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Unit 17. Arthur's Mother.

The Consonant Sounds /θ/ and  /ð/

Unit 17; Part A

17.1.jpgListen to the two sounds /θ/ and /ð/.
Notice that in /θ/, there is no voice from the throat.
Instead, you can feel the air from your mouth on your hand.
In the sound /ð/ there is voice from the throat.
It is possible to make both sounds long.
Look at the mouth diagram to sec how to make these consonant sounds.

Unit 17; Part B

Now listen to the sound /θ/ on its own.

Listen to the target sound /θ/ in the words below and compare it with the words on each side.

        target /θ/
sick    thick    sick
boat    both     boat
free     three    free

17.2.jpgListen and repeat these examples of the target sound.

                 thank        think        thought
                 healthy        birthday   maths
                 earth        length        fourth

Unit 17; Part C

Listen to the sound /ð/ on its own.

Listen to the target sound /ð/ in the words below and compare it with the words on each side.

          target /ð/
breed   breathe   breed
den       then      den
van        than      van

Listen and repeat these examples of the target sound.

                   these       though       they
                   other        weather      clothes
                   breathe        with        sunbathe

idea.jpgImportant for listening!
  • Many native speakers of English pronounce TH as /t/, /f/ or /s/ instead of /θ/, and /d/, /v/ or /z/ instead of /ð/. For example, some Irish speakers pronounce thick /θik/ as tick /tik/.
  • Some London speakers pronounce three /θri:/ as free /fri:/. Some Nigerian speakers pronounce then en/ as den /den/

Unit 17; Part D


TH (three)
In a few names of places and people, TH is pronounced as /t/ (Thailand, Thomas).
/ð/TH (then



flag.jpgFind a way from Start to Finish. You may pass a square only if the word in it has the sound /θ/. You can move horizontally or vertically only. Key. 17.5.jpg
flag.jpgComplete this rhyme using words from the box. Then listen and check.

earth   Heather   brother   neither   mothers   brothers    another    together    birth    either

Arthur had a  brother 
And he didn't want  another  .
And of the brothers _______neither
Wanted sisters _______either.
The last thing on this _______earth
They wanted was a _______birth.
So Arthur's mother _______Heather
Got them both _______together,
And told them all good _______brothers
Should learn to share their _______mothers.

Follow up: Listen to the poem again. Pause the recording after each line and repeat it.

flag.jpgThink of a computer which people speak into and it writes what theysay. This computer wrote these sentences down wrongly. Correct theunderlined mistakes. Key.1. bath   2. through
3. thin   4. thick
5. thought   6. death

It's free o'clock.     three  
1    A bat is more relaxing than a shower.    
2    The train went true the tunnel.       
3    Don't walk on the ice; it's very fin.     
4    You need a sick coat in winter.
5    I don't know; I haven't fought about it.     .
6    It's a matter of life and deaf.    
galka.jpgListen and circle the word you hear. Key.1. use  
3. free
4. clothed
5. breeding
6. These are

1    Youth or use?    There's no youth / use talking about that.
2    Thought or taught?    I don't know what she thought / taught.
3    Free or three?    Free / Three refills with each packet!
4    Closed or clothed?    They weren't fully closed / clothed.
5    Breeding or breathing?    They've stopped breeding / breathing.
6    These are or visa?    These are / Visa problems we can deal with later.

Follow up: Recordyourself saying the sentences in 4, choosing one of the two words. Makea note of which words you say. Then listen to your recording in abouttwo weeks. Is it clear which words you said?

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