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Lesson 50. Fine, Thanks.

Intonation in Phrases and Sentences


Intonation varies a lot. You don't always hear the same intonation inthe same phrases. But these exercises will help you to notice andpractise some of the most common patterns. You should do Units 44 to 48before Units 49 and 50.

Listen and repeat
hi           Hi there!
are         How are you?
thanks       Fine, thanks.
you         And you?
bad         Not too bad.
hurry       I'm in a hurry.
see you
A: Hi there!50.1.jpg
B: Hello! How are you?
A: Fine, thanks. And you?
B: Not too bad. I'm in a hurry.
   See you.
A: Bye

wizard.jpgListen to the intonation and put the words and phrases in the box into the correct column.

it was!     usually     is it?     of course!     maybe     really?     I think so     did you?      definitely      sometimes

it was   
_______of course!      
_______is it?
_______may be
_______I think so
_______did you?


galka.jpgCheck with the Key. Then listen and repeat.
galka.jpgListen to the dialogues and repeat.50.3.jpg

1    A: Do you think there's life on Mars? B: Maybe.
2    A: This house is two hundred years old. B: Is it?
3    A: Can I borrow your pen. B: Of course!
4    A: Is it hot here in July? B: Usually.
5    A: That was a good meal, wasn't it? B: It was!
6    A: My great-grandfather was a famous artist. B: Really?
7    A: Is this the way to the beach? B: I think so.
8    A: I found some money this morning. B: Did you?
9    A: Do you think it's going to rain. B: Definitely.
10   A: Do you read books in English? B: Sometimes.
galka.jpgNow listen and answer, using the same phrases. Different answers are possible.
1    Could you help me, please?
2    Do you go out on Friday nights?
3    Today's the longest day of the year.
4    They show some really good films at that cinema.
5    Are you going to Ireland again this year?
6    Do they speak English in Malta?
7    Can you buy stamps in that shop?
8    That was a long trip, wasn't it?
9    Do you have to speak English at work?
10 I won a prize in the lottery last week.

galka.jpgListen to the intonation and put the words and phrases in the box into the correct column.
That's great!     That's strange.    That's fantastic!    That's interesting.    That's good news!       That's kind of you!     That's a good idea.    That's marvellous!

  That's great     
_______That's fantastic
_______That's marvelous!
 That's strange.
_______That's interesting
_______That's good news!
_______That's kind of you!
_______That's good idea!
Check with the Key. Then listen and repeat.
galka.jpgNow listen and answer, using the same phrases. Different answers are possible.

1    I've passed my exam!
2    I'm sure I left my glasses here but I can't see them anywhere.
3    I'll help you carry those bags.
4    They've got lots of English books at the new megastore.
5    Let's go for a beer.
6    Look - it's the middle of the afternoon, and all the lights in the house are on.
7    Would you like to come and stay for the weekend?
8    Where's Peggy? She said she was definitely coming.
9    I'm going to Canada for the summer!
10    This road was built by the Romans.

galka.jpgListen and repeat. 
if you like
in fact
I'm afraid
I think
when you're ready
Fine, thanks.
Can I have some more, please?
I like it, actually.
Are you there, Dave?
Have some more, if you like.
Yes, I can, in fact.
About six o'clock, probably.
No, I can't, I'm afraid.
About twenty, I think .
Coffee, usually.
We can go, when you're ready .
No, it was cancelled, unfortunately .
galka.jpgListen and use some of the sentences to answer. Different answers are possible.

1    How are you?
2    How many people are coming to the party?
3    This music's awful, isn't it?
4    Was the concert good?
5    This cake's delicious.
6    What time will you be home?
7    Do you drink tea or coffee for breakfast?
8    Can you come a bit earlier next week?
9    Can you speak Hungarian?
10  How old is she?

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