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Unit 5. People

pair.jpgLook at the pictures. In pairs, ask and answer the following questions:
• In what ways do the teenagers in the pictures look similar to each other?
• In what ways do they look different to each other?
• Do you think their appearance tells us anything about their personality?
• Which of these teenagers were/are you most similar to?

flag.jpgYou are going to read three student report cards.
Read the reports as quickly as you can, and answer the questions below each card.
Key.1    Unfortunately, I'm ratherdisappointed with Rebeccas attitude and performance this term. / Shedoesn't seem to be committed to her studies in the way that she was inthe past. / Rebecca used to be such a hardworking and dedicated student.
Best summary: sentence a
2    Charlotte is struggling / her rather low mark in the end of term exam
Best summary: sentence a
3   Chris has a natural talent for all forms of painting and drawing / Hecertainly deserved to win the Art Prize. / very mature choices / he has agood eye for perspective
Best summary: sentence a

  • 1
    Name: Rebecca Thompson
    Year: 10
    Subject: Geography

    Unfortunately,  I'm rather disappointed with Rebecca' s attitude and performance this term.   She doesn't seem to be committed to her studies  in the way thatshe was in the past.   She often arrives  late to class and she hasbecome quite disruptive.  All too often,   her homework is sloppy andrushed.  This is a shame, because Rebecca used to be such a hardworkingand dedicated student.  The results of her end of term exam were equallydisappointing.   I am worried that, unless  she starts taking herstudies more seriously, she won't pass her Geography GCSE next year.

    Underline the words, phrases or sentences which tell us that Rebecca used to be a better student.

    Now choose the sentence which best summarises the report.
    a Rebecca is not currently achieving her full potential.
    b Rebecca is trying hard but her level is currently too low.
  • 2
    Name: Charlotte Wilkinson
    Year: 12
    Subject: Economics

    AlthoughCharlotte is struggling with some of the terminology and concepts atthis advanced level,   I feel certain that in due course she will be afine A-level Economics student.   She has all the qualities  required:an analytical brain,   a desire to learn and the   will  to study hardon her own.  At this stage there' s really no need to worry about herrather low mark in the end of term exam.   I'm confident that thingswill come together nicely over the next couple of terms.   Generally,  Charlotte is a pleasure to have in the classroom.

    Underline the words, phrases or sentences which tell us that Charlotte is having some problems with her studies.

    Now choose the sentence which best summarises the report.

    a Charlotte is doing her best despite finding the subject quite difficult.
    b Charlotte needs to work a little harder if she wants to be sure of success.
  • 3
    Name: Chris Bailey
    Year: 7
    Subject: Art

    Chrishas a natural talent for all forms of painting and drawing,   and I  amextremely impressed with what he has produced this term.
    Hecertainly deserved to win the Art Prize.   He makes very mature choicesas to what he draws and paints and he has a good eye for perspective. He does need to develop his shading skills,   but that will come withpractice. I very much look forward to seeing his pictures displayed inthe Art Exhibition on the last day of term.

    Underline the words, phrases or sentences which tell us about his ability as an artist.

    Now choose the sentence which best summarises the report.

    a Chris is a very skilled young artist.|
    b Chris is a very easy student to teach.

pair.jpgInpairs, discuss your answers to exercise A. Did you underline the samewords? Do you agree which sentence best summarises each report?

flag.jpgHereare three more reports. They were written by a social worker. Read eachreport as quickly as you can and underline ONE sentence which you thinkis the MAIN PROBLEM that the person has, and ONE sentence which tellsus the action to be taken by the social worker.
  • 1
    Name: David Reed
    Age: 53
    Occupation: Unemployed
    Havingworked in the railway industry for over twenty years, Mr Reed was maderedundant in 1998. Since then, his wife has divorced him and he hasdeveloped an alcohol problem. He lost his house because of gamblingdebts last year and is currently homeless and unemployed. After severalinterviews with Mr Reed, I am convinced that he wishes to break hisalcohol addiction I therefore recommend that he is given a place on thecouncil's Freedom From Alcohol programme.
    This would provide him withaccommodation and the medical and counselling support needed to breakhis addiction. Mr Reed is aware that the programme is strict and that,if he consumes alcohol while on the programme, he will lose hisaccommodation. He assures me that he has the will and determination tosucceed.

  • 2
    Name: Carol Jackson
    Age: 31
    Occupation: Secretary

    MsJackson's flat in Almsgrove Drive was burgled on 22 January. Sincethen, she has been unable to sleep properly and is terrified of stayingat home alone. Her work as a secretary is suffering. She was referred tome by Dr Claire Parker; her G.R I have arranged to visit Ms Jacksononce a week for the next two months and advised her to seek counsellingwith a professional therapist if her condition does not improve. Howeveras Ms Jackson is in private accommodation rather than council housing,and as she has already been prescribed sleeping pills by her doctor;there is unfortunately very little else I can do at present.


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