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Unit 2. The Law

flag.jpgMatch the people with the correct pictures. Explain what each of them does.
Key.1    b (catches criminals)
2    e (steals things from people's houses)
3    с (steals things from shops)
4    d (robs banks)
5    a (works in a court and decides whether people are guilty)
1    police officer __________   
2    burglar __________
3   shoplifter __________   
4   bank robber __________  
5   judge __________

flag.jpgDo the crossword
Key.Across:   1 suspect  4 punishment  5 criminal   6 confess
Down:    2 thief  3 witness  4 prisoner

1    If the police _______ you of committing a crime, they think you did it.
4    Several years in prison is a typical _______ for burglary.
5    A person who commits a crime is a _______.
6    If you admit that you committed a crime, you _______.
2    A person who steals things is a _______.
3    A person who sees a crime is a _______.
4    A person who is in prison is a _______. 

Помните, что для устной английской речи характерно употребление сокращений (it's, he's, etc.) I'm Russian, звучит более естественно, чем I am Russian.

flag.jpgWrite a word in each gap to complete the phrases.
Key.1 name  
2 years old   
3 in  
4 from   
5 of  
6 to  
7 is  
8 as   
9 in  
10 like/enjoy  
11 When, going to

Talking about ourselves

1    My _________'s Helen / Sergei / Stella.
2    I'm 12 / 21 _________ _________.
3    I live _________ Moscow / Brighton / Sydney.
4    I'm _________ Moscow / Brighton / Sydney.
5    There are 3 / 5 / 6 _________ us in my family.
6    I go _________ primary / secondary school.
7    My mum / dad _________ an actor / a doctor.
8    My mum / dad works _________ an actor / a doctor.
9    My mum / dad works _________ an office / a hospital.
10  I _________ playing computer games/ watching TV.
11  _________ I leave school / grow up, I'm _________ go to university.

flag.jpgListen to a prisoner talking about himself and check your answers to Exercise A.
Well, umm ...my name's Carl, although some of my friends call me Tiny, and I'm thirty-eight years old. How time flies, eh? Seems like only yesterday I was eighteen. I live in London - well, I'm from London. I was born there and, er ..., grew up there. I don't live there now. I've been in prison for the past two years, and I've got another two years until I get out. There are three of us in my family - me, my wife, and my daughter, Liz. Liz goes to primary school at the moment. Anyway, when I lost my job - I'm an accountant - we didn't have enough money, even though my wife also works as a secretary - so I decided to - don't laugh! - rob a bank. It was the worst decision I've ever made! I can't believe I was so stupid! I hate it in prison - I can't wait to get out. I work in the kitchen, um, so I have to get up at four o'clock in the morning to make breakfast. The rest of the time I just sit in my cell. I like reading, which is good, since I'm on my own a lot here! When I get out in two years' time, I'm going to try to find a job. And I'll tell you something - I'll never commit another crime again!


flag.jpgImagine you are a judge. Complete this information card. Use your imagination!

a    Name: ________________
b    Age: ________________
с    Place of birth: ________________
d    Number of people in family: ________________
e   Occupation: judge
f   Hobbies: ________________
g   Future plans (when you retire): ________________

flag.jpgWrite a word in each gap to complete the questions. Then match eachquestion with a letter from the information card in Exercise С.
Key.1 doing, f
2 many, d
3 do, e   
4 old, b   
5 do, g
6 from, с
7 your, a

1    What do you like ______________ in your spare time? 
2    How ______________ people are there in your family?
3    What ______________ you do?
4    How ______________ are you?
5    What do you want to ______________ when you retire?
6    Where are you ______________?
7    What's ______________ name?

pair.jpgIn pairs, role-play this situation.
Student A: You are a journalist interviewing a judge. Use the questions in Exercise D to help you.
Student B: You are the judge. Answer the journalist's questions. Use your notes in Exercise С and some of the phrases from Exercise A to help you.

When you have finished, swap roles.


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