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Unit 38. Pets Enter, Pet Centre.

Joining Words 1

Unit 38; Part A

idea.jpgImportant for listening!
In speech, words are not separated; they join together. Sometimes itis difficult to know where one word finishes and the next word begins. For example, pets enter sounds the same as pet centre because the consonant /s/could be at the end of the first word or at the start of the secondword. Listen to the examples. The phrases on the left sound the same asthe phrases on the right.

pets enter
stopped aching
known aim
called Annie
clocks tops
missed a nights
pet centre
stop talking
I scream
no name
call Danny
clock stops
Mr Knight

note.jpgNote: The spelling may be different in the two phrases which sound the same. For example, the consonant sound /s/ is spelt S in pets, but С in centre. The consonant sound /t/ is spelt D at the end of stopped, but T in taking.
Note: The /h/ is often dropped from the beginning of pronouns, so that thanked him sounds like thank Tim.

Unit 38; Part B

idea.jpgImportant for listening! 
Normally, we know from the context what a word is. For example,these two sentences sound the same, but we know the first one is wrongbecause it has no sense.

It snow good.
It's no good.

Unit 38; Part C

idea.jpgImportant for listening!
In fluent speech, people join words together. When one word endswith a consonant and the next word begins with a vowel, imagine thatthe consonant is at the beginning of the next word.
For example, say the first line of the chant below as if the words were divided like this:
 /go   t∂   p∂  teit/.

Listen to the chant and repeat. The rhythm of each line is the same. The symbol _ shows where the consonant sound joins to the vowel sound of the next word.
Went _into work,
Worked_until two,
Went_out for lunch.
Worked_until six,
Back_on the bus,
Switched_on the box¹,
Slept _in_a chair.

(¹box = television)



flag.jpgWhat two words do you get if you move the consonant from the tnd of one word to the beginning of the next or vice versa? Complete the table. Remember: think about sound, not spelling!
Key.1 felt able
2 no new
3 cooks take
4 see new
5 faced old
6 a notion
7 stop turning
8 escape terror
9 men cheer
10learnt 'yes'

cats eyes    cat   size 
1    _______ able
2    known you
3    cooks  _______
4    seen you
5    faced _______
6    an ocean
7    stop _______ 
8    escaped error
9    _______ cheer
10  learn chess                 

fell table
no _______  
cook steak
_______ new
face told
a _______
stopped earning
_______ terror
meant year
_______ 'yes'
flag.jpgThink of a computer which people speak into and it writes what theysay. This computer wrote the sentences below incorrectly. Correct thephrases that are wrong using the phrases in the box.
Key.1 Known uses good news, as they say.    No news is
2 Have you phone jaw parents this week?   phoned your
3 I've never her July before.    heard you lie
4 I think I fell train; let's go inside.    felt rain
5 These ship steak cars across the river.   ships take
6 They join does for dinner.    joined us
7 We stop chooosing the typewriter when we got the computer. stopped using

phoned your         joined us         felt rain        no news is        stopped using         ships cake          's no good          heard you lie

Example:   It snow good, I can't fix it.    's no good   
1    Known uses good news, as they say. _____________
2    Have you phone jaw parents this week? _____________
3    I've never her July before. _____________
4    I think I fell train; let's go inside. _____________
5    These ship steak cars across the river. _____________
6    They join does for dinner. _____________
7    We stop choosing the typewriter when we got the computer. _____________
flag.jpgShow where you can join a word ending with a consonant sound to aword starting with a vowel sound using this symbol: _ (there are eightin total). Then listen and practise saying the poem.
Key.There was_an_old man called Greg,
Who tried to break_open an_egg.
He kicked_it_around,
But fell_on the ground,
And found that he'd broken_a leg.

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