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Unit 40. Greet Guests, Greek Guests.

Joining Words 3

Unit 40; Part A

idea.jpgImportant for listening! 
When one word ends with a consonant sound and the next word beginswith a consonant sound, the first consonant sound is often changed. For example, greet guests sounds the same as Greek guests because the T in greet and the К in Greek are both pronounced like /g/. This is because of the influence of the /g/ in the following word, guests.

Unit 40; Part B

The sounds which most frequently change when they are at the end of a word are /d/, /t/ and /n/. They can change so much that the word sounds like another word. Listen to these examples:
         I've got a bad cold. (bad sounds similar to bag)
         We had a bad year. (bad sounds similar to badge)
         They shot bears. (shot sounds similar to shop)
         They shot cats. (shot sounds similar to shock)
         What's your son called? (son sounds similar to sung)
         My son made this. (son sounds similar to sum)

The consonants /d/ and /t/ may disappear completely when the next word starts with a consonant. For example, in the phrases below, the verb may sound as if it is in the present tense.

       asked questions     mixed paint      boiled carrots     used power

Note: We can usually tell what a word is from the context. For example, in the sentence sat in the waiting room and dig crosswords, the word before crosswords sounds like dig but we know from the context it must be did.



flag.jpgThe underlined word in each sentence sounds like one of the words in the box. Match them. Then listen and check.
Key.1 a sum b sung
2 a beach b beak
3 a coke b coach
4 a cheek b cheap

Example:   torch / talk
talk / torch

a I taught classes this morning.   talk  
b You taught yourself French.   torch  
sum / sung

a The sun burnt my neck. __________  
b The sun came up over the mountains. __________
beak / beach

a  I can't beat you at this game. __________
I can beat Carol at tennis. __________
coke / coach

a I can't get this coat clean. __________
b Is this the coat you bought? __________
cheap / cheek

a They cheat quite a lot. __________       
b They cheat people out of their money. __________
flag.jpgThink of a computer which people speak into and it writes what theysay. This computer wrote these sentences incorrectly. Listen. Guessfrom the context which word is wrong, circle it and write the correctword.
Key.1 (arc) art
2 (tribe) tried
3 (ache) eight
4 (wing) win
5 (lime) line
6 (bag) bad

Example:  Watch your name?         What's         
1    I hate going to museums and arc galleries. _____________
2    Have you ever tribe Belgian beer? _____________
3    I got ache questions correct out of ten. _____________
4    She's a good player and can wing games against most people.  _____________
5    He copied out the text lime by line. _____________
6    It was a bag question; nobody got the answer right. _____________
flag.jpgYou will hear sentences with one of the two beginnings given.Listen and complete the correct sentence. Put a - in the other space.
Key.1 I got this cup by winning the game.
2 I'll have to warm my hands.
3 Her heart broke when he left her.
4 It's the last term before the holidays.

      He put the soup back in the   pan  .
      He put the suit back in the     -    

1   I got this cut by ___________.
     I got this cup by ___________.
2   I'll have to warn my ___________.
     I'll have to warm my ___________.
3   Her heart broke when ___________.
     Her harp broke when ___________.
4   It's the last turn before ___________.
     It's the last term before ___________.
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