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An Ideal Friend

What is an ideal friend? The answer depends on who you ask. Someone may say who’s loyal, generous and funny. Others may say someone who’s friendly, flexible and optimistic. The lists of character trait go on and on. There’s no exact definition of it. For me there’re three main things to determine my ideal friend which are sincere, supportive and empathy. 

True friend must be sincere. They’re honest and reliable. They know which things about you that they could and couldn’t tell the others. They are whom you feel comfortable to talk with about any kinds of topics, even politics or religion. Though the ideas are different, you still can share that contrasting ideas. They won’t laugh at you and make you feel embarrassed, because they don’t want to hurt your feeling and if they do they’ll try so hard to make it up. So, you can trust them enough to consult them, sharing your dream and suffering. 

Ideal friends should encourage you, when you start to do something and you’re not sure or still hesitate to do it. And, not only be supportive, give you a green light, but they also need to be courage to give you a red one and warn you when you’re stepping on the wrong path, because they’re close friends and the first who notice it. They openly talk and you know that they are reasonable. 

Empathy is the key word to maintain your friendship, without it you can’t get along with someone as friend. True friends aren’t clingy, but they’re always concerned about you. They considerate your feelings and make an effort to understand you. They have a sense of humor to fulfill your life more colorful that when your life turn gray, they’ll bring back your blue sky, and when you’re feeling blue, then they’ll set you on fire.

Above of all, friendship is regardless of how often to keep in touch and what might happen, together or apart. Ideal friends don’t necessarily be perfect, and they don’t necessarily resemble you in the same way. Disregarding about their background and how their appearances look like, my true friend is always perfect for me.