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My Ideal House

doc My Ideal House

My ideal house would be situated in the countryside, well away from any large cities, maybe even away from roads if possible. I don't like living in the city. The air in the city is a problem. The air quality is awful.
A lot of pollution comes from factories and plants. When I come back from the countryside, I immediately smell the pollution of the city. That's why 1 prefer living in the country. I would love to live somewhere near running water or near the sea. Also, it would be nice not to have to rely on the central water system, but to have a well or a spring nearby with fresh drinking water. Maybe this is a bit too much of a luxury to ask for. I like trees very much too. That's why I'd like to live near a forest.
I'm a good swimmer, so I'd like to have a river, a sea or a lake nearby. I'd like to live in a stone farmhouse and to have a good view of the sun going down in the evening. I'm fond of flowers. So I'd like to have a lot of flowerbeds in the garden. And, of course, I dream about keeping a lot of fresh flowers in the house. They make a home feel alive. I would really like it.
Then, I'm learning to play the piano now. That's why I would like to have a piano in my house. I think that my standard is improving very quickly and I seem to be talented at almost any instrument I put my hand to.
I can't imagine living with a lot of animals — a cat, a dog, maybe a horse. If I had time to look after them, we would have chickens for eggs and maybe a goat for milk. I like natural products, and I want my family to eat them.

doc Vocabulary

countryside — пригород
quality — качество
awful — ужасный
pollution — загрязнение
to smell — вдыхать, нюхать
running water — jd. водоем с проточной водой
to rely — полагаться, доверять
central heating system — система
центрального отопления
well — колодец
spring — ключ, источник,
родник nearby — около
stone — камень
go down — заходить (о солнце)
flowerbed — цветочная грядка, клумба
to dream — мечтать
fresh flowers — свежие цветы
alive — живой
standard Is improving very quickly — уровень улучшается очень быстро
to put one's hand to — браться
за что-л., заниматься
chicken — цыпленок
goat — коза

quest Questions

1. What is the house of your dream?
2. Can you realize your ideas in future?
3. Where do you prefer to live — in the country or in the city?
4. What are positive aspects of living in the country? 
5. What are negative aspects of living in the country?
6. What are positive aspects of living in the city?
7. What are negative aspects of living in the city?
8. How can you choose the golden mean?