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Lesson 30. Single or Return?

Stress in Two-Syllable Words

Lesson 30; Part A

important.jpgIn a two-syllable word, one syllable is stronger than the other.
Thisis the stressed syllable. In the word answer the first syllable isstressed. (We also say: "The stress is on the first syllable.") Listen.
galka.jpgIn the word again the second syllable is stressed. (The stress is on the second syllable.) Listen.

galka.jpgTwo-syllable words often have stress on the first syllable, and thevowel sound in the unstressed syllable is often the weak sound /∂/.Listen and repeat.
brother     butter     father     finger     finish     glasses    listen     mother     number     second     sister     water     woman
galka.jpgSometimes there's no vowel sound in the unstressed syllable. Listenand repeat.
apple     people     simple     table     travel
galka.jpgSome two-syllable words are stressed on the second syllable. Listen and repeat.

agree     alone     arrive     asleep    awake
because     begin     behind
exam     explain     express
perhaps     pronounce
repeat     return   

Lesson 30; Part B

We can show stressed syllables like this O, and unstressed syllableslike this o.
So words like answer, brother, butter look like this Oo,and words like again, because, decide look like this oO.
Dictionaries usually show stress with this sign ' in front of the stressed syllable.
answer /'a:ns∂/
again    /∂'gen/
30.1.jpg 30.2.jpg


wizard.jpgListen and circle the word with different stress. Key1. afraid
2. better
3. police
4. correct
5. enjoy

oO       oO          oO          Oo
exam    excuse    explain    extra

1    actor    after    afraid    also
2    before    belong    better    between
3    paper    pencil    picture    police
4    coffee       colour    concert     correct
5    English     enjoy     evening    every
Check your answers with the Key. Listen and underline the stressed syllables. Then listen again and repeat.

find.jpgMake words from these parts and write them in the correct column.

Check your answers with the Key. Then listen and repeat. 

words with first-syllable stress
words with second-syllable stress


wizard.jpgAll these phrases have five syllables. O is a stressed syllable and оis an unstressed syllable. Put the phrases in the correct place.
teacher or student?          the same or different?
single or return?               behind or in front?
asleep or awake?             perhaps or maybe?
finish or begin?                reading or writing?

OooOo 1    teacher or students? 
            2  _________________reading or writing? 

OoooO 1 _________________single or return?          
            2 _________________finish or begin? 

1 _________________the same or different? 
            2 _________________perhaps or maybe? 

1 _________________asleep or awake? 
            2 _________________behind or in front? 

Listen to check your answers. Check with the Key. Then listen and repeat.

wizard.jpgPut the stress mark in the correct place and write the word. Key1. 'sister
2. re'lax
3. 'people
4. 'finish
5. com'plit
6. 'teibl
7. pro'nounce

/∂raiv/ — /∂'raiv/    arrive      

1    /sist∂/            
2    /rilæks/        
3    /pi:pl/   
4    /fini∫/    
5    /k∂mplit/    
6    /teibl/ 
7    /pr∂nauns/

Listen to check your answers. Check with the Key. Then listen and repeat.

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