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How Teenagers Spend Their Holidays

doc How Teenagers Spend Their Holidays

Holidays are a great time for teenagers. They can do almost what they want. They can visit different countries. They can go to their friends. They can go to the countryside. They can enjoy their hobbies. They can read a lot, watch TV and listen to music. And then they can sleep a lot.
As for me, in summer I usually go to escape from stresses and strain of everyday routine. In June and July I spend time in our country house. It's not far from Moscow. It usually takes us 30 minutes to get there by car. I stay with my grandparents there. I have a lot of friends there. We swim, play, ride a bike, and what not! I really have a great time there. Of course, our school
teachers give us a lot of home assignment for summer. But I don' have enough time to do it because I spend all time with mj friends.
In August my parents have 14 days off. So we usuaHy have i seaside holiday together.
I 've been wondering — what is the point of going on holiday' Especially a family holiday. Holidays are supposed to do yoi good — they relax you, take your mind off the stress and strain; of work, brighten the everyday tedium of routine with a spot o: sunshine and, all in all, recharge your batteries ready for the long cold winter.
That's the theory. Now let's look at some facts. I'm 16 now and of course, I prefer to go somewhere where there are no parents Holidays with parents when you are 16 years old are just one bi| yawn. And visiting museums with Mum and Dad (they always fine museums everywhere) is the biggest yawn of all.
Moreover I hate queues at the airports. They are as long as the Great Wall of China.
When I see it, my great dream is to return home or to the countryside and to relax without parents. But it's just a dream. Anc in life we go to the airport, stand in a queue and go by plane. And 1 spend 14 days with my parents. W: swim, visit the museums, go or excursions, and what not! And when I return home, I understand that my batteries have recharged and I am ready to start my work ai school! Oh, home sweet home.

doc Vocabulary

to escape — исчезать
stress — стресс
strain — напряжение
everyday routine — каждоднев­ный режим, заведенный порядок
point — смысл, цель
to relax — отдыхать
to take one's mind off the stress — снимать стресс
to brighten — скрашивать, оживлять
tedium of routine — утомитель­ный распорядок
all in all — в целом
to recharge — перезаряжать
battery — батарея
yawn — скучища, нечто нудное
queue — очередь
the Great Will of China -Великая Китайская стена
dream — мечта
to go on excursions — ходить на экскурсии

quest Questions

1. Where do teens like to spend their holidays?
2. How do teens like to spend their holidays?
3. How do you usually spend your holidays?
4. What do you do in summer?
5. Do you like to relax with your parents in summer? Why?
6. How did you spend last summer?
7. How do you usually spend winter holidays?
8. What are your favourite holidays?