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My Last Visit to the Museum (Мой последний поход в музей).

doc My Last Visit to the Museum

doc Мой последний поход в музей

As the old saying goes man cannot live by bread alone. Any human beingneeds nourishment for his soul as well. One of the places where one canget spiritual food is a museum. Museums are an essential part of anyculture and society.
Last year I went to see a friend who lives in Moscow. I did an awful lotof sightseeing. I enjoyed my stay there immensely. But what 1 foundabsolutely unforgettable was my visit to the Tretyakov Gallery.
During the conducted tour I learned much about the museum in generaUabout the life of Pavel Tretyakov, the founder of the gallery and aboutthi history of Russian art from the 11th century to the present days.The exposition of the museum includes a rich collection of Russian iconsamong which is the world-famous The Trinity painted by Andrey Rublev in15th century. 1 marvelled at the finest works of such 18lh-centurycelebreties as Boroviko-vsky, Levitsky, Rokotov and Shchedrin.
Some of the halls, which deal with brilliant paintings by Brullov, Tro«lpinin, Ivanov, Venetsianov, stand out in my memory very vividly. Thegallery has got the best collection of Peredvizhniki, such as Kramskoy,Perov, Ghe and others. There you can see historical paintings,portraits, landscapes, etc.
But what is more important, I received an emotional experience. Needlessto say, that like any other museum, it should be taken a little at atime. The Tretyakov gallery enjoys a truly universal popularity. I wish Icould visit it over and over again.

info Vocabulary

nourishment ['nΛri∫m∂nt] — пища
essential — важный, существенный
to do an awful ['o:ful] lot of sightseeing — осмотреть огромное количество достопримечательностей
conducted tour — экскурсия с гидом
exposition — экспозиция музея, выставка
to marvel — восхищаться
to enjoy popularity — пользоваться популярностью

quest Questions

1.    Do you like going to the museums?
2.    Do you often go to the museums?
3.    What museums do you prefer to visit?
4.    Do you generally go alone or on a conducted tour?
5.    What museums are there in you native city?
6.    Where can you get spiritual food?
7.    What does the Tretyakov gallery exhibit?