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Unit 16. Leisure

pair.jpgLook at the pictures. Do you know what these things are?
In pairs, write down as many different pieces of sporting equipment as you can.
You have three minutes. How many could you think of?

Look at task H. Which of these are good things for you to say or do in this task? Write "Do" or "Don't" before each one.
Key.1 Do   
2 Do   
3 Don't   
4 Do
5 Do
6 Do
7 Don't

1 _________________ listen carefully to the questions you are asked.
2 _________________ listen to what your partner says.
3 _________________ always agree with your partner.
4 _________________ give reasons for your opinions.
5 _________________ use words like 'maybe', 'perhaps', 'possibly'.
6 _________________ use words like 'would', 'could', 'should', 'may', might'.
7 _________________ worry if you don't finish the whole task in three minutes.

flag.jpgYou are going to hear some students talking about sport. Each studentis either doing task H or task I. For each student, decide which taskthey are doing and write A or В on the line provided.
Key.Student 1: В   
Student 2: A   
Student 3: В 
Student 4: В 
Student 5: A
Student 6: A
Student 7: В

Student 1: ____________________
Student 2: ____________________
Student 3: ____________________
Student 4: ____________________
Student 5: ____________________
Student 6: ____________________
Student 7: ____________________

flag.jpgNow listen to the students again. As you listen, write answers to the questions on the lines provided.
Key.1    because
2    too
3    first of all
4    so
5    1st
6    would be suitable
7    or

1    Which word does Student 1 use to introduce a reason? ___________________
2    Which word does Student 2 use to mean 'also'? ___________________
3    Which phrase does Student 3 use to tell us this is the first reason?
4    Which word does Student 4 use to introduce a result? ___________________
5    Which conditional does Student 5 use (1st, 2nd or 3rd)? ___________________
6    Which phrase does Student 6 use to show that something is a good choice? ___________________
7    Which word does Student 7 use to show a second possibility? ___________________

Did you write down the same answers for C?

Here are some common words and phrases you might use when doing tasksH and I. What are they for? Write them in the correct boxes.
Key.Expressing opinion: As far as I'm concerned, ... / I think that ... / Personally, ... / I don't think that ... / It seems to me that
Introducing reasons: ... as ... / ...because...
Introducing results: ... so ... / Because of this, ...
Giving a further reason: ... too. /... also... / Apart from that, ... / ... as well.
Giving examples: Take ... / ..., such as ...

As far as I'm concerned, ...     
... I think that ...
... too.
... so ...
... also ...
Apart from that, ...           
... as...
Because of this, ...
Personally, ...
... because ...
..., such as ...
... as well.
I don't think that ...
It seems to me that...
Expressing opinion ____________________________________
Giving a further reason ________________________________
Introducing reasons ___________________________________
Giving examples    ____________________________________
Introducing results ____________________________________
Look at this task and make notes to complete the table opposite.
Key.1    golf
2    weightlifting
3    skateboarding
4    fishing
5    tennis

1   Name of sport _____________________________  
     Can do in local area?   Yes / No / Not sure
     If yes, where? _____________________________  
     Recommend? Yes / No
     Why / Why not? ___________________________
2   Name of sport _____________________________  
     Can do in local area?   Yes / No / Not sure
     If yes, where? _____________________________  
     Recommend? Yes / No
     Why / Why not? ___________________________
3   Name of sport _____________________________  
     Can do in local area?   Yes / No / Not sure
     If yes, where? _____________________________  
     Recommend? Yes / No
     Why / Why not? ___________________________
4   Name of sport _____________________________  
     Can do in local area?   Yes / No / Not sure
     If yes, where? _____________________________  
     Recommend? Yes / No
     Why / Why not? ___________________________
5   Name of sport _____________________________  
     Can do in local area?   Yes / No / Not sure
     If yes, where? _____________________________  
     Recommend? Yes / No
     Why / Why not? ___________________________
In pairs, do the task.
Key.Draw students' attention to the instructions given in Exercise G. Emphasise that there are two parts to the task, both of which they should try to do in the three minutes given. Get students to do the task in pairs, using their notes to help them.
•   Remember there are two parts to the task.
•   The first part isto talk to each other and discuss where in your area she could do theseactivities. This should take about one and a half minutes.
•   The second part is to to decide which sport you would recommend, and why. This should take about one and a half minutes.
•   Use your notes in the table to help you.
•   Try to use some of the words and phrases from E.
•   Look again at the Dos and Don'ts in A before you start.

Read these sentences and then use the words in italics to complete the sentences below.

Key.1    umpires
2    team games
3    kit
4    golf course
5    track
6    Motor racing
7    final
8    action replay
9    extreme sports
10  beat

•   The hotel is situated close to a professional 18-hole golf course.
•   Have you ever done any extreme sports like parachuting or hang-gliding?
•   Let's have a look at the action replay to see the goal again in slow motion.
•   Mum, is my sports kit clean? I've got a match this afternoon.
•   Dave can't wait until Saturday. It's the final of the European Cup.
•   Moscow Dynamo beat Coventry City last night.
•   Cricket and tennis don't have referees; they have umpires.
•   There are two types of event in athletics: track events and field events.
•   I love motor racing. It's my favourite sport. I never miss the Grand Prix when it's on TV.
•   I'm not very keen on team games; I prefer sports where there are only two players competing against each other.
1    Two _______________ are needed for a cricket match, but only one for a tennis match.
2    Baseball, water-polo and volleyball are all examples of _______________.  
3   Now you're in the team, we'll have to get you a new _______________.You'll need a shirt, shorts and some football boots, won't you?
4   Apparently, it's the most difficult _______________ in the country. Evenprofessional players have problems getting the ball across the lakenear the 13th hole.
5    I hated running the 1500m. You had to go round the _______________ so many times. It was so boring!
6    _______________ is getting too dangerous. Two Formula 1 drivers were killed last year.
7    Who's playing in the _______________? Is it France against Germany?
8   If you look at the _______________, you'll see that the goalkeeper justtouched the ball with his hand as it went in the net.
9    More and more young people are taking up _______________ such as snowboarding and bungee-jumping.
10  If England don't _______________ Poland on Tuesday, then they're out of the Championship.

Speaking know-how
• Выполняя задание H, старайтесь, чтобы ваш разговор звучал естественно.Слушая собеседника, повернитесь к нему лицом и поддерживайте зрительныйконтакт.
• Выполняя задание I, постарайтесь избегать, краткиходносложных ответов. Ваш ответ будет более убедительным, если выаргументируете свою точку зрения, приведете примеры, подтверждающиеправильность вашего суждения и т.д.

Answer the questions.
Key.Allow four minutes for this task. Ask students some or all of the questions, encouraging them to communicate with each other as well as with you. Allow each student an equal amount of speaking time.
What's your favourite sport? Why?
Would you describe yourself as a sporty person?
Have you ever Ьеen оn an adventure holiday?
Are you in any team?
What is more important: winning or taking part?
Would you like to try any extreme sports? Which ones? Why?
Do you think children should have to do PE at school? Why / Why not?
How important is sport fоr уou?

I've got to buy a tennis racket as I haven't got one. (singular countable noun)
I've got to buy some tennis balls as I haven't got any. (plural countable noun)
I've got to buy some fishing tackle as I haven't got any. (uncountable noun)
Write 'one' or 'any' in the gaps to complete the sentences.
Key.1 any   2 one   3 any  4 any   5 one
1    I wanted to get some new weightlifting equipment from the sports shop, but they didn't have ________________.
2    Anna wanted to go to an ice-skating rink, but it seems there isn't ________________ near here.
3    I tried to get some tickets for the match on Saturday, but there aren't ________________ left.
4    He said he'd do lots of training, but in fact he hasn't done ________________
5    Apparently, you need a licence to fish there, and Alan didn't have ________________.

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