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Understanding Boys and Girls

doc Understanding Boys and Girls

The education of children starts as soon as they are born. Girls wear pink and boys wear blue, boys play with guns and girls play with dolls. Boys are allowed to make more noise and cause more trouble, while girls are supposed to be more interested in talking to and understanding people. Such education prepares boys for power in the world but for little else. But all boys are different. Some boys are good at cooking and poetry whereas others are good at football or maths. Boys aren't just conformists and rebels, "machos" and "wimps". If we can assure them that all these types are OK, it may help to reduce the bullying of the children. The boys and girls can change as soon as there are other children around. They're OK when their mates aren't there. You can chat to them like normal human beings — but then their mates turn up and everything changes. They like to pretend that they're tougher than they really arc. They don't treat you as an equal any more. It's almost as if they feel there has to be a war between boys and girls.
Sometimes boys can't take anything seriously. It really is one of the most irritating things about them. People say it's because girls are more mature than boys. And another thing, boys are much noisier than girls. They are always shouting. If you get something wrong in class, they go on about it for ages and they tease out. Girls are much more supportive than boys.
But boys take criticism much more easily than girls can. Boys are more confident than girls. Boys are more competitive than girls, that is why they are better at sports than girls. They are better leaders too.
So teachers and parents should understand sex differences and the psychology of boys and girls. It will help teens understand what decent values are.

doc Vocabulary

education — образование
to allow — позволять, разрешать
to cause — вызывать
trouble — неприятность
whereas — тогда как
conformist — конформист
rebel — бунтовщик, мятежник
macho — мужественный,
настоящий мужчина
wimp — скучный, зануда
assure — убеждать
reduce — уменьшать
bully — дразнить
mate — товарищ, приятель
to chat — болтать
to turn up — появляться
to pretend — прикидываться, делать вид
tough — грубый, жесткий
to treat — обращаться
equal — равный
irritating — раздражающий
mature — зрелый
to shout — кричать
to go on about for ages — очень долго говорить
to tease out — дразнить, приставать
supportive — оказывающий
поддержку confident — уверенный
sex differences — различия полов
competitive — конкурентоспособный
psychology — психология
decent values — настоящие ценности

quest Questions

1. When does the education of children start?
2. Why is it necessary to understand sex differences and the psychology of boys and girls?
3. Do your teachers understand it?
4. What are the typical traits of boys?
5. What are the typical traits of girls?
6. What is the difference between boys and girls?