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Unit 31. Public, Publicity.

Stress in Longer Words 2

Unit 31; Part A

There are many longer word endings where the last letter is -y. Inwords with these endings, the stress is placed on the syllable two fromthe end. Listen to these examples.


note.jpgNote: If we add the ending -ic to a word, the stress goes on the syllable before -ic (See Unit 30. ) Notice the change of stress, for example:
photography photographic.

note.jpgNote: In words for an expert in the subject, such as photographer or climatologist, the stress stays on the same syllable as in the word ending in -y:
photography   photographer
climatology   climatologist

Unit 31; Part B

Many words for school and university subjects have one of the -y endings in this unit or the ending -ics. Listen to the names of subjects in this text.

At school. I hated science subjects like physics, chemistry and biology, you
know, and ehm... I wasn't very good at mathematics and things. I really
liked subjects like history, geography, economics. Anyway, when I went
to university, I wanted to do geology, but I couldn't 'cause I was no good at
sciences, so in the end I did philosophy!

note.jpgNote: Many English speakers do not pronounce the second syllable in history, so that it sounds like this: /'hιstrι/ Oo. The first part of the word geography may be pronounced as one or two syllables: /'d3ι:ogr∂fι/ Ooo or /d3ι:'ogr∂fι/ oOoo. Many speakers do not pronounce the second syllable in mathematics, so it sounds like this: /mæθ'mætιks/ oOo.

Unit 31; Part C

If we combine the various endings in this unit and Unit 30 , we can get 'families' of words with moving stress patterns. Listen to these examples.




flag.jpgMake a word ending in -ity from each of these words, and give the stress pattern. Use a dictionary to help you if necessary.
Key.1 personality ooOoo  2 university ooOoo
3 publicity oOoo  4 majority oOoo
5 nationality ooOoo  6 reality oOoo
7 humanity oOoo  8 electricity ooOoo

        author    authority   oOoo  
1    person
2    universe
3    public          
4    major
5 nation
6 real
7 human
8 electric
flag.jpgWrite the words from the box in the correct column according to their stress pattern.
Key. 31.4.jpg

economics       economy      physics     chemistry     geography /'d3ogr∂fι/      mathematics /mæθ'mætιks/      sociology      history /'histri/    geology        photography        nation         nationality





flag.jpgFill the gaps with a word from the box which has the stress pattern given. Then listen and check.
Key. Мy favourite subjects at school weresciences, especially chemistry and biology. I've always been good withnumbers, so I was good at mathematics. I didn't really like the socialscience subjects like sociology and history and that's strange becausewhen I went to university I did geography

biology        mathematics        history        geography        sociology


galka.jpgWrite in the word which is missing from the family. Then listen, check and repeat.
Key.1. civilisation
2. biology
3. personality
4. legalisation
5. author

    society,  sociology (ooOoo), sociological
1  civil, civilise, ________(oooOo)
2  _______(oOoo), biologist, biological
3  personal, _______(ooOoo), personalise 
4  legal, legalise, ________(oooOo)
5  _______(Oo), authority, authorise
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