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Lesson 21. That's Life!


Lesson 21; Part A

important.jpg How to make the sound /I/
Look at the diagram.
Listen and say the sound.
The tip of your tonguetouches the roof of your mouth just behind the top teeth, the airpasses the sides of the tongue, and there is voicing.
(If you prepareto say /l/ but breathe in instead of out, you feel cold air on thesides of your tongue.)
Target sound: /lllll/

Lesson 21; Part B

spelling.jpg Sound and spelling
/l/ is spelled l or ll.
Listen and say these words.
I    Iearn     Ieave     Ianguage    Iovely     aIone     feeI     heIp     EngIish
II    taII      weII      yeIIow
galka.jpg /l/ is long at the end of some words.
Listen and say these words.
people     simple     uncle     little
galka.jpgIn some words, the letter l is silent.
Listen and say these words.
half     talk     could
galka.jpgListen and say these sentences.

1    When shall we leave?
2    Are you alone?
3    How do you feel?
4    Сan I help you?
5    Look at those lovely little yellow flowers.
6    Learning a language can be difficult for some people


pen.jpg Write these words.

/fi:l/     fill 
1    /leit/       _______late
2    /Iait/       _______light
3    /lа:d3/    _______large
4    /k∂uld/    _______cold
5    /'teibl/     _______table
6    /'æpl/      _______apple
7    /'lз:niη/    _______learning
8    /bi'l∂u/     _______below
Listen to check your answers. Check with the Key. Then listen and repeat.
pen.jpgLook at the pictures and complete the sentences using these words.
hello     double     middle     bottle     letter     litter     table     alphabet     single     letter   little     apple

1    Did you say the   letter   box or the _______litter bin?
2    _______Hello. My name's L. I'm the twelfth _______letter of the  _______alphabet.
3    There's an _______apple in the _______middle of the _______table.
4    Would you like a _______single room or a _______bouble?
5    What's in that _______little _______bottle?

Listen to check your answers. Check with the Key. Then listen and repeat. 
pen.jpgListen and complete the story.

Monday        My bus was   late  .
Tuesday       I _______lost my wallet. 
Wednesday  I _______fell of a ladder.  
Thursday      I caught a _______cold.
Friday          I _______fell _______asleep at work.
That's _______life!

Check with the Key. Then listen and repeat.

wizard.jpgListen and circle the word you hear.
Check with the Key1. light
2. correct
1    light / right   
2    collect / correct   

Check with the Key. Then listen and repeat.

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