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Lesson 2. Pizza for Dinner.

/i:/ and /i/

Lesson 2; Part A

important.jpgHow to make the sound /i:/?
/i:/ isa long sound. Look at the diagram.
Listen and then say the sound.
Makeyour mouth wide, like a smile.
Your tongue touches the sides of yourteeth.

Lesson 2; Part B

galka.jpgSoundand spelling
/i:/ is usually spelled ее or ea. Listen and say these words.
see     agree     eat     seat     team

galka.jpgListen and say these other words with /i:/  

  • ie   field   piece
  • e    these   metre   secret   evening   equal   Peter   museum   European   Chinese Japanese   complete
  • ey  key
  • i     ski    kilo   litre   pizza    police   machine   magazine
  • eo   people
dialogue.jpgNow listen and say these sentences. You will need topause the recording to give yourself enough time to repeat.

 1    Canyou see the sea?
2    A pieceof pizza, please.
3   Peter's in the team.
4    A kiloof peaches and a litre of cream.
5    Pleasecan you teach me to speak Portuguese?

Lesson 2; Part C

How to make thesound /ɪ/?
is a shortsound. Look at the diagram.
Listen and then say the sound.
Make your mouth a bit less wide than for /i:/.
Your tongue is a bit further back in your mouth than for /i:/.
Target sound /ɪ/

Lesson 2;  Part D


Soundand spelling

/ɪ/ is usually spelled i. Listen and say thesewords.
if   listen    miss  dinner   swim

Listen and say these other words with /ɪ/.
busy   business  building   system

Now listen and say these phrases.
1   fifty-six
2   dinner in the kitchen
3   a cinema ticket
4   a picture of a building
5   big business

 note.jpg Note: Eight letters of the alphabet have thesound /i:/.
Listen and repeat.
 note.jpgNote: Vowel sounds in unstressedsyllables often have the weak vowel /ə/. Listen and repeat.
agree   equal  kitchen   museum   Peter  picture   pizza
 note.jpgNote:There is sometimes an  /ɪ/ sound at the end of a word in an unstressed syllable, e.g. happy, coffee, busy. This sound is like /i:/ but shorter. Listen and repeat.
happy   coffee    busy    sixty


dialogue.jpg Put these /i:/ words in the dialogues
email; evening; police; secret; Steve; TV
  1. A: What shall we do this _______evening?
    B: Let's stay at home and watch_______TV
  2. A: Let me read that_______email.
    B: No - it's a secret!
  3. A: You know my friend_______Steve?
    B: Yes.
  4. A: Well, he's got a new job. He's joined the_______police.

find.jpg 2.4.jpgFind the  /ɪ/ words from these clues.
Example: A thousand thousand is a million

  1. Youcan use a_______lifttogo up and down in a building.
  2. Thereare sixty seconds in a_______minute
  3. A_______dictionary is a book ofwords to help you with your English.
  4. It'stoo warm in here - open the_______window
  5. Wouldyou like a _______biscuit withyour coffee?
  6. Birds and planes have_______wings
  7. Youcan see yourself in a_______mirror
  8. Don'tdrop_______litter - putit in a bin!
galka.jpgCircle all the /i:/sounds and underline all the /i/ sounds. 

big/i/ sound    busy/i/ sound    dinner/i/ sound    give/i/ sound    green/i:/sound    please/i:/sound     repeat/i:/sound     six/i/sound    tea/i:/sound     three/i:/sound in/i/ sound listen/i/ sound     meet/i:/sound    office/i/ sound     people/i:/sound    pizza/i:/sound

galka.jpgMatchthe beginnings and endings of the sentences. 
  1. We're always busy_______in the office
  2. Would you like tea_______or coffee
  3. Give me that big_______green book, please
  4. There were only three_______people in the museum
  5. Listen and_______repeat
  6. Let's meet at_______six o'clock 

a  repeat.
b  people in the museum.
с  six o'clock.
d  in the office.
e  or coffee?
f   green book, please.



galka.jpgListen and circle the word you hear.

   1. leave / liveleave  (=> sound pair 1)
   2. knee / nearnear (=> sound pair 2)



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