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Unit 27. Pete Played, Rita Rested.

Syllables: Adding Past Tense Endings

Unit 27; Part A

The verb play /pleι/ has one syllable and the past tense played /pleιd/ also has only one syllable. Usually the -ed ending is just a consonant sound (C), not another syllable; the letter E is silent.
So, for example, smiled /smaιld/ rhymes with child /t∫aιld/, even though child does not have a letter E before the D. Listen to the rhymes. Notice that -ed rhymes with either /t/ or /d/.

He looked round first,
And then reversed.
The car that passed
Was going fast.
It hit the side.
The driver cried.
He never guessed,
He'd pass the test.


Unit 27; Part B

If the infinitive of the verb ends with the sounds /t/ or /d/, -ed or -d is a new syllable; the lerter E is pronounced as a vowel sound. For example:
hate /heιt/- one syllable
hated /heιtιd/ = two syllables

Listen and compare the sentences on the left and right below.

OoOo (-ed = extra syllable)
Pete played.       
Dan danced.       
Will watched.       
Liz laughed.       
Clare cleaned.       
Steve stopped.                   
Rita rested.
Colin counted.
Wendy waited.
Sheila shouted.
Myra mended.
Stacey started.

Unit 27; Part C

Past tense endings tell you if the sentence is present or past. Listen to the difference.

You never cook a meal.   
I sometimes watch a movie.   
We often phone our parents.    
You never cooked a meal.
I sometimes watched a movie.
We often phoned our parents.
note.jpgNote: If it is difficult to say the -ed ending in words like cooked, imagine that the -ed is joined to the word after. For example say cooked all the food like this: cook tall the food.
Note: If the word after the past tense verb begins with a consonant, you may not hear the -ed, e.g. cooked dinner, walked through



flag.jpgWrite the past tense of the verbs from the box in the correct part of the table.
Then listen, check and repeat.

Key.1 syllable walked    washed    helped    phoned    danced    asked
-ed = extra syllable  hated    needed    waited    wasted    tasted    ended

hate     walk      need      wash    wait      waste    help    taste    phone    dance    end    ask

1 syllable                O
-ed = extra syllable  Oo
flag.jpgComplete each sentence with the past tense of a verb from the box.In each sentence, the first sound of the verb is the same as the firstsound in the person's name! Then listen, check and repeat.

play      watch       add       phone      count      mix      cook      start      shout       paint

OoOoOo (-ed = extra syllable)

Paul  played  games.
Ken ________cookedlunch.
Fred ________phoned friends.
Marge ________mixed drinks.
Will ________watched films.

Peter  painted  pictures.
Karen ________counted money.
Stella ________started singing.
Alice ________added sugar.
Sheila ________shouted loudly

Now listen, check and repeat.
galka.jpgListen and circle the verb form you hear, past or present.
Key. 1. walked
2. want
3. laugh
4. danced
5. hated
6. help
7. needed
8. paint

1    I always walk / walked away from fights.
2    I think they want / wanted to talk.
3    Me and my friends laugh / laughed a lot.
4    On Saturdays, we dance / danced all night.
5    I always hate / hated Sundays.
6    You never help / helped Alice.
7    They need / needed more time.
8    They paint / painted the walls every few years.

Follow up: Record yourself saying the sentences in 4, choosing thepresent or past tense. Make a note of which tense you say. Then listento your recording in about two weeks. Is it clear which tense you said?

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