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Unit 9. Gate, Kate.

The Consonant Sounds /g/ and /k/

Unit 9; Part A

9.2.jpgListen to the two sounds /g/ and /k/.
Look at the mouth diagram to see how to make these sounds.
Notice that in the sound /g/, there is voice from the throat.
In /k/, there is no voice from the throat.
When you say this sound, you can feel the air on your hand when you put it in front of your mouth.

Unit 9; Part B

Now listen to the sound /g/ on its own.
Listen to the target sound /g/ in the words below and compare it with the words on each side.

Kate      gate      Kate
bag       back      back   
wood    good      wood
loch*     log         loch

* This is the Scottish word for lake: the final consonant sound does not exist in English.
9.1.jpgListen and repeat these examples of the target sound.

         ghost        guess      green
         bigger     ago        angry
         dog       egg       league

Unit 9; Part C

Listen to the sound /k/ on its own.
Listen to the target sound /k/ in the words below and compare it with the words on each side.

gap         cap          gap
dogs       docks       dogs
missed   mixed       missed
water     quarter      water

Listen and repeat these examples of the target sound.

          keep       club       quick 
          school       soccer       taxi
          milk       comic       ache

Unit 9; Part B

G (go)         
GG (bigger)  
GH (ghost)  
GU (guest
G can be silent (sign, foreign).
The vowel sound is a bit longer before /g/ than before /k/ in pairs like bag and back.
 end notes
С (can)
К (king)
CC (soccer)
CK (locker)
К (milk)
CK (black)
С (comic)
CH (ache)
QU spells the sound /kw/, e.g. quick /kwik/.
X spells the sound /ks/, e.g. six /siks/.
In some words beginning with K, the К is silent, e.g. know, knife.



flag.jpgAdd the sound /g/ or /k/ to the beginning of these words and write the new words. Remember: think of sounds, not spelling. For example, if you add /k/ to the beginning of water /wot∂/, you get quarter /kwo:t∂/. The sound is similar but the spelling is completely different!
  eight       gate    

1    up
2    aim
3    ache      
4    round


_______game, came
_______ground, crowned

5   old
6   lime    
7   air


_______gold, cold       


8    all
9    rate    
10  ill


_______great, crate



wizard.jpgComplete the second line to rhyme with the first line, using a word from the box.
Then listen and repeat.

rocks     cake     ache     locker     key     bigger     queue     kitchen     six     ask

  He dressed for soccer. And closed his  locker 
1    Kelly Collins couldn't figure,
      How to make the plants grow _______bigger
2    I'd like five bricks,
     No, make it _______six!
3    Mr Quinn ate so much steak,
      He came home with a stomach _______ache.
4    I saw a fox,
      Behind those _______rocks.   
5    Clara saw a friend she knew.
     Standing quietly in the _______queue.


9.4.jpgpen.jpgComplete this conversation using words from the box. Then listen and check.
lock    log   Loch

Sid:  Hey, there's the monster!
Joe:  That's just a  _______log
Sid:  Yes, it's _______LochNess.
Joe:  No, not _______Loch. I mean _______log, you know, from a tree!
Sid:  I've never seen a tree with a _______lock.
Joe: No, not a _______lockthat you open with a key; a _______logwith a G!

Follow up: Play the recording again, pausing it after each of Sid's lines.
You say Joe's lines before listening to him saying them.

galka.jpgListen and circle the word you hear. Key.1.coast   2.glasses   3.bag    4.coat

1    Ghost or coast?    Did you see the ghost / coast?
2    Glasses or classes?    I don't need glasses / classes.
3    Bag or back?   My bag's / back's wet.
4    Goat or coat?   She's lost her goat / coat.

Follow up: Record yourself saying the sentences in4, choosing one of  the two words. Make a note of which words you say.Then listen to your recording in about two weeks. Is it clear whichwords you said?

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