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Unit 3. Fame

How can people become famouse? Thinkk of as many ways as you can.
Key.Suggested answers:
being a footballer, being a politician, writing a popular book, appearing in a successful film

  being a member of a pop group

Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences.

Key.1    well-known
2    glamorous
3    luxurious
4    popular
5    models
6    best-selling
7    talented
8    a fan

1    Eminem is a very known / well-known rap star.
2    Most people think that being a film star is very glamorous / expensive.
3    I love staying in luxurious / valuable hotels.
4    Katherine is the most popular / famous girl in our school. She has lots of friends.
5    I think many pop stars are good role models / examples for young people.
6    I hope to be a best-selling / sold-out author one day.
7    Jane can act, sing and dance very well. She's really talented / able.
8    I've been a fan / an idol of The Beatles for as long as I can remember.

В английском языке существуют различные формы выражения согласия илинесогласия. Воспользуйтесь ими. чтобы сделать свою речь более яркой.Избегайте повторения фраз I agree with you, I don't agree with you и I disagree with you.

Choose the correct words to complete the phrases.
Key.1 agree 2 you're 3 true 4 see 5 afraid 6 totally 1    I agree / am agreeing with you.
2    Yes, you 're / you 've right.
3    That's true / actual.
4    I see / look what you mean.
5    I'm afraid / frightened I don't agree with you.
6    I totally / finally disagree.
flag.jpgListen to two friends having a discussion. Check your answers toExercise A and decide which of these people the speakers mention.
Key.a, b and d are mentioned 

flag.jpgContinue the dialogue by using words and phrases from the box.
Key.1 really think so?   2 can see   3 right   4 Exactly

       •   exactly       •   can see       •   right       •   really think so
Alex: What would you like to be famous for?
Sue:  Oh, I don't know. It would be great to be famous as a singer.
Alex:Do you (1) ____________? That just means that you've got a good voice.I'd rather be well-known for a great scientific discovery.
Sue:   I (2) ____________ your point. That way, everyone would know how intelligent you are. But being a pop star is so glamorous!
Alex: I suppose you're (3) ____________ in a way. Pop stars drive big cars and have luxurious houses. But they can't do ordinary things, like going to the supermarket.
Sue:  (4) ____________! Who wants to do ordinary things? I want to do amazing things, like winning an Oscar!
Alex: It would be nice to win an Oscar. I don't think it'll happen, though.
Sue:  Well, I'm glad we agree on one thing, at least!


Complete this questionnaire about your opinions.

Fame survey
Do you agree with these statements? Tick thecorrect box.

Agree up to a point 
Everybody wants to be famous.
Famous people have an easy life.
You have to be good-looking to be famous.
Famous people are more intelligent than others.
You can be famous without being rich.
People change when they become famous.

pair.jpgIn pairs, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the statements. Explain why. Use the phrases from Exercises A and С to help you.

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