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"Anne of Green Gables" by L.M.Montgomery

Early critics praised Anne of Green Gables as a delightful workfor children, especially girls. Subsequent criticism through the firstthree-quarters of the twentieth century was polite but unenthusiastic,despite the novel's popularity around the world, including in Japan,where young girls became enthralled with the red-headed Anne'sadventures.
But in the 1970s and beyond, and especially as importantcontemporary women writers such as Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro beganto acknowledge their affection for Anne, the book took on a newcritical life, with many feminist commentators noting the careMontgomery took to make Anne a fully developed character.
Some criticsstill maintain that the book is sentimental and overwrought withstereotypical gender depictions, but many regard Anne as a solid rolemodel for girls and young women.

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