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Unit 13. Holidays

Have you ever stayed in a hotel?
Describe your experiences.

Чтобы убедить собеседника, во время разговора мы часто приводим примерыили аргументы в пользу той или иной точки зрения. Слушая текст,попытайтесь предугадать, что сейчас скажет говорящий: объяснит причину,приведет пример или будет развивать следующую мысль.
Look at these sentences taken from a dialogue. Try to predict what words or short phrases might complete the gaps.
Key.1 hotel manager   2 towels  
3 noise   4 air conditioning

1    Could I speak to the __________________? I'd like to make a complaint about our hotel room.
2    Well, for a start, there are no __________________ in the bathroom.
3    I couldn't sleep because of the __________________ last night.
4    I can't find the remote control for the __________________.

flag.jpgListen and check your answers.
Manager        Hello, Reception.
Guest    Could I speak to the hotel manager, please? I'd like to make a complaint about our hotel room.
Manager        Yes, sir, this is the manager. What seems to be the problem?
Guest    Well, for a start, there are no towels in the bathroom.
Manager        I'm sorry, sir. I'll send some up straight away.
Guest    And another thing. I couldn't sleep because of the noise last night.
Manager Unfortunately, that was some building work that had to be done, sir. It should be quiet from now on. Was there anything else?
Guest    Yes, there is one more thing. I can't find the remote control for the air conditioning.
Manager        I'll send a porter up right away, sir. Thank you for letting us know.
Guest    Yes, well, thank you. Goodbye.
You are going to listen to four people talking about holidays. Beforeyou listen, write down some key words you expect to hear for each setof pictures.
Key.Suggested answers:
2    hotel, manager, rooms, sunshine, suntan, sunburn, gallery, pictures, paintings
   swim, pool, lifeguard, climbing, rock, mountain, ride, horse, fall
   train, express, station, bus, driver, ticket, plane, pilot, airport

         beach, sea, suntan, tent, campsite, camping, food, restaurant          

flag.jpgNow listen and choose the picture in Exercise С that shows what each person liked.
Key.Speaker 1: a
Speaker 2: с
Speaker 3: b
Speaker 4: b
Speaker 1:    ________________________________________
Speaker 2:    ________________________________________   
Speaker 3:    ________________________________________   
Speaker 4:    ________________________________________


Speaker 1

It was a camping holiday, so we spent two weeks in tents, which was okay, I suppose. Tania enjoyed it more than I did. The beaches were great, though, and it was worth it just to work on my suntan. The local restaurants were quite cheap, although I wasn't too sure about the food, to be honest.

Speaker 2

It was very warm for the time of year, too warm, I'd say. We didn't really do much sight-seeing because we were just so tired from the heat. We spent some time in a small art gallery, and it was nice to get out of the warm weather and see a bit of local culture at the same time. It wasn't long before it was time to go back to the hotel, where the air conditioning wasn't even working.

Speaker 3

It was a really good holiday. Amazing Adventures, the company's called and they arrange these adventure holidays. Horse-riding, swimming, rock-climbing, everything, really. I wasn't so confident on the horses because I'd never done it before, and I'll think twice before doing it again. Swimming wasn't so interesting because I can do that at home. Getting up a rock without any help and then looking down with a real sense of achievement. That's what I really wanted to do more of.

Speaker 4

We were expecting to get there and face problems with transport, and it was true for the trains. No seats, and they were really dirty. It was the buses that surprised us. They were on time, and the tickets were so cheap! Not like the plane. We spent a fortune getting there and the meal they gave us was terrible.


You are going to listen to an extract from a radio programme. Beforeyou listen, try to predict what words or short phrases might completethe gaps.
Key.1 disappointment  2 the hotel  
3 aren't used to it 4 spoke Spanish  
5 booked   6 in writing 
7 legal

1    A bad holiday can be a _______________ when you have saved up all year for it.
2    The main thing people have problems with on holiday is _______________.
3    Some people might have problems with the food if they _______________ it.
4    One woman complained that the local people in Spain _______________!
5    There's not much you can do if you _______________ the holiday yourself.
6    You should put your complaint _______________ to the Association of British Travel Agents.
7    ABTA will help you take _______________ action.

flag.jpgListen and check your answers to Exercise E. Write a word or short phrase to complete the gaps.
Presenter      Tonight on The Travel Show, we'll be looking at holiday nightmares, those times when nothing seems to go right. Whether it's your travel agent losing the tickets or your hotel not being finished, there are a thousand and one things that can go wrong on holiday. With me in the studio to discuss this is Sarah Turner from World Travel, the travel agent's. Sarah, welcome.
Sarah    Hello.
Presenter      Now, is it really that bad when things go wrong on holiday?
Sarah    Oh, yes. When you think that some people have saved money all year to go on holiday, it can be a real disappointment when things go wrong.
Presenter      Yes, I can imagine. Now, what kinds of things can go wrong on holiday?
Sarah    Well, a good rule to follow is that if it can go wrong, it probably will. Probably the single biggest category of problems is problems with the hotel. It's not finished, or it's dirty, or it's not as nice as the brochure said it would be.
Presenter      Do you find that tourists have problems with the food, the local people, the language even?
Sarah    Oh, yes, quite often. The food, especially. When people aren't used to it, then some foreign food can cause problems, if it's very spicy, for example. We don't get so many complaints about the people. Most people welcome tourists and are quite friendly. We did have one woman from London who went to Spain and when she got back she complained that all the locals spoke Spanish, which was quite funny! I don't really know what she expected.
Presenter      Is there anything people can do if they have problems on holiday?
Sarah    If you booked the holiday yourself, then there's not much you can do, I'm afraid, except not go there again. If you booked through a travel agent, then the most important thing is to put everything in writing. Send a letter to the Association of British Travel Agents, orABTA for short, explaining the situation and they'll help you take legal action.
Presenter      Sarah Turner, thanks for joining me today.
Sarah    My pleasure.
As a class, discuss this question. Give reasons for your opinions. What other things can go wrong on holiday? Think about:
•    tickets    •   weather    •   communication
•    illness    •   flights

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