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"Love or Money" by Rowena Akinyemi

Адаптированная аудиокнига, дополненная материалом для учителя и подборкой тестовых заданий для проверки понимания прочитанного/услышанного. Простая лексика и базовый грамматический материал обеспечат успешность понимания и послужат ступенью к дальнейшему развитию навыка аудирования. 
It is Molly Clarkson's fiftieth birthday. 
She is having a party. She is rich, but she is having a small party - only four people. Four people, however, who all need the same thing : they need her money. She will mot give them the money, so they are waiting for her to die. And there are other people who are also waiting for her to die. But one person can't wait. And so, on her fiftieth birthday, Molly Clarkson is going to die.
About the author.
Rowena Akinyemi is British, and after many years in Africa, she now lives and works in Cambridge. She has worked in English Language Teaching for twenty years, in Africa and England, and has been writing ELT fiction for ten years. Love or Money? was her first story for the Oxford Bookworms Library, and she has now written several other stories for the series, including Remember Miranda and The Witches of Pendle (both at Stage 1). She has also written books for children. One of her favourite pastimes is reading detective stories.  

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