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doc Shopping сочинение

Some people like shopping, others don't but they all have to go shopping at least once a week. Our family usually does the shopping on Saturdays or Sundays. We have a lot of supermarkets near our block of flats, but we prefer to go to the nearest "hypermarket" which sells a rich variety of items. There you can buy food, clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, electrical goods, TV sets, computers, books, cassettes, CDs and many other things which are cheaper than in smaller shops. Besides, it has a lot of free parking space so we can park our car without any problems.
If we are tired of shopping, we can go upstairs and have a rest at McDonalds or go to the cinema which is situated in the same building. So in my opinion it's very comfortable and amusing to do the shopping in the "hypermarket". It's my favourite shop.
Some of my friends hate shopping. They find it boring to spend time in shops choosing the right thing. I see it differently. I enjoy shopping and I like to choose things. Most of all I like trying clothes on. We usually buy clothes in the clothes market. There is a wide choice of trendy clothes and they are cheaper than in shops.
I think I'm practical and I can spend money wisely. My Mum always gives me a free hand in choosing my clothes. She may advise and I often follow her advice. But she never says "No!". If I need some expensive clothes or shoes, we go shopping together, but I can buy such things as CDs, books, T-shirts and jewellery by myself. I also buy some food like bread or dairy products which don't cost much.
What I find most difficult is buying a present. When I choose a thing for myself, I'm sure I'll like it. But tastes differ. And I'm always nervous about a present I've bought. I like to buy books or CDs as presents because all my friends enjoy reading and listening to music.

doc Vocabulary

variety — ассортимент, разнооб­разие
item — изделие, отдельное наименование товара
kitchen utensils — кухонная посуда
cheap — дешевый
upstairs — наверх, на второй этаж
boring — скучный
tо try clothes on — примерять одежду
trendy — модный, стильный
wisely — с умом
to follow the advice — следовать совету
expensive — дорогой
jewellery — ювелирные изде­лия
by myself — самостоятельно
dairy products — молочные продукты
to cost — стоить

quest Questions

1. How often do you go shopping?
2. Do you like to go shopping? Why or why not?
3. What do you like to shop for?
4. Which things do you hate to shop for?
5. What kinds of shops do you like most of all? Why?
6. If you had a lot of money, how would you spend it?
7. If you had to buy fewer things, what would you stop buying?
8. What is your favourite shop? Describe it. What does it sell?