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Unit 21. Fashion

pair.jpgLook at the pictures. In pairs, answer the following questions:
•    Would you like to work as a fashion designer? Why / Why not?
•    Do you think clothes from the past can come back in fashion?
•    How do you think fashion might change in the future?

Look at tasks J and K. Which of these are good things for you to say or do in these tasks? Write Do or Don't before each one.
Key.1 Don't   2 Do  3 Don't      
4 Do    5 Do   6 Don't   
7 Do    8 Don't   9 Don't    10 Do

1 _____________ say everything in a voice that never goes up or down.
2 _____________ let your voice rise and fall naturally.
3 _____________ sound as if the conversation is boring.
4 _____________ sound as if the conversation is interesting.
5 _____________ speak clearly so that the others in the conversation can hear you.
6 _____________ mumble and cover your mouth with your hand.
7 _____________ let your words flow naturally, with few hesitations.
8 _____________ say '... erm ..." after every word.
9 _____________ say anything in your first language.
10 _____________ express yourself in English.

pair.jpgNow listen to the person speaking and check your answers. When youhave finished, compare your answers with your partner's. Did you agreeabout the way the phrases are pronounced?
Some people have to always have the latest CD player or watch the latest TV programme or play the latest video game. Personally, I think there are a couple of advantages and disadvantages of being fashionable. In my opinion, spending a lot of money in clothes shops or shoe shops is usually a waste of money. On the other hand, sometimes it's worth buying good quality. As far as I'm concerned, people should just be themselves and not worry too much about fashion. Anyway, that's what I think.
With your partner, take it in turns to ask and answer the followingquestions. Try to use the phrases from В and make sure that you stressthem correctly.
1 How have video games changed recently?
2 How often do you go to clothes shops or shoe shops?
3 What are advantages and disadvantages of being fashionable?
4 Which TV programmes are popular at the moment?

flag.jpgIn each line below, two of the words have the same vowel sound inthem. Circle the two words. Say the words aloud to help you. Compareyour answers with the rest of the class. Now check your answers bylistening to the words.
Key.1 heard / word         
2 flood / shut  
3 wear / where          
4 term / firm   
5 fur / fir 
6 flares / parents  
7 occur / appear
1  heard
2  flood
3  were
4  term
5  fur
6  flares
7  occur     

Look at these sentences. Each of them has at least one silent letterin it. Underline any letters which you think are not pronounced.
Key.1 't' in 'fasten' (also allow the 'c' in 'jacket')
2 'p' in pneumonia' (allow the 'i' in 'fashionable')
3 'g' in 'foreign'
4 'b' in 'climb'
5 'n' in 'autumn' (also allow the T in 'fashion')
6 'b' in 'combing' (allow the 'i' in 'fashionable')

1    I've just got this new jacket and I can't fasten it.
2    I know it's fashionable, but if you wear that top you'll catch pneumonia.
3    Foreign clothes always seem to be so much better made.
4    The shop assistant had to climb a ladder to get the pair of shoes I wanted.
5    I'm really looking forward to the autumn fashions coming out.
6    Terry has started combing his hair in a more fashionable style.

pair.jpgListen to the sentences and check your answers. Compare your answers with your partner's.   


I've just got this new jacket and I can't fasten it.


I know it's fashionable, but if you wear that top you'll catch pneumonia.


Foreign clothes always seem to be so much better made.


The shop assistant had to climb a ladder to get the pair of shoes I wanted.


I'm really looking forward to the autumn fashions coming out.


Terry has started combing his hair in a more fashionable style.

pair.jpgPractise reading the following sentences with your partner. Listen toeach other carefully to check for correct pronunciation. When you thinkyou have got them right, read the sentences to the whole class. Nowcheck by listening to the sentences.
1    As far as I'm concerned, following foreign fashions has its advantages and disadvantages.
2    My parents will be annoyed that I left my CD player in the clothes shop.
3    In my opinion, it's not fair to animals if people wear fur.
4    Anyway, what were you wearing when the incident occurred?
5    On the other hand, if you shave, you don't have to comb your beard.
In pairs, say the following sentences slowly and clearly. Then, tryto say them faster and faster. Who can say them the fastest, withoutgetting their tongue twisted?
Sam's shop stocks short spotted socks.
Red leather, yellow leather.
Which wristwatches are Swiss wristwatches?

Key.1    disguise
2    peer pressure
3    put... on
4    fad
5    striped
6    checked
7    dress up
8    outfit
9    out of date
10  cool

Read these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.
•    If clothes are striped, they have lines of different colours on them, like a zebra.
•    If clothes are checked, they have squares of different colours on them, like a chessboard.
•    I think it would be really cool to go to a fashion show and see the latest designs.
•    If something is out of date, it is old-fashioned and probably useless.
•    Teenagers feel peer pressure very strongly; they want to be like their friends and to do the same things as they do.
•    You wear a disguise when you don't want other people to know who you are.
•    Martha's wedding will be a great chance to dress up and wear our best clothes.
•    This morning, I put my clothes on in a hurry and I've been wearing my pullover inside out all day!
•    Do you like my new outfit? I got the trousers in the town centre, the shoes round the corner. and the top was a present.
•    I'm sure the current fashion for nose rings is just a fad; it'll be gone before you know it.

1    The thief bought a wig to use as a _____________ to escape from the police.
2    Many people first start smoking because of _____________.
3    I _____________ my T-shirt _____________ the wrong way round and didn't notice.
4    I seem to see a lot of young people with dyed hair these days; Ihope it's just a passing _____________ because I don't really like it.
5    If you wear a _____________ top, with the lines going vertically, it'll make you look taller.
6    If you're going to wear that black and white _____________ shirt, make sure nobody tries to play chess on you!
7    I've bought a new hat and I'm looking forward to being able to _____________ for the party next week.
8    I'm going to need a new _____________ if we're going to dinner at your boss's house.
9    Most of my clothes seem to be _____________; it's high time I got myself some new ones.
10  Doesn't Tracy look really _____________ in her new outfit?

Speaking know-how

• Нe нужно беспокоиться о своем произношении. Самое главное, чтобы васможно было понять, поэтому постарайтесь говорить четко и естественно.Если вы не понимаете речь своего собеседника, вежливо попросите егоповторить сказанное.       
• Помните, что при выражении своего мнения мы обычно делаем ударения на слова 'I', 'me', 'mу' (As far as I'm concerned ..., If you ask me ..., In my opinion ...). Используйте ударения в этих фразах правильно.

We'd like to know something about you, so I'm going to ask you some questions about yourselves.
What kind of clothes do you like to wear for special occasions?
What was the last new item of clothing you bought?
Do уоu follow fashions in music?
What kind of clothes dо you like fo wear?
Do you like to dress up for special occasions?
Are you interestеd in fashion?
Do you like to get clothes as present at Christmas or on your birthday?
Do you keep up with current trends?
Discuss the photos.

Key.Suggested answers:
1    Jenny doesn't think fashion is an interesting topic to write about.
2    I don't believe jeans will become unfashionable for a long time yet.
3    Paul hopes long jackets won't be in fashion again this year.
4    I can't imagine smoking ever being fashionable again.
5    I don't suppose the shops have the latest styles in stock yet.

Look at these sentences expressing negative ideas using 'thinking' verbs:
I don't think people care so much about fashion these days.
I don't imagine fashions will change that much in the future.
I don't believe anybody really wears the clothes they see at fashion shows.
I don't suppose designers consider ordinary people's needs.

Notice that the 'thinking' verb is made negative:

I don't think.... I don't imagine....

This is more natural than 'I think people don't care...' or 'I imagine fashions won't change...'.
Notice, though, that 'hope' is an exception.

I hope long hair doesn't come back into fashion.

Use the following prompts to write natural sentences in the negative. Make whatever changes are necessary.

1    Jenny / think / fashion be an interesting topic to write about
2    I / believe / jeans become unfashionable for a long time yet
3    Paul / hope / long jackets be in fashion again this year
4    I / can imagine / smoking ever be fashionable again
5    I / suppose / the shops have the latest styles in stock yet

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