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Unit 53. Fifty? No, Fifteen!

Emphasising Corrections

Unit 53; Part A

When we hear an error and we correct it, we 'underline' the correctinformation. Listen to this conversation. Notice how Sid 'underlines'the words which Joe has heard incorrectly.

Unit 53; Part B

If only a part of a word or phrase is not heard correctly, we'underline' only that part when we correct. Listen to these examples.

A: My nephew's fifteen.
B: Thirteen?
A: No, fifteen!

A: You must be more careful!
B: Careless?
A: No, careful!

A: Her room is really untidy.
B: Tidy?
A: No, untidy!

A: I saw a blackbird in the garden.
B: A blackboard?
A: No, a blackbird!

A: The Amazon's the longest river m the world.
B: Oh, I thought the Nile was die longest river.

In the first four examples you heard, the mistake was that В did nothear correctly. But we can also use extra stress when correcting otherkinds of mistakes, for example, if the information is wrong, as in thelast example you heard.



flag.jpgRead this phone conversation. Notice the words which are 'underlined' by A and decide whether В says phrase a or phrase b. Underline the correct answer. Then listen and check.
Key.1 b
2 b
3 b
4 a

                 A: Hello Joe, I'm coming to visit next month.
Example:  B: You're coming  this month? b next week?
                 A: No, next month. Can you meet me? I'll be on the evening plane.

1    B: On the a morning plane?    b evening train?
      A: No no. On the evening plane. On Sunday the third.
2    B:  On a Sunday the first?    b Monday the third?
      A: No no, Sunday the third. At nine fifteen.
3    B:  At a five fifteen?    b nine fifty?
      A: No no, nine fifteen. You'll know it's me. I'll have a blue jacket.
4    B: A a new jacket?    b blue packet?
      A: No no, a blue jacket. See you there. Bye.

Follow up: Record yourself saying A's lines and use your recording to do the exercise again in about two weeks.

flag.jpgRead these short conversations. Which syllable do you think the speaker will stress in the third fine? Underline it
Key.1 A: No, the bathroom!
2 A: No, he's retired!
3 A: No, a bookshelf.
4 A: No, I said impossible!
5 A: No, downstairs!

A: I disagree with you.
                B: You agree?
                A: No, I disagree!

1    A: He's in the bathroom.
      B: In the bedroom?
      A: No, the bathroom!
2    A: My father's retired.
      B: Why is he tired?
      A: No, he's retired!
3    A: I bought a bookshelf.
      B:  A bookshop?
      A: No, a bookshelf!
4    A: But that's impossible!
      B:  You think it's possible?
      A: No, I said impossible!
5    A: The kitchen's downstairs.
      B: Upstairs?
      A: No, downstairs!

Follow up: Listen.You will hear the first two tines and then a pause before the thirdline. Say the third line with the stress you underlined. Then listenand check if you were right.

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