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Unit 28. REcord, reCORD.

Stress in Two-Syllable Words

Unit 28; Part A

Many two-syllable words come from a one-syllable word. For example, the word artist comes from the word art, and the word remove comes from the word move. In these two-syllable words, the stress is on the syllable of the original word:
artist = Oo (stress on the first syllable)    remove = oO (stress on the second syllable)

Here are some more examples.

nouns and adjectives Oo
verbs  oO                       
art - artist   
drive - driver   
friend - friendly   
fame - famous  
move - remove
like - dislike
build - rebuild
come - become

Unit 28; Part B

Most two-syllable nouns and adjectives have stress on the firstsyllable, even if they don't come from an original one-syllable word. For example, 'brother' doesn't come from the original word 'broth', but it still has the stress pattern Oo.28.1.jpg

Listen to this sentence: the nouns and adjectives all have the pattern Oo.

The artist's most famous picture shows some women and children in a lovely forest with a purple mountain behind.

note.jpgNote: However, there are a number of exceptions to this general rule, for example asleep, mistake, machine, alone, which have stress on the second syllable.

Unit 28; Part C

Most two-syllable verbs have stress on the second syllable, even if they don't come from an original one-syllable word. For example, 'repeat' doesn't come from the original word 'peat', but it still has the stress pattern (oO).

Listen to this sentence: the verbs all have the pattern oO.

Escape to Scotland, forget about work, just relax and enjoy the scenery!

note.jpgNote: There are a number of exceptions to this general rule, for example cancel, copy and two-syllable verbs ending in -er and -en, e.g. answer, enter, offer, listen, happen, open, which all have stress on the first syllable.

Unit 28; Part D

Some words are both nouns and verbs. For example, record is a noun if you put stress on the first syllable, and a verb if you put stress on the second syllable.
Listen to these examples. You will hear each word twice, first as a noun and then as a verb.
record    contrast    desert    export     object    present    produce    protest     rebel

note.jpgNote: There is not always a change of stress in words that are both nouns and verbs. For example answer, picture, promise, reply, travel, visit always have stress on the same syllable.

note.jpgNote: Thestress stays in the same place when we make longer words from thesetwo-syllable nouns, adjectives and verbs For example, in both happy (Oo) and unhappy (oOo), the stress is on the syllable happ, and in both depart (oO) and departure (oOo), the stress is on the syllable part.



flag.jpgMake the word in (brackets) into a verb beginning with V and a noun ending with Yand use the words to fill the gaps. Then say the sentences. Take toreto use the correct sttess patterns for the words in the gaps: Oo for the nouns and oO for the verbs. Listen and check.
Key.1  How did you react when you saw the actor coming in?    2  The writer decided to rewrite the whole book.    3  The painter tried to repaint this part of the picture.    4  We asked the printer to reprint the whole document.    5  The viewer will be able to review this programme tomorrow.    6  They had to replay the match after a player was hurt.
      (build)    I asked the  builder  to  rebuild  the wall.
1    (act)    How did you _______ when you saw the _______ coming in?
2    (write)    The _______ decided to _______ the whole book.
3    (paint)    The _______ tried to _______ this part of the picture.
4    (print)    We asked the _______ to _______ the whole document.
5    (view)    The _______ will be able to _______ this programme tomorrow.
6    (play)    They had to _______ the match after a _______ was hurt.


flag.jpgListen and circle the word with a different stress pattern from the others.
Key.1. answer
2. mistake
3. copy
4. guitar
5. complete
6. promise
7. shampoo
8. reason

      money    machine    mountain     message
1    answer    agree      allow      artract   
2    middle    minute      mission      mistake  
3    compare     correct     copy     collect   
4    garden    granny     guitar     grammar   
5    complete      common      careful      crazy
6    pronounce      provide      promise      prefer
7    shampoo     shoulder     shower     shopping
8    reason     remove     receive     review
flag.jpgRead the sentences and decide what stress pattern the words in bold have. Then listen, check and repeat.
1    progressed = oO
2    import = oO
3    protest = Oo
4    desert = Oo
5    produce = oO       
progress = Oo
export = Oo
rebelled = oO
contrast = Oo
objects = Oo

      I got my first record as a present when I was eleven.
      record =  Oo    present =  Oo    
1    You've progressed well this year, but I'd like to see even more progress.
      progressed = ____    progress = ____   
2    We import too much petrol and the country's export figures are going down.
      import = ____   export = ____  
3    It starred as a student protest, but now the army has rebelled against the government.
      protest = ____    rebelled = ____  
4    In the desert, there is a big contrast between temperatures in the day and ar night.
      desert = ____   contrast = ____ 
5    These companies produce household objects such as fridges and washing machines.
      produce = ____   objects = ____   
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