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Unit 8. Few View.

The Consonant Sounds /f/ and /v/

Unit 8; Part A

8.1.jpgListen to the two sounds /f/ and /v/.
Look at the mouth diagram to see how to make these consonant sounds.
Notice that in the sound
/f/ thereis no voice from the throat, and when you say this sound, you can feelthe air on your hand when you put it in front of your mouth.
In /v/, there is voice from the throat.

Unit 8; Part B

Now listen to the sound /f/ on its own.
Listen to the target sound /f/ in the words below and compare it with the words on each side.

view     few    view
leave    leaf    leave
three    free    three
copy   coffee  copy

8.2.jpgListen and repeat these examples of the target sound.
        photo    fly          freeze
        offer      selfish    gift
        knife      stuff       laugh

Unit 8; Part C

 Listen to the sound /v/ on its own.
Listen to the target sound /v/ in the words below and compare it with the words on each side.

ferry    very    ferry
best    vest    best
wet      vet     wet
than    van     than

8.3.jpgListen and repeat these examples of the target sound
        visa      vote      voice
        river     wives     loved
        wave    twelve    of

Unit 8; Part D


F (fell)
FF (offer)
PH (photo)
GH (laugh)
 The vowel is shorter before /f/ than /v/,
for example
in leaf and leave.
If you have difficulty making the difference,
exaggerate the length of the vowel in leave.
V (never)
 F (of) 



wizard.jpgHow many /f/ and /v/ sounds are there when you say these numbers? Write the number. Key1512: 3   2745:4     35:2     411.75:4    57,474:4
Example:    55 

1512 __    2745 __     35 __     411.75 __    57,474__

flag.jpgComplete this conversation using words from the box. Then listen and check.
fan   van   wife's   wives

Sid:  My    wife's   left me.
Joe:  Your _______wivesleft you? How many _______wives did you have, Sid?
Sid:  One wife. And now she has left me.
Joe: Oh, I see, _______wife's with an F, not_______wives with a V!
Sid:   That's right! Yes, she took the _______van and drove off.
Joe:  What did she want the _______fan for?
Sid:   I said _______van, you know, a kind of vehicle.
Joe:  Oh, I see: _______van with a V, not _______fan with an F!

Follow up: Play the recording again, pausing after each of Sid's lines. You say Joe's lines before listening to him saying them.


find.jpgFind 12 words beginning or ending with /f/ or /v/. The words are written horizontally or vertically. Note that the last letter is not always F or V. Use all the letters. Key8.7.jpg8.6.jpg

wizard.jpgListen and circle the word you hear. Key.1. thief's   2.view   3.copy
4.vote   5.verse   6.free

1    Thief's or thieves'?   These are the thief's / thieves' fingerprints.
2    Few or view?    She's painted a few / view.
3    Copy or coffee?    Do you want a copy / coffee}
4    Boat or vote?    What are you going to do with your boat / vote}
5    Worse or verse?    I don't know which is worse / verse.
6    Free or three?   We got free / three tickets!

Follow up: Recordyourself saying the sentences in 8.4, choosing one of the two words.Make a note of which words you say. Then listen to your recording inabout two weeks. Is it clear which words you said?

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