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Unit 5. Down Town.

The Consonant Sounds /d/ and /t/

Unit 5; Part A

5.1.jpgListen to the sounds /d/ and /t/.
Look at the mouth diagram to see how to make these consonant sounds.
Notice that in the sound /d/ there is voice from the throat.
In /t/, there is no voice from the throat.
Instead, there is a small explosion of air our of the mouth when the tongue moves away from the ridge behind the teeth.

Unit 5; Part B

Now listen to the sound /d/ on its own.
Listen to the target sound /d/ in the words below and compare it with the words on each side.

town   down    town
they     day     they
page    paid    page
wrote   road    wrote


Listen and repeat these examples of the target sound.

          dog    dead     dream
          address      advice      sudden
          third    food     mind

David's daughter didn't dance but David's dad did.

Unit 5; Part C

Listen ro the sound /t/ on its own.
Listen to the target sound /t/ in the words below and compare it with the words on each side.

die         tie        die
hard     heart      hard
three    each      tree
three     eat       each

Listen and repeat these examples of the target sound

           talk      Thomas       train      twelve
           butter       until       hated
           night       worked       west

Betty bought a tub of butter.
idea.jpgImportant for listening!
  • In many accents, including American accents, the letter T is pronounced like a /d/ when it is between two vowel sounds. So in America, writer /rait∂/ sounds like rider /raid∂/.
  • In some accents, for example in some parts of London, the Tbetween two vowel sounds is made not with the tongue but by stoppingthe air at the back of the throat to make a short silence. So in theseaccents, butter is pronounced bu'er. In fast speech, many speakers drop the /d/ or /t/ when they come between two other consonant sounds. So facts /fækts/ fax sounds like /fæks/.

Unit 5; Part D


D (dog), DD (address)
/t/T (tie),   TT (butter)
(E)D past tense ending
TH (Thomas)
T can be silent (listen).



flag.jpgComplete these rhymes with words from the box. Then listen andcheck. The second time you listen to the rhymes pause after each lineand repeat it.
There was a young lady called Kate,
Who always got out of bed 
late .
The first thing she
When she lifted her
Was 'I thought it was better to



There was a young waiter called Dwight,
Who didn't like being
If you asked him for
He was terribly
And invited you out for а


flag.jpgListen to and repeat these pairs of words. Then put them into the sentences below and listen and repeat the sentences.

build/built       wide/white       weighed/weight       heard/hurt        down/town        dry/try       send/sent

Last year, Tom   weighed   more than Sam, but now they both have the same   weight  .
1    It wasn't _______built in a day; ittakes ages to _______build a cathedral likethat.
2    When you're out in the mountains, you have to_______try to stay_______dry.  
3    He _______sent it to the wrongaddress, so he had to _______send anothercopy. 
4    It _______hurt my ears when I _______heard that noise.
5    The _______white sofa is too _______wide to go through that door.
6    We went _______down the hill and into the _______town.


flag.jpgUnderline the word which does not have the sound /t/. You can use a dictionary. Key1.whistle   2.needed   3.listen   4.ended   5. soften
asked   castle   letter   first
1    eight   Thames   whistle   walked   
2    Thomas   needed   time    liked
3    listen    winter    eaten    after
4    ended   wished    left   hoped
5    whiter   greater   soften   written

galka.jpgListen and circle the word you hear. Key1.whiter   2.dry   3.breeding  
4.taught   5.aid   6.Watch

1    Wider or whiter?    Choose Dentocream for a wider / whiter smile!
2    Dry or try?   You have to dry / try it out.
3    Breeding or breathing?   These animals aren't breeding / breathing!
4    Thought or taught?    She thought / taught for a long time.
5    Aid or age?    For us, aid / age is not important.
6    What or watch?    What / Watch a game!
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