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Were You Happy at School?

doc Were You Happy at School?

Some students like school, others don't, but they all study at school for eleven years. For students who do well in most subjects school is an attractive place. But for those who are not successful. school is boring and uninteresting. I can say that I was happy at school. The standard of education in our school is very high. V\fc studied various subjects and our lessons were usually interesting and exciting.
A teacher plays an important role in our education. I think thai I was lucky because all my teachers were very experienced and knowledgeable. Most of my teachers understood the difficulties of learning process very well. They helped us to learn and advised us on all aspects of our life. They shared their knowledge and experience with us and we responded with love. They supported us and took care of us. That's why I was happy at school and so were my classmates.
I was rather a good student. I didn't have many problems at school, but I think that sometimes we had too much homework. If we had had less homework, we would have had more time to spend with our friends or to take up hobbies.
School is not only a place of education. It is a place where we develop our relationship. At school we can enjoy different cultural activities and show our individual talents. Everyone has an opportunity to join a school club or to take part in sport contests. I can say that social life is of great importance for pupils, and in our school it is organized very well. Pupils always have a lot of parties, competitions and excursions.
Extracurricular activities helped us in our education and relationship with our classmates. I usually got on well with the teachers and I was quite successful in class. So I went to school with pleasure, because I liked my school and my class. I am sure that school years will be the happiest time in my life.

doc Vocabulary

to do well at school — хорошо учиться в школе
subject — предмет
attractive — привлекательный
successful — успешный
boring — скучный
education — образование
various — различный, разнооб­разный
exciting — увлекательный, захватывающий
lucky — счастливый, удачливый
experience — опыт
experienced — опытный
knowledge — знания
knowledgeable — знающий, обла­дающий большими знаниями
difficulty — трудность
to advise — советовать
to share — делить (что-л. с кем-л.)
to respond — отвечать (на что-л.)
to support — поддЬрживать
to take care of — заботиться о
classmate — одноклассник
rather — довольно
to develop — развивать
relationship — отношения
opportunity — возможность
contest — соревнование, конкурс, состязание
importance — важность
competition — соревнование
excursion — экскурсия
extracurricular activity — вне­классные занятия
to get on well with somebody — быть в хороших отношениях, ладить с кем-л.

quest Questions

1. Why were school years happy for you?
2. Why were school years boring and uninteresting for some students?
3. What is the main purpose of school?
4. Do you like studying? Why?
5. What were your favourite subjects?
6. What kind of a teacher do you appreciate?
7. Did you have such teachers in your school?
8. What other kinds of activities helped you in education and relationship with your classmates?
9. Why do students want to have harmony in their class?
10. Did you have true friends in your class?
11. Was your school life interesting? Why?