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Unit 1. Mysteries

flag.jpgMatch the words with the correct pictures. Explain what each of them is.
Key.1 b (a wild animal said to look like a human with a lot of hair)
2 e (Unidentified Flying Object; a strange object that flies)
3 a (an ancient sea creature said to live in Loch Ness in Scotland)
4 с (an imaginary creature that looks like a small person with wings)
5 d (the spirit of a dead person)
6 f (a character from stories who sucks blood)

1    a yeti ___________
2    a UFO ___________ 
3   the Loch Ness monster ___________
4   a fairy ___________
5   a ghost ___________
6   a vampire ___________

flag.jpgMatch each word with the correct definition.
Key.1h   2e   3a   4g   5d   6f   7b   8c
1    creature: ___________
2    unexplained: ___________
3    amazing: ___________
4    vanish: ___________
5    mystery: ___________
6    alien: ___________
7    monster: ___________
8    weird: ___________
a    very surprising
b    a strange, frightening animal
с    strange, odd
d    something which cannot be explained
e    mysterious
f     a living thing from another planet
g    disappear suddenly
h    animal, living being

Для выражения официального отношения к чему-либо носители языка, как правило, употребляют вводные фразы: I don't think/believe...
х  I think that ghosts don't exist
√  I don't think thai ghosts exist.

pair.jpgLook at what these people say. Decide which of the pictures in the Warm-up they are talking about.
Key.1с   2b   3e

flag.jpgLook at the phrases we can use to express opinions. Underline any of these phrases you can find in Exercise A.
Key.Students should underline
I don't think (that)..., I don't believe (that)...
I like ..., I believe..., and I imagine (that)...
I don't believe in..., I think (that)..., and I feel (that)...

think / don't think (that)...
imagine (that)...
feel (that)...
believe / don't believe (that)... 
... there are many unexplained mysteries.
like / don't like ...
enjoy / don't enjoy ...
... vampire films.
... reading about mysteries.
believe in / don't believe in ...
... ghosts.

flag.jpgUse some of the phrases above to answer these questions.
•   Do you believe in ghosts?
•   What do you think of UFOs?
•   What's your opinion of vampires?
•   Do you think the Loch Ness monster exists?


pair.jpgThere is going to be an article about mysteries in your school magazine. Discuss which of these articles you would like to read. Explain why.
•   Misteries of ancient Egypt
•   Amazing unexplained photographs
•   Strange objects in the night sky

flag.jpgImagine you are a reporter for your school magazine. Interview each other in pairs. Here are the reporter's questions.
1    What strange mysteries do you think are interesting?
2    Are there any mysteries you don't believe in?
3    What do you think about mysterious creatures, like the yeti and the Loch Ness monster?

Tell the class what you learned about your partner's opinions.

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