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Unit 11. Communication

Why do people learn a foreign language? Try to think of as many reasons as you can.
for enjoyment
Complete the sentences using words or phrases from the box.
Key.1 subscribe 
2 Morse code 
3 telegraph 
4 mobile phone
5 text message 
6 braille 
7 dial  
8 deaf

mobile phone     
Morse code
text message    
1    If you want to receive the magazine every month, you should ___________________ to it.
2    Can you hear those noises on the radio? I think it's a message in ___________________!
3    Before telephones were invented, people used to send messages by ___________________.
4    I want to get a new ___________________, one that takes pictures!
5    I got a ___________________ from Victor that said 'C U @ 9'.
6    Some books are written in ___________________ so that blind people can read them.
7    You have to be careful when you ___________________ or you might get a wrong number.
8    I think it must be hard being ___________________ and not being able to hear people's voices.

Speaking know-how ASKING QUESTIONS
Задавая вопросы, особое внимание обращайте на порядок слов и видовременные формы глагола.
x What time the lesson starts?
v What time does the lesson start?

Rewrite these questions correctly.
Key.1    What does 'communication mean?
2    Have you got a mobile phone?
3    How long have you been learning English?
4    Do you like learning another language?

1    What means 'communication'?   
2    You have a mobile phone?   
3    How long you learn English?
4   Are you like learning another language?

flag.jpgListen to this person answering a question. What question was she asked?
Key.Do you speak any foreign languages? 
Question: __________________________________

Yes, German. Well, I don't have any certificates or anything. I haven't passed any exams to prove it, but I don't think that's very important. I think what's important is being able to communicate in the language and use it when I'm there on holiday. It just makes life a lot easier to be able to speak to the local people.
Write three more questions you could ask somebody about the same subject.
Key.Why are you learning a foreign language? What do you find difficult about learning a foreign language? What do you like about learning English?
1 __________________________________
2 __________________________________
3 __________________________________

Choose a person in the class and ask them one of your questions. Afteranswering, they then choose another person. Continue around the class.


Complete the class questionnaire. Use the prompts to Interview one of your classmates about communication. Tell the class what you learn.

Key.Students should ask the following questions: How many phone calls do you make per week? Why do you make phone calls? Do you own a mobile? How many mobile calls do you make per week? How many text messages do you send per week? Have you ever used the Internet? Have you ever sent an e-mail? How many e-mails do you send per week? Have you got the Internet at home?
Communication interview
Name of interviewer: __________________________________
Name of interviewee: __________________________________
1    Phone use:
      calls per week? __________________________________
      reasons for calls? __________________________________
      own a mobile phone? __________________________________
      mobile phone calls per week? __________________________________
      text messages per week? __________________________________
2    Internet use:
      ever used the Internet? __________________________________
      ever sent an e-mail? __________________________________
      e-mails per week? __________________________________
      Internet at home? __________________________________

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