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Lesson 29. Wait a Minute - Where's the Waiter?

Strong and Weak Vowels.

Lesson 29; Part A

29.1.jpgThe word London has two vowel sounds that are written the same - London- but pronounced differently. The first о has a clear, strong sound,but the second о has a weak sound.
Listen carefully to the difference.
The word banana has three vowel sounds which are written thesame - banana. The second a has a clear, strong sound, but the first aand the third a have a weak sound. Listen.

Stressed syllables have strong vowel sounds, but unstressed syllables often have weak sounds.
The weak sound in London and banana is /∂/.
London  /'land∂n/
banana  /Ь∂'nan∂/
idea.jpgImportant for listening!
Sometimes ifs difficult to hear /∂/. Listen.
I have to go to London tomorrow.
Would you like a banana?

This is very important for listening, because it makes it difficult torecognise words. When you speak English, you don't need to pronounceweak sounds as weakly as this, but it's important to make a cleardifference between stressed (strong) and unstressed (weak) syllables.
Listen to the other weak vowels in these two sentences.
ws     w  s  w   s    w   w  s   w
I have to go to London tomorrow.
have - go - Lon - morr are strong, and the others are weak.
    w      w     s   w   w  s w
Would you like a banana?
like - na are strong, and the others are weak.

Lesson 29; Part B

galka.jpgSometimes different words sound the same because of the weak vowels. Look at these three sentences.

Where's the waiter?
Is this the way to the school?
Can you wait a minute?

waiter, way to and wait a sound the same: /'weit ∂/.
Listen to the three sentences and repeat.


pen.jpgIn the words below, *represents the weak vowel /∂/. Write the words with their full spelling. Key1. Britain
2. today
3. America
4. police
5. another
6. again
7. mountain

lett*          letter   
1    Brit*n                       
2    t*day               
3    *meric*               
4    p*lice     
5    *noth*   
6    *gain   
7     mount*n

Listen to check your answers. Check with the Key.
galka.jpgThen listen and repeat these phrases.
1    Great Brit*n
2    arriving t*day
3    going to *meric*
4    call th* p*lice
5    have *noth*
6    say it *gain
7    climb the mount*n

galka.jpgLook at the sentences below and find words and phrases in list 1 and list 2 with the same pronunciation.

Where's the waiter? - Can you wait a minute?
list 1
Where's the wayter?
Not at all.
Look in the cellar.
It takes a long time.
Smoking isn't allowed.
I'd like to live in a newer house.
list 2
I heard a loud noise.
You'll see a tall building on your left.
My father knew a lot about music.
Can you wait a minute?
I'm trying to sell a house.
Walk along the beach.

pencil.jpgWrite these words.
/pr∂'nauns/    pronounce  
1    /∂'merik∂/       
2    /'sent∂ns/        
3    /'difr∂nt/             
4    /'maunt∂n/
5    /t∂'dei/
6    /'let∂/
7    /p∂'li:s/     
8    /∂'gen/
Check with the Key. Then listen and repeat.

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