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Unit 52. Chips or Salad?

Emphasising Contrasting Alternatives

Unit 52; Part A

When we present alternatives, we 'underline' the contrast betweenthem. Listen to this example. Notice the way the speaker 'underlines'the alternatives.

        A: I'd like a hamburger, please.
        B: Do you want a super burger or a regular burger?
        A: What's the difference?
        B: Well, the super comes with chips and the regular comes without chips.

Unit 52; Part B

The same sentence can be pronounced differently, depending onthe sentence that came before it. Listen to these examples. Notice howВ 'underlines' in a different place depending on what A said.

A: You can pay by credit card.
A: Why are you paying in cash?
A: Shall we sit inside or outside?
A: Where shall we sit?
B: I haven't got a credir card.
B: I haven't got a credit card.
B: Let's sit outside.
B: Let's sit outside.
note.jpgNote: In the second example above, it is not a different word which is underlined; it is a different part of the same word outside.

Unit 52; Part C

The word we choose to 'underline' can change the meaning of oursentence. Listen to these sentences pronounced in two different waysand see the different meanings in the pictures.

note.jpgNote: In writing, the pause may be indicated by a comma. 



galka.jpgRead the short conversations. Which words do you think В will'underline'? Underline them in the texts below. Then listen and check.
1    A: I'd like a salad, please.
      B: A mixed salad or a Greek salad?
      A: Whafs the difference?
      B: Well, a mixed salad has tuna and a Greek salad has cheese.
2    A: I'd like to stay two nights, please.
      B: Do you want full board or half board?
      A: What's the difference?
      B: Full board includes all meals and half board includes just breakfast and dinner.
3    A: We'd like a room for two, please.
      B: Would you like a standard or deluxe?
      A: What's the difference?
      B: Standard has a mountain view and deluxe has a sea view.

Follow up: Play the recording again and repeat B's lines.

flag.jpgListen. You will hear only the answers. Which do you hear first, a or b? Write 1 and 2 in the boxes.
Key.1 a-2, b-1
2 a-2, b-1

      a - Would you like a starter?
         - have a mixed salad, please. 
1    a - What time do you close?
         - We're closing now, sorry. ___
2    a - Would you like anything to drink?      
        - I'd like red wine, please. ___
       b - What kind of salad would you like?
          - I'll have a mixed salad, please. 
1     b - A table for two please.
          -  We're closing now, sorry. ___
2     b - Would you like red or white?
          - I'd like red wine, please. ___
flag.jpgListen. Which choice is the waiter offering first: picture a or b? Write a - b or b - a.
Key.1 b-a
2 a-b
3 b-a

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