most important in a family? Of course, love. Love each other and everything will be OK. All obstacles will be overcome, and all gentle words will be found, and this cruel world will turn to you with a kind smile.
I'm sure that my parents will always love me and support me. So shall I. Their love helps me to deal with envious and brutal people. Their love will protect me in our difficult life.

doc Vocabulary

perfectionist — человек, добива­ющийся морального совер­шенства
to shrug one's shoulders — пожимать плечами
rosy cheeks — румяные щечки
post-industrial society — постин­дустриальное общество
broadly — широко
sincere — искренний
value — ценность
marriage — замужество, же­нитьба
joint life — совместная жизнь
to balance — балансировать
harmony — гармония
to be ashamed — стыдиться
honey — дорогой
proverb — пословица
patient — терпеливый
to precede — предшествовать
sphere — сфера
judgement — суждение, умение правильно разбираться
to acquire — приобретать
to drain the cup of life — прожить жизнь со всеми ее трудно­стями
golden mean — золотая середина
respect — уважение
support — поддержка
confidence — уверенность
comprehension — понимание
obstacle — препятствие
to overcome — преодолевать
gentle — нежный
cruel — жестокий
envious — завистливый
brutal — безжалостный
to protect — защищать

quest Questions

1. Are you a perfectionist? Prove it.
2. What is your attitude to family?
3. What problems do parents have with their children?
4. What problems with your parents do you have? 
5. What problems do your parents have with you?
6. Can you overcome these problems?
7. What is the most important in the family?
8. How does your parents' love help you in your life?