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Generation Gap

doc Generation Gap сочинение

Sometimes our parents don't understand us. They don't under­stand some problems and things which are very important in teens' life; for example, the lifestyles of young people, piercing, tattoos, drugs, sex, relationship with friends and teachers. So sometimes teens can't tell them about their private life. Some parents don't want to understand modern views, ideals and system of values.
Elderly people usually compare their childhood and youth with the present, and regard old times as better, always talking about "the good old days". The young people, on the other hand, tend to think their times as the best. Teens look at the world with fresh eyes. Everything is new, interesting to them. Sometimes they cannot solve their everyday problems. But they want to cope with them by themselves. So adults shouldn't prevent them from making their own mistakes.
People are said to oecome wiser with age. Sometimes it is true and sometimes it is not. I think that you can meet a wise man among the old as often as among the young. It is false that when old age wisdom has come, useless illusions have disappeared. Sometimes when we talk to adults, a monologue is a preferred form of expressing your ideas in such talks. That's why some teens don't like to talk to adults.
I think that it's in people's nature to give advice. It seems to people that giving advice they can help somebody or put somebody on the right track. But if a person takes their advice and fails, he can blame an adult all of his life. Our parents have their own ideas and views that their children don't share and understand. They think that their children won't find their place in life. They often say that now teens are very difficult to socialize with and dumpy. But children should settle all problems peacefully because they are their parents. They brought them up with loving care. And if children come to their parents for advice and help, they will do their best and help children to cope with problems and difficulties.

doc Vocabulary

lifestyle — стиль жизни
piercing — пирсинг
tattoo — татуировка
relationship — отношение
view — взгляд
childhood — детство
to regard — рассматривать
to tend — иметь тенденцию
to prevent — предотвращать
wise — мудрый
false — ложный, фальшивый
wisdom — мудрость
illusion — бесполезная иллюзия
to disappear — исчезать
preferred form — предпочтитель­ная форма
to express — выражать
advice — совет
right track — истинный, пра­вильный путь
to fail — терпеть неудачу
to blame — обвинять
adult — взрослый
to socialize with — общать­ся с
dumpy— унылый
to settle — разрешать, урегули­ровать
peacefully — мирно
with loving care — с любовью
to do one's best — делать все возможное
to cope with — справляться с

quest Questions. Generation Gap

1. What is a generation gap?
2. Why do teens tend to think their times as the best?
3. Do you share this opinion? Why?
4. Do you always follow your parents' advice? Why?
5. Do you agree that people become wiser with age? Why? 6. Do you agree that it's in people's nature to give advice? Why?
7. Is it necessary for children to share their parents' ideas? Why?
8. Is it necessary for children to understand their parents' ideas? Why?
9. What about you?
10. Do your parents do their best and help you to cope with problems and difficulties?