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Unit 20. Health and Fitness

pair.jpgLook at the pictures. Can you match them to the words below? Now, inpairs, discuss what the following things are used for. Have you ever hadto use any of these things yourself?
Key.crutches D, a sling B, plaster C, a syringe A
crutches _____________ a sling _____________ plaster _____________ a syringe _____________

Look at tasks I and J. Which of these are good things for you to say or do in these tasks? Write Do or Don't before each one.
Key.1 Don't   2 Don't   
3 Don't   4 Do
5 Don't   6 Do   
7 Do   8 Do   
9 Don't     10 Don't
11 Don't

1   ______________ make all your answers and responses as short as possible.
2   ______________ make all your sentences as short as possible.
3   ______________ keep your grammar as simple as possible.
4   ______________ correct yourself if you realise you've made a grammatical mistake.
5   ______________ think: 'If I try to use more complex grammar, and make a mistake, I'll lose marks.'
6   ______________ use connectors like 'but', 'and', 'if, 'because'.
7   ______________ use relative pronouns like 'that', 'which', 'who', 'where', 'when'.
8   ______________ use linking devices like 'First of all', 'Having said that', 'And so'.
9   ______________ worry that the examiner may disagree with your opinions.
10 ______________ think: 'It doesn't matter if what I say is illogical, as long as my English is good.'
11 ______________ use very formal English.

flag.jpgYou are going to hear an extract from a conversation between two students. Tick the words or phrases you hear them say.
Key.For the first student, students should tick all the boxes except the first and the last. For the second student, students should tick boxes 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9.  
 1st candidate   
2nd candidate 
1    Well,
2    but  
3    also       
4    or       
5    because 
6    the first one       
7    and       
8    if       
9    it's
In pairs, discuss how well you think the students did. Did they usefairly long and complex sentences? Were they logical? Did they givereasons for their opinions? Did they make any mistakes? Listen again tothe cassette, if necessary.

In pairs, look at these different jobs.

GP       surgeon     chemist     nurse      ambulance driver    dentist    vet
Student A:
•    Talk for one minute about one of the jobs.
•    You can talk about what that person does, or if you would like tohave that job, but you must not stop talking, and you mustn't sayanything illogical.
•    Try to use connecting words and phrases to make your sentences longer.
•    Don't worry at all about making grammatical mistakes.
Student B:
•    You are responsible for the timing, and for listening to your partner.
•    You must say 'Stop!' if your partner pauses for more than twoseconds, or if your partner says anything illogical. If they don't, stopyour partner after one minute.
•    Don't stop your partner if they make a grammatical mistake.

When you have finished, swap roles and choose another job.

flag.jpgYou are going to hear three students answering questions. For eachstudent, circle T for True and F for False. You may need to listen tothe cassette twice.

Student 1
1    The question was 'How important is it to have a healthy diet?'    T / F
2    The student gives two reasons why something is good for your health.    T / F
3    The student only gives one reason why something is good for your appearance.    T / F
Student 2
1    The question was 'What are the best ways to stay fit and healthy?'    T / F
2    The student gives two examples.    T / F
3    The student makes only one suggestion.    T / F
Student 3
1    The question was 'How important is it to keep fit?'    T / F
2    The student gives two reasons why something is good for your health.    T / F
3    The student mentions the result of exercising.    T / F


Student 1

1    F (student mentions keeping fit, she doesn't talk about food at all)
2    T (student mentions two reasons: because it gives you energy and also for your appearance)
3    F (student mentions that if you are fit you look great, and also that you don't have so much weight)

Student 2

1    T (student talks about how to keep fit and eat healthily)
2    T (student talks about doing sport and also about following a balanced diet)
3    F (student makes two suggestions - sport and diet)

Student 3

1    T (student says it's very important and talks about exercise, a balanced diet, etc)
2    T (student mentions exercise and a balanced diet)
3    T (student talks about exercise being good for your future, and also about having a beautiful body)
The words and phrases in bold are all used to introduce a contrastingpoint of view. Match the two halves of each comment so that they makelogical sense.
Key.1d   2c   3e   4b   5a
1    Private doctors often treat you more politely. _____________________
2    It's very sensible to exercise regularly. _____________________
3    I do try to have a healthy, balanced diet. _____________________
4    Turning a room at home into a gym is a possible solution. _____________________
5    My sister Carly s a vegetarian. _____________________
a    Having said that, she does eat chicken occasionally.
b    On the other hand, the equipment can be very expensive.
с     Mind you, people who become obsessed with working out really annoy me.
d    But they're very expensive, of course.
e    Though there's nothing like a burger and chips every now and then.
Here are three questions. Think about your answers and make notes on the lines provided.

1  How important is it to keep fit?
    Two reasons why it's important:
    Contrasting point:
2  How important is it to have a healthy diet?
    Two reasons why it's important:
    Contrasting point:
3  What are the best ways to stay fit and healthy?
    Two or three best ways:
    Contrasting point:
In pairs, ask and answer the three questions in G.

Read these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.
Key.1    antibiotics
2    consultant
3    aerobics
4    ward
5    in plaster
6    sling
7    work out
8    NHS
9    plaster
10  syringe

•    When I broke my leg playing rugby, I was in plaster for six weeks.
•    Mum, I've cut my finger! Have you got a plaster?
•    A consultant is a doctor who specialises in a certain area of medicine.
•    She's sprained her wrist, so her arm's in a sling at the moment.
•    The health system in Britain is called the National Health Service, or the NHS.
•    I've got to take these antibiotics three times a day for a week.
•    Dan is an aerobics instructor at a local fitness centre.
•    A ward is a room in a hospital with beds for patients.
•    I try to work out at the gym at least twice a week.
•    I hate injections! I feel faint if I just see a syringe!

1    The doctor said I had a chest infection and prescribed _________________.
2   Fiona's got an appointment to see a _________________ next month. She'shoping he'll know why she's been getting these terrible headaches.
3    If you want to get fit, maybe you should take up _________________.
4    My grandfather's in a _________________ with eighteen other patients.
5    When Karen's arm was _________________, she had to learn to write with her left hand. She said it was very difficult.
6    The doctor said that, after the operation. I've got to keep my arm in a _________________ for a couple of days.
7    I'd love to be able to _________________ regularly, but I just can't find the time.
8    Medical treatment is free on the _________________, but there areoften long waiting lists for operations and appointments withconsultants.
9    It's quite a deep cut. I don't think a _________________ will be enough. You might need stitches.
10  The dentist used a _________________ to anaesthetise my mouth before he started drilling.

Speaking know-how
• Помните, что при ответе лучше использовать сложные грамматическиеконструкции. Даже, если вы ошибетесь, ваша попытка будет оценена.
•Выполняя задание J, помните, что экзаменаторы оценивают не вашу точкузрения по разным вопросам, а логичность и аргументированность ответа.

Answer the questions.
Answer the questions.

Do you try to have a healthy diet?
What are the best ways to stay fit and healthy?
What is the health system like in your country?
Do you exercise regularly?
How do you feel when you go to the dentist?
Would you like to work in the medical profession? Why / Why not?
Can you think of any ways to improve the health system in your country?
How important is it to know first aid?

Key.1    where (=from which)
2    which
3    which
4    where (=at which)
5    where (=in / on which)
6    which

The gym which I go to is in the town centre.
The gym where I go is in the town centre.

'Where' can sometimes be used in place of 'to which', 'in which', 'at which' and 'from which'.
Write 'where' or 'which' in the gaps to complete the sentences.

1    Go to the chemist's _______________ we got those bandages last week.
2    There are only six beds in the ward _______________ my aunt is in.
3    The clinic _______________ I went to is opposite the police station.
4    That's the health food shop _______________ they sell loads of vegetarian products.
5    Have you heard of the Ipcress Diet? It's the one _______________ you're allowed to eat lots of red meat.
6    She's going to go to the gym _______________ she got the leaflets from last week.

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