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Unit 32. Don't Look Now!

Sentences with All the Words Stressed

Unit 32; Part A

In a sentence, we put stress on one syllable of all the mostimportant words. In some situations, emergencies for example, all ofthe words are important. In this case, there is stress on onesyllable of all of the words (in some cases, the sentence may have onlyone word). Listen to the sentence stress in these examples.

Help!    Quick!    Smile!
Quiet!    Sorry!
Lookout!   Take care!    Wake up!    Don't move!    Come back!    Stand still!    Sit down!
Don't forget!    Hurry up!    Go away!    Stay awake!    Don't be late!
Keep quiet!  Don't worry!
Don't look now!    Go straight on!    Don't turn round!

Unit 32; Part B

In English sentence stress, the following kinds of words are usuallystressed. The examples given are from the sentences in A above.

verbs (help)
two-part verbs (look out)
adjectives (quick)
nouns (emergency)
negative auxiliary verbs (don't)

note.jpgNote: Positive auxiliary verbs such as be in Don't be late! are not usually stressed.

Unit 32; Part C

Sentences with all the words stressed have a distinctive rhythm. You can hear this well in these chants. Listen.

O O, O O
Don't move?   
Keep calm!
Take care!
Stay there!
Go straight on!
Don't look down!
Go straight on!
Don't turn round!

O O, O o O
Don't stop!
Run! Run!
Quick! Quick!  
Сarry on!
Get away!
Hurry up!



flag.jpgMatch each sentence with a sentence from the box with the samerhythm. Write the sentences in the correct place. Then listen, checkand repeat.
Key.1 Sorry!
2 Go straight on!
3 Run!
4 Don't move!
5 Don't worry!

Don't move!       Run!       Don't worry!       Go straight on!       Go away!       Sorry!

Don't be late!   Go away      
1    Oo Silence! __________
2    OOO Don't look down! __________
3    О Wait! __________
4    OO Get back! __________      
5    OOo Keep quiet! __________  

flag.jpgWhat are they saying? Use the grammar and sentence stress information to guess.
Key. 1 Smile!
2 Look out!
3 Go away!
4 Don't look down!
5 Sorry!
galka.jpgListen and complete these chants. Then play the recording and say the chant at the same time.
Key.1. Don't sleep! Stay awake? Get dressed! Don't be late!
2. Stand still! Stay there! Don't move! Take care!
3. Say please! Don't be rude! Sit down! Eat your food?

1   Don't sleep!  Stay  awake!   
     Get dressed! Don't _______ late!   
2   _______ still! Stay there!
     Don't move! _______ care!
3  Say please! Don't _______ rude!
    Sit _______! Eat your food!

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