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Unit 14. Success

What things have you been successful at recently?
Complete the sentences using words from the box.
Key.1 confident 
2 work  
3 competition  
4 let
5 proud  
6 failure  
7 winner  
8 make  
9 victory

work    victory    proud   confident    make    failure    let    competition    winner

1    I'm feeling quite ______________ that I'll do well in the exam.
2    Let's ______________ out the best way to solve this problem.
3    I'm thinking of entering a short story ______________.
4    You can trust Darren. He'll never ______________ you down.
5    You've done really well. I'm ______________ of you!
6    The opposite of 'success' is '______________'.
7    Congratulations! You're the ______________!
8    If you ______________ it, you're successful.
9   When you win or are successful, you have a ______________.

Отвечая на вопрос, в какой из ряда предложенных ситуаций вы предпочли быоказаться, обязательно объясните свой выбор. Ваши аргументы должны бытьлогичными и убедительными. Вас не должно волновать, если собеседники несогласятся с высказанной вами точкой зрения.

Look at the two pictures and make notes to complete the table.
Key.Suggested answers: Photo a:... a rock group on stage at the end of a concert. Photo b:... a university graduate holding his degree certificate.
Main similarities: both photos show situations where the people are successful; the people look happy and proud
Main differences: success of a musical performance in photo a and academic success in photo b; success achieved by a group of people in photo a and by one person on their own in photo b; wearing casual clothes in photo a and formal clothes in photo b

Photo a

Photo b

This is a picture of:_______
This is a picture of:_______
main similarities between the two pictures
main differences between the two pictures

flag.jpgListen to someone talking about the two pictures in Exercise A. Tickthe similarities and differences they mention which you noted down. Addany similarities and differences they mention which you didn't notedown.

Female teenager
Well, both these pictures show people in successful situations. In Picture a, the audience is clapping the rock group, so their performance has probably been a success. The performers look happy. Picture b is a picture of someone getting a degree or diploma or something, so they must have done well in their exams. I suppose the main difference between the pictures is that the second one is an example of academic success, whereas the first picture shows success in a performance. Another difference is that, in picture a, a group of people have been successful together. In picture b, the person has been successful on their own.
In pairs, compare and contrast the two pictures in Exercise A. Use your notes to help you.


In pairs, compare and contrast these two pictures, and answer the questions.

Have you ever been in situations like these?
How would you feel in each of these situations?
Which situation would you prefer to be in? Why?

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