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Unit 22. Saturday September 13th

Introducing Word Stress

Unit ; Part A

If a word has more than one syllable, you give stress to one of thesyllables. To give it stress, do one or more of these to the syllable:
  • Make it longer.
  • Make it louder.

  • Make it higher.
We can show stress with circles: each circle is a syllable and the bigger circle shows which syllable has the stress.
For example,
Saturday is Ooo.

Listen to the conversation and listen to the stress patterns of the words in bold type.
A: When do you begin your holiday?
                         о О          O o o
В: On the thirtieth of August.
                O  o o       О  о
A: That's next Saturday!
                      O  o  o
B:  We're leaving in the afternoon.
                                  о  о   О
A: And when are you coming back?
B:  Saturday September the thirteenth.
                    о   О   о           о   О
A: Thirtieth?
      O o o
В:  No. thirteenth!
             о  О

Unit ; Part B

Different words have different stress patterns (patterns of stressedand unstressed syllables). Listen to these two- and three-syllablewords.

Oo      April, thirty, morning, Sunday
oO      July, midday, thirteen, today, thirteenth
Ooo    Saturday, thirtieth, yesterday, holiday, seventy
oOo    September; tomorrow, eleventh
ooO    afternoon, seventeen, twenty-one
note.jpgNote: The stress pattern of numbers with -teen is sometimes different when the word is in a sentence. For example, the normal stress pattern of nineteen is oO, but when it is followed by a noun, e.g. the nineteen nineties, nineteen people, the pattern is Oo.
note.jpgNote: January and February may be pronounced with the stress patterns Ooo or Oooo.

Unit ; Part C

Stress patterns can help you hear the difference between similar words, for example, numbers ending in -teen or -ry. Listen to diese examples.


Note: You can find more about word stress in Units 28 to 31.



flag.jpgWrite the full words in the correct column, according to their stress pattern.
Key.Oo: Monday; Tuesday; Thursday; April; August; second; thirty
oO: today; July; thirteen; thirteenth
Ooo: Saturday; holiday; thirtieth; seventy
oOo: tomorrow; September; October; November; eleventh
ooO: seventeen; afternoon

Mon     Tues    Thu    Sat    today     tomorrow    Apr   Jul    Aug    Sept   Oct     Nov   holiday     2nd     11th     13    30     13th     30th  17     70     afternoon


Oo oO       
Ooo       oOo      



flag.jpgWrite one word from Exercise 1 in each sentence below. The word must have the stress pattern shown. Then say the sentences.
Key.1. Saturday
2. seventy
3. aftrenoon
4. eleventh
5. July
6. seventeen
7. tomorrow
8. holiday

1    I'm going to have a party on _______ (Ooo).
2    My grandfather is _______ (Ooo) years old.
3    I often sleep for an hour in the _______ (ooO).
4    My birthday is on the _______ (oOo) of March.
5    In F.acope, the weather is warm in _______ (oO).
6    I left school when I was _______ (ooO).
7    Goodnight. See you _______ (oOo).
8    How long is your summer _______ (Ooo)?

flag.jpgFind a way from Start to Finish. You may pass a square only if the wordhas the stress pattern Ooo. You can move horizontally or verticallyonly.
galka.jpgListen and circle the number you hear.
Key.1. 17     2. 14th
3. 50     4. 1916
5. 30     6. 80

1    100 dollars? h only cost 17 / 70 last year!  
2    He was the 14th / 40th President of my country.   
3    The maximum number of people is 15 / 50.
4    She was born in 1916 / 1960.  
5    He was 13 / 30 on his last birthday.
6    She'll be 18 / 80 in March.
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