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Unit 17. Travel

pair.jpgLook at the pictures. In pairs, decide whether you agree or disagree with the following statements and explain why.
•    Camping is really uncomfortable and I prefer to stay in a hotel on holiday.
•    A holiday is a chance to do new activities and try out new hobbies.
•    My idea of a holiday is lying on the beach with friends.

Look at task I. Which of these are good things for you to say or do in this task? Write Do or Don't before each one.
Key.1 Don't    2 Do   
3 Do   4 Do   
5 Do   6 Do   
7 Do   8 Don't  
9 Don't    10 Do

1  _________________ describe the photographs in as much detail as you can.
2  _________________ compare and contrast the photographs.
3  _________________ mention the main similarities between the photographs.
4  _________________ mention the main differences between the photographs.
5  _________________ try to talk about both pictures equally.
6  _________________ listen when your partner is talking.
7  _________________ listen to exactly what question you are asked.
8  _________________ stop after thirty seconds and say That's all.'
9  _________________ get stuck trying to think of one word.
10_________________ think of a different way of saying something if you forget a word.

flag.jpgListen to this student comparing and contrasting two pictures ofholidays. Decide which two pictures she is talking about and tick thepoints she makes. Listen again if necessary.
Key.She is talking about pictures A and B. (she mentions sailing and cycling, canoeing, bikes, the sea, a village, etc) Students should tick: 2, 3, 5 
She is talking about picture ________________ and picture ________________.

She says that...

1  they are both challenging holiday activities. ________________
2  they are both done at the same time of year. ________________
3  the photos were taken in different places. ________________
4  different people prefer different activities. ________________
5  she finds one activity more exciting. ________________


2    (student mentions that they are both activities that are usually done in the summer holidays)
3    (student says the first picture is taken at sea, and the second in a village)
5    (student says she would be excited if she went on a boat trip, so the first holiday would more exciting for her)
Here are some other points about the photographs the student couldhave made, using the linking рhrases in italics. Match the two halves ofthe sentences.
Key.1d   2c   3a   4e   5b
1    Canoeing could be dangerous,
2    In contrast to cycling,
5    Canoeing is rather unusual,
4    Cycling can be tiring on holiday,
5    You need special equipment to go canoeing,
a    unlike cycling, which some people do everyday.
b    while for cycling you don't.
с    canoeing demands special training.
d    whereas cycling is usually quite safe.
e    and so can canoeing.
This person is talking about the pictures above. Complete what issaid using the useful phrases below. Write the correct letters in thespaces provided.
Key.1c   2g   3a   4e   5h   6d   7f  8b   9i
a    while / whereas
b    Compared with
с    To begin with
d    One main difference is that
e   In both pictures
f    in contrast to
g   The first is a photograph of
h   and so
i    more
Look at the photographs again with your partner and practisecomparing and contrasting using the useful phrases in E. One of youshould read the examiner's words and then listen. When you havefinished, swap roles and practise again.
Here are two pictures of holidays. I'd like you to compare and contrastthem and tell us which kind of holiday you would prefer. Remember, youonly have one minute.
Imagine you had photographs of the following things. What is the mostimportant similarity you might mention? What is the most importantdifference? Work with your partner, and then discuss your ideas with theclass.
Key.2 They are both relaxing, but with a camping holiday you get to see nature, while a beach holiday might be a little boring.3 They would both be interesting cultural experiences, but Moscow might be a bit more difficult because you couldn't use English to communicate.4 They would both be a change from staying at home, but a luxury hotel would offer you far more services and be more enjoyable.

1    a train / an aeroplane
      They аre both fast means of transport, but we usually use aeroplanes for longer distances.

2    a camping holiday / a beach holiday
3    a trip to London / a trip to Moscow
4    a luxury hotel / a cheap hotel

Read these sentences and then use the words in italics to complete the sentences below.
Key.1    visa
2    summer camp
3    scheduled
4    duty free
5    route
6    charter
7    set off
8    adventure holiday
9    customs
10  self-catering holiday

•    When you arrive in another country, you have to go through customs, where they check you don't have anything illegal.
•     Shops at airports often sell duty free products, which means they are much cheaper because you don't pay any tax.
•     For some places you need a visa, which gives you permission to enter the country.
•     The road is blocked so we'll have to find a different route to the hotel.
•     Make sure you have everything you need before you set off on your journey.
•     Many children learn a lot by going away to summer camp with their friends.
•     A charter flight is usually cheap and takes tourists in the summer.
•     A scheduled flight goes all year and is usually more expensive.
•     On a self-catering holiday, you stay in rooms and cook your own meals.
•     I would love to go on an adventure holiday and try activities like canoeing.
1    I'm waiting for my _______________ so that I can visit Australia.
2    I had a great time at _______________ and made lots of new friends my own age.
3    The _______________ flight to Barcelona leaves at 9.00 every day, all year round.
4    My mum asked me to get her some _______________ perfume when I go to America.
5    On a walking holiday, it's a good idea to mark your _______________ on the map so you don't get lost.
6    We're going to Spain in July, so there should be lots of cheap _______________ flights.
7    We had only just _______________ when I realised I hadn't locked the door and we had to go back.
8    I'd love to hear about the _______________ you went on. How did you like rock climbing and canoeing?
9    Mrs Wilson was stopped at _______________ and they looked through all her luggage.
10  We couldn't afford to stay in a hotel, so we decided to go on a _______________ in France.

Speaking know-how
• Выполняя задание I, вам необходимо сравнить и сопоставить двефотографии. После того как вы прокомментируете сходство и различиефотографий, экзаменатор задаст вам вопрос, отвечая на который вамнеобходимо выразить свое мнение. 
• Выполняя задание I, постарайтесь равномерно распределить время дляописания фотографий. Не увлекайтесь описанием одной фотографии. Вамможет не хватить времени для выполнения задания в целом.

We'd like to know something about you, so I'm going to ask you some questions about yourselves.

Do you like to be aсtive when you are on holidaу?
Have you travelled much?
What can tourists do in your area?
Would you rather go on holiday with your family or with friends?
Where would you like to go on holiday if you had the chance?
Have you ever been camping?
Have you ever been abroad?
Where did you go for your last holiday? Did you enjoy it?

1    so have
2    so was
3    so can
4    so am
5    so do
6    so does

Look at these sentences using 'so' to make a comparison. Notice the word order and which auxiliary verbs are used.
Flying is quite safe, and so is travelling by train.
The people in the first photograph have been travelling, and so have those in the second.
Adventure holidays can be dangerous, and so can swimming in some areas.
The people in the first photograph seem excited, and so do those in the second.

Use 'so' and an appropriate auxiliary verb to complete the following sentences.

1    My father has visited many European countries, and _______________ I.
2    The first photo was taken outdoors, and _______________ the second.
3    Travelling by plane can be exciting, and _______________ travelling by ship.
4    Many people are afraid of flying, and _______________ I.
5    Many people like beach holidays, and _______________ I.
6    The first photo looks interesting, and _______________ the second.

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